Below is a list of special gadgets users can enable on their preferences page, as defined by the definitions. This overview provides easy access to the system message pages that define each gadget's description and code.

Internal Gadgets

  • Bulk interlanguage link script (improves ILL creation)  (Export)
    Uses: Gadget-interwiki.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Allows access to Special:InterwikiEdit
  • Make blog management easier  (Export)
    Uses: Gadget-blogs.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Edit blog articles
  • QuickCU  (Export)
    Uses: Gadget-cu.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Check user's IP addresses and other information
  • Message wall templates  (Export)
    Uses: Gadget-templates.js

    Requires the following right:

    • Edit blog articles

Interface Gadgets

Bug Fixes

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