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The Spam Obliteration and Prevention (SOAP, formerly VSTF and GRASP) team is a group of Fandom users who have volunteered to help keep Fandom vandal and spam free. To do this they have been given additional user rights that allow them to detect and delete as well as blocking the users creating it.

While this is a volunteer group, its members are selected and invited by Fandom Staff only based on their contributions and efforts to achieve the SOAP goal. It thus serves no point to ask SOAP members or Staff to be added to the team and will even work counterproductive.



Former volunteers are listed here.

How to join SOAP[]

SOAP are selected and invited by Fandom Staff. It is not a position you can request. It serves no purpose asking staff or SOAP members to be given the rights, as such requests will be ignored. You can help out the team by reporting spam and vandalism in the aforementioned ways.


Task force members have extended user rights on all Fandom communities, including some administrator tools and access to additional tools that help them react quickly and effectively to find and remove vandalism and spam. They also have access to global bots to assist time in the cross-wiki cleanup.

SOAP Discord Channels[]

For more information, please see the SOAP Wiki complete Discord guide

SOAP maintains an official presence on the Official Fandom Discord and has bots in these channels that list suspicious edits throughout Fandom wikis.

What SOAP is not[]

While SOAP members have some tools that are generally attributed to Fandom Staff, they are not staff. To reach out to Fandom Staff, use this form.

While SOAP has access to some administrator tools, they are not administrators, and it's important to note that they do not replace or "outrank" local administrators. The local community and the local admins are responsible for their wiki-specific tasks, and SOAP is only there to help with cleaning cross-wiki spam and reverting vandalism on quiet or inactive wikis. If action was taken on a wiki where the administrator was inactive at the time of the vandalism, the SOAP block can always be reviewed and changed by the local admin.


SOAP solely deals with the prevention and removal of advertisement spam and clear-cut vandalism.

SOAP does not intervene:

  • when a local administrator is active
  • to enforce the breach of local policy
  • for local edit conflicts
  • for the insertion of false information – the volunteers may not have intimate knowledge on the subject of the wiki and are thus unable to judge the validity of the content. Contact a local administrator instead.
  • to carry out maintenance tasks in the absence of local administrators – please look into adopting the wiki instead
  • when a user is "spamming" nonsense – SOAP only deals with unwanted advertisements and links to other websites spam.
  • in social conflicts and harassment
  • in appealing a block

Please turn to a local administrator first, whom you can find via Special:ListUsers/sysop or—in their absence—Fandom Staff.