aka Zoe

  • I live in Seattle
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Anime Community Manager
  • I am Cat
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  • Excuse me Zoe, but may I ask if all problems on other wikis are considered "Personal issues" why then are fandom staff getting in personal contact with Admins on other Wikis offering them items (Movie tickets in this case) that most likely cost money? Link: If this is true then that wouldn't really make wikis "Personal issues" if staff are getting involved in said wikis and offering admins items. Please, clear this up for me if I'm not understanding this fully.

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    • While I can see how what I said may be interpreted as such, the system is not so simple and easily manipulated. The rewards are not automated, and therefore have people behind them chosing specific folks for a reason. Yes, we do look at a user's history to see if they have a repetitive pattern of vandalism or bans. However, there is context to any given situation which is considered. You may not personally agree with a particular user recieving a reward, but there is always a reason which was not associated to your specific experience with that user.

      However, due to the nature of your inquiry, I have logged your feedback with the Fandom Staff associated to this particular wiki. I am not in alignment with TV/Movies, but they are looking into that particular editor reward. Any decisions made regarding this are private and shared only with the user in question. 

      Thank you for alerting me to your concerns. 

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    • Well, they really aren't just my concerns. As I said, the thread was brought to my attention by someone else, and the a few others were speaking about it as well. But I am happy the concerns are being looked into I just hope your confidence in the new system is warranted.

      -Good day

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  • There is a Fandom I'd like to become a admin on. There is a admin there trying to get us both bureaucrat and admin rights.

    That admin's message wall is here:

    As you can see I asked him for admin rights. He said the bureaucrat is currently in-active. He said he would but he doesn't have the permisson to do so. Since he is a admin trying to get access and the bureaucrat is in-active is it possible for you to go ahead and give us the rights? Thank you.

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    • Hey there!

      Best/only approach to gain rights to a wiki, via staff, is to apply for adoption. Here is the link:

      On there you can review the steps you need to take to qualify for the rights you desire. Once you submit your adoption request, a staff member for the particular category you are applying for will reply to you within 7 business days. In your case, it will be someone from gaming :) 

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