Zane T 69

aka Zane

  • I live in Rather not say.
  • I was born on August 18
  • I am Male
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  • Hello, I found out that you blocked me because I edited several pages on supernatural.fandom. I apologize for my actions.

    I edited it because Nigh-Omnipotence is big concept and I didn't understand why there was Lower Tier Nigh-Omnipotence and not Low Tier Nigh-Omnipotence and why there wasn't High Tier Nigh-Omnipotence for God when everyone knew that he is more powerful than Mid Tier Nigh-Omnipotence.

    This is first time I was ever blocked. I don't want to argue with you or beg you. If I truly did something wrong than I hope you will accept my apology.

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    • Thank you.

      I will delete my second account and I won't do something like this ever again. You have my word.

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    • You can still use it on other wikis that do allow sock-puppets, but not Supernatural wiki/fandom.

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central! Thanks for your edit to the Adoption:Dragon Ball AF Fanon Wiki page.

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message; you may also want to visit the forums or join us on Chat. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around Wikia.

    Happy editing!

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