aka Arch Mage Wormy the Wriggly

  • I live in A big pie
  • My occupation is Dictator of the wiki
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  • The ban has expired, but there is an extra autoblock. Please could you fix it?

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  • They banned me for a season, because I disagreed with them!

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    • You weren't blocked for disagreeing with anyone.

      You were blocked for being unconstructive and for continuing to be augmentative here on Fandom, particularly aimed at one user. This is despite numerous explanations and warnings that have been given to you regarding our policies and how you were breaking them. If you had been polite and worked within the rules, then none-of-this would have happened (like politely asking Cyrannian to have the fiction reclassified, and explaining your reasoning behind it; asking users first is something I suggested numerously and you ignored it). If you had appealed to us in a polite manner rather than continuing to push an argument (and agreeing not to break the rules, and then politely state your reasoning about the taxon), you may have had your block revoked rather than extended.

      The admin team have reached a consensus about extending your ban length to 3 months, because if I'll be frank, you have been unpleasant to deal with. I will have no further dialogue with you for the duration of your block.

      If you return after 3 months, then I hope you have success with being a constructive member of the community by respecting other users and the guidelines.

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    • Wormulon wrote:

      3 months

      Then, why was I banned for 4 months?

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    • It clearly says 3 months.


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    • A FANDOM user
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