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  • As I say different threads for different topics if only to help them be found rather than have one infinitely long thread that needs to be looked through to find a topic in question!

    So from this thread, 1) With the Jurassic Park Franchise it might be better to add to the existing wiki on Jurassic Park. Rather than have many smaller wikis on a series it is best to have one large one to help with search results, and allow readers to find what they are looking for rather than jump though may different sites that may not even appear in search results so double good news in that this wiki that would have duplicate content can be closed (contact staff as only they can close a wiki) and the Jurassic Park Wiki is all good to add to.

    2) The Good Dinosaur Wiki, This Building a Community may be of help, the best way is to develop the wiki yourself to show the direction it is to take, with that clear people will find it easier to create articles. The more developed a wiki the higher it will appear in search results A) for people to find B) hopefully contribute! So really just a case of choosing a design for it, developing the main page and adding articles with detailed info.

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    • Alright let me know that I am unblock from Jurassic Park wiki.

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central and thanks for your edit!

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message. You may also want to visit the forums. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around Fandom.

    Happy editing!

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