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  • my wiki just started and since your a content team member maybe u coiuuld help me out? thnx

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  • Hey guys,I discovered an extra chapter  of kagamigami from JUMP NEXT 2015 VOl.3 that involves kyosuke imagine saya and Mako in swimsuits and its real .Also it was never published in vol 1-5 from the kagamigami series.

    I also made a wikia article about it and wonder maybe you can edit it out for me after you read the image from the page if you know japanese 

    wikia article :

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  • First of all lets disscuss thumb quality. You are right: wiki stores the squares of 240 pixels by 240 (you don't remember the blog or material help, which tells of how the page, and what is its width?). But it also uses larger images, if necessary (when the gallery is reproduced 2/3/5/6/7 images).

    Second: new thumbnails use the maximum amount of space and a much better display content than small, compressed images in the old galleries.

    I see every single detail in new galleries, and you? 240 without compressing (new thumbail algoritm) is pretty good for this

    How can you say that a large number of small images better?

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    • 1) Exactly, it stores 240x240, while for me it shows them as 300x300, meaning it uscales them and images are visually with lower quality. Which may fool some users: if they see the thumb is low quality, they may think the image is too with low quality and not check it. And those 2/3/5/6/7 images don't make things better, as it results in 600x600 thumbs, which is even more bad, not only because the quality is bad, but because it takes way too much space. I see you talk about 240x240, 320x320, but you fail to understand that people with large resolutions are getting larger thumbs so that they can cover all their space. That's why I say the 240x240 thumb is getting scaled to 300x300 thumb, that 480x480 turns to 600x600 for me. I gave you screenshots in the blog thread.

      2) The thing I can complement the new gallery is the less white space, but that doesn't mean it makes the gallery look better.

      • I can see they face, but I also see blurred images due to them being scaled from 240x240 to 300x300
      • "who this guy"? the idea of the image is to show the character full appearance, from head to toe, not only his face. Which makes the thumb fail to deliver the desired showcase. You don't only want to show faces... Wikia could have tried fixing the issues you mentioned "grey noise", etc, instead of creating large squares that consume more space.

      No I don't see every detail in the new galleries. Like I said, the new galleries tend to crop out things, and some of those things are things you wanted to showcase. Square cropping works 2 ways: 1) if the image is widescreen it crops the center; 2) if the image is portrait it crops the top, i.e. Black boxes are widescreen and portrait images; red is cropped square thumb from there. So every image that is not centered the thing it want to showcase, will be leaved out from the thumb. Images are not always perfect and not always the important part is top-centered. Examples (from other wikis):

      1. What are those eyes?, oh, it's this
      2. "Akira crushing Mitsunobu" but all I see is an ear and an arm? Oh, so the "ear" is this and the "arm" is this.
      3. showcasing the character hair style?, ah no it's a profile serious face pic
      4. again centered at his ear, simply because the face is not in the center of the image
      5. this is a gallery for a character named Shokichi, you can see who he is in the previous images and that he have a sting at his arms, at the thumb you only see an arm with a sting. Is that what the image wanted to show? An arm-sting? No! It wanted to show this.

      I can continue giving you much more examples at how bad the cropping of squares can be. And how it can leave out the desired thing the image wanted to show. So how can that be better? In most cases were the desired pic is top-centered, it can work, but on cases like I showed (were it's left-, right-, bottom- or middle-centered), it's not working at all. That is why original shape thumb is much better than square cropped, since you can see the whole image, without the need of clicking on it. Also, the new gallery shows 12 images for a full page for me, while I can see 20 and at their original shape with the old gallery. That is much better option for me, because when I enter an image gallery I will scroll less and if a gallery have 200 images, I won't be hitting 5minutes "show more" until I see the last image. It's a matter of preference, if you like squares that crop out things and take more space, then yeah you will like the new one. But I don't like them, it ain't better, considering it show less while taking more space. Also, old gallery have option for squares, landscape, portrait and original shape. On how many places have you seen people using squares for galleries? On how many have you seen people using original shape for galleries? Suddenly with this change, the minority becomes majority and no one cares about the users preferences. Comic books tend to have a portrait/letter shape, squares cuts out the lower space, which is not always desired by specified wikis for such subject. Not always the most important thing is at the top, sometimes it's at the bottom and it will be cut out (like in the examples I gave). TV shows in this age air mostly if not only at widescreen resolutions (16:9), it's no longer 4:3, so wikis covering TV show subjects, will want their thumbs to be landscape, not squares, because again it will leave the left and right part of the image, which for some images may be the most important part (like the examples I gave). So yeah, I can say that larger squares are not better than smaller full shots. When Wikia makes changes, it should consider all the variety it haves and what the users may want for their specific subject wiki, and not labelling them under the same subject. Old gallery is much more friendly and gives you choice, the new don't give you choice, so yeah, again, the old one is better.

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    • 1) Now i see users of widescreen monitors (or more precisely those in which the Central part of the page takes too much space) suffer the most. any ideas how to fix this?
      But. The images look good even with blur (that's why I don't see the problems in those screenshots).

      • the adjustment of the size of the photo under % of the screen resolution is a big step forward. your problem with a multiple increase in the scroll understandable. reassign the number of scrollable lines in the mouse settings can help

      2) what all these examples? (everyone who worked with galleries knows about it) you know that it is impossible to resize images of different scales under a single format. if they deform the appearance will be lost. the best solution is to cut the right moment pictures. besides the most sympathetic not to look into compressed images, but to see wide original piece.

      • can you come up with some radically simple and universal solution?

      discuss global settings has yet to be made: the selection of the ratio, the provisions of signatures (in General of all that had old gallery) you can repeat own reasoning (but briefly) to justify the need for 4:3 4:3 4:4 or even 16:9 ratio

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    • 1) Ok, so now you understood what I was trying to say. It's kind of funny, fluid layout was rolled in to utilize better the space for widescreen monitors, but now they suffer this XD Don't know about solution, it's get better when I minimize my browser, everything gets far more compact and take less space with better quality images. But that basically means I'm disgracing my widescreen and makes the fluid layout pointless. If there is not a limit of 4 images per line, things can work better. This is why I say the old gallery was better, because it have additional functions, it also have issues too, but comparing them for me the old one wins. It would be great if you can use both galleries when you want, so those who want would be able to use the new, and those who don't to use the old one. But my fears are the old gallery will eventually disappear.

      2) Exactly what I was trying to imply and why the squares can't do it either and that's why most wikis don't use squares. It's up to people to decide what they like more: original shape or square, but the new gallery don't give you that choice, this is what I don't like. The current gallery is universal, what wikia can do is fix a little it's space between images. I mean, spacing="small" can almost do the same space as the new gallery (for squares or widescreen images). As far I knew the gallery is based on table, so that's why you end up with larger empty spaces on images different than squares and solution becomes quite hard.

      You mean there will be a discussion of making the new gallery the only gallery? I wouldn't mind the new gallery if there is:

      • choice of format: landscape, portrait, squares, original shape, etc.
      • more than 4 images per line: ofc when possible, so that widescreen users to not get upscaled images that take more space.
      • thumb size control, because 240x240 can be too large for some people tastes.

      That's basically what the old one have, and what the new one don't have...

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    • I meant the discussion with real responses from employees about adjustments new galleries. it still does not exist.

      • it is best to contact via "special/contact" with a clear explanation of this problem. I in turn will try to draw attention to this problem through the help page.

      The old galleries are linked to the specified image size. new to the screen size. older ones use compressed not cropped thumbnails. new - fragment of the original image.

      The approaches are completely different, one cannot argue that new worse due to the inability select snippet (this is not in the old) and due to the cropping of the image. this is the approach. it is impossible from landscape to make a portrait without distortions. square exactly in the middle between them - the Golden mean.

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  • Hi, I saw your comment on my adoption request. (

    Wouldn't you like to discuss about merging those 2 wikis?

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    • Okay, I will come, but I'm seeing that big parts of the conversation is in japanese, so I can't properly respond to that and can do it only for the english text. It's kinda strange that for "english" wiki, the conversations are happening in different language XD But it's not a big issue.

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    • Thank you, and I also feel strange it.

      To hear the opinions of fans in Japan, We(this wiki's editors) think this way.

      -Two Wikis continue to separate is better. This is because the purpose of two wikis are different.

      -This wiki will rename as "Ninja Slayer Multilingual Database", The name should be faithfully represent function. This is to avoid users confusion.

      -On copyright issues, We will leave to your judgment. We are not copyright holders. so we do not have the right to pursue on this issue. If the need arises, Ninja Slayer official will judge about it.

      I also wrote them on a discussion area.

      I want to be able to read your reply by other people. Please write there.

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  • I'd like to join in then, though "kucabara" is the famous one for some reason, so maybe we could put a message of redirecting there? I was thinking of a purple theme though (plus red is so common D:), since imo it goes with the series.

    PS: I have some articles ready-ish to show, such as Kukabara (yup, with a K, from the one-shot) and Topas.

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    • Cool, although I don't know what you meant by "the famous one", since as I see, they both have around the same amount of contributors and actually you are the only real contributor to that wiki, while defensedevil had 2-3 more active contributors. But that doesn't matter. Once we move the worthy content from Kucabara Wiki to Defense Devil, we will ask Wikia to turn kucabara url to a redirect for defensedevil, that way any user no matter which url opens, will end on the defensedevil wiki.

      We can discuss those things in the wiki, I don't mind a color change, as long it looks good. It's red only because the logo is red and some other stuff was also red, and it was fitting perfectly. But if it looks good with purple too, then there will be no problem for a change.

      Do you have proof that it's with a K? Because I have raw of the oneshot and there can be seen it's Kucabra (with C and without A) on the contract with Jake.

      But we will discuss those things further, you can join the wiki and start moving some content and can contact me on the message wall there to continue discussion there.

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    • I mean when you search for Kucabara/Defense Devil Wiki, it's the one that shows up on Google :p As for Kukabara, we can change to Kucabra then, I used K to make him different than Kucabara. Also, Sugal and Seruma had their romanization confirmed, as well as Elimona. And Bichura is a folklore being, so his name is likely that, unless there's proof of otherwise.

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central! Thanks for your edit to the Template:Animangafooter/all page.

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message; you may also want to visit the forums or join us on Chat. You can also check our staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around Wikia.

    Happy editing!

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