aka Uni, DM

  • I live in Missouri
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is being a geology geek, music theory and STEM nerd, taxonomy maniac, fantasy and sci-fi fan, local history lover, and a foreign food fiend
  • I am an enigmatic lady with broad interests
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  • Hello, Uni. It is nice to meet you, I am a former bureaucrat and current admin of MarioWiki. I heard you resolved your problem on PokéFanon: Admin Forum:Was I right 9 years ago. It sounds painful that you had to let go of close friends. I thought it would be great to share you my problem because I think I have a similar problem with your old issue.

    In 2019, there is a user called LuigiMaster41. He is soft-hearted and sensitive and considered me as a friend. I gave him admin rights after he requested and I gave him advice to use admin rights, hoping he would follow the admin expectations and be pleased. However, if there are edit wars, I talk to him about it, but he takes my discussions way too seriously. He jumps into conclusions without thinking I am making up with him. He would remove me from my friend list if he doesn't agree. I have been addressing my problem to the wiki adopter, but he tried to be considerate about LuigiMaster. ZeoSpark learnt about LuigiMaster's defensive attitude and suspended his admin rights because he would not want to cooperate. Until this year, Zeo learned more about LuigiMaster41 and told him about improving his behavior. He closed the thread again because he did not want to talk out, so I had to suspend his rights and he said he is leaving MarioWiki, but decided to stay. His rights were suspended twice. I was talking to ZeoSpark because I find the wiki admin suspicious. A few days ago, LuigiMaster41 made edit wars against me. I decided to talk to him about agreeing if we do not agree with each other's edits, ZeoSpark should decide. However, he proudly admitted that he does not want to agree with me and unfriended me. (link) He said he wanted to take a wikibreak, but also mentioned me as one of the reasons why he is leaving. No wonder, he deleted the gallery pages I created. Annoyed, I reprimanded him until the conversation settled. (link) Regardless, I still cannot trust the user. He says sorry, but he continues performing to same stubborn actions and it was no different to his past actions. I noticed he copies admin's actions, but refuses to admit. He does not like admitting his mistakes. He makes several decisions on his own without addressing Zeo and me.

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    • Thanks for your story.

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    • No problem. At the end, I told ZeoSpark that LuigiMaster41 was abusing his power and explained how he did it. When ZeoSpark noticed the incident today, he told LuigiMaster that he is excluding users' opinions, closing threads when they don't go his way and block people for not agreeing on what he is been saying. Zeo said that I brought up how he kept going behind his edits for no reason whatsoever. And every time he communicates, it's been just rude comment after rude comment. It was a long battle to uncover the truth behind that mad admin.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I don't know why you banned me on Pokemon Fanon wiki. May I ask you this? Why did you banned me on Pokemon Fanon Wikia? I haven't do anything wrong against you.

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  • This is all your fault. You block forever Calrem Joo. And now, you refuse me to editing.

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