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  • I was born on April 17
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  • Bio Hi. I'm Tupka, one of the admins here on the DC Wiki, and more or less in charge of the discussions on this app.
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  • Hello, I was trying to make a Wiki Promotion blog post but it was marked as Spam and wouldn't let me post it. What should I do. I've got the text here, so maybe you could help me figure out what I need to do?

    Hi, everyone! My name is WaterElementGirl, and I would like to share one of my favorite series, The Ever Afters. It's a really excellent middle-grade series by Shelby Bach about a girl named Rory who finds out that fairy tales are real- and that she'll star in her own.

    The wiki is a very small wiki as of now, with few visitors who bother making an account. We've only had two editors doing any edits since the beginning of 2019! We only have 71 pages, and we could really use your help.

    If you love The Ever Afters or are looking for a new fantasy series, please join me. My goal is to have a page for every person, place, thing, or event that we don't have a page for yet. I also want to grow an active chat to talk about the series and maybe even have art requests, roleplay, and an active community. However, I can't do that without help!

    I would love you to add a page about any character, place, thing, or event, or to help with categories and images, or to edit some of our smaller pages (which is 90% of them XD). Or you could ask a question on the forum!

    I hope you will join me, and together we can make The Ever Afters Wiki awesome!

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  • What would you do if one day you woke up to check your account on DC Wiki only to find out you're ranked #2?

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    • I don't check the leaderboards. When you've got so many, medals are meaningless.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Why was I banned in 2017? I haven't even done anything there since 2015.

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    Tupka217 closed this thread because:
    This matter is decided.
    14:07, September 5, 2019
  • Sorry to bother, but ... can you change the names of some pages yourself on this wiki? I'm getting tired of renaming them. I already rename a lots of them. Here are that its category name should be changed:

    1. Andreas (NSI)
    2. Brayden (NSI) [Bachelors to]
    3. Chloe (NSI) [Bachelorettes too]
    4. Emily (NSI) [Bachelorettes
    5. Frey (NSI) [Bachelorettes too]
    6. Gilbert (NSI)
    7. Guillaume (NSI)
    8. Jan (NSI) [Bachelors too]
    9. Jay (NSI)
    10. Ji-han (NSI) [Bachelors too]
    11. Laurentius (NSI)
    12. Mina (NSI)
    13. Princess Rosie (NSI)
    14. Xavier (NSI)
    15. Zeno (NSI)

    If you don't know how to do, here are some steps:

    1. Click "Visual Editor"
    2. You will find Category. Select the pencil button or something like that, then a pop-up message appear.
    3. Change the name "Story of World: New Sunbeam Island". Just change the game title.
    4. Click Save, then Publish.

    Let your edit summary blank.

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    Tupka217 closed this thread because:
    14:30, August 28, 2019
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    • Just call this "a general thread and they volunteered".

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    • People that call it that would be semantically wrong. This is a message wall thread, not a forum thread, so you pointed it at me. And I did not volunteer.

      I've declined your request, and have offered you alternatives to alleviate your trouble. I consider this matter settled, and will close this thead.

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  • Can you give me some tips of how to make my IP address or username acceptable on The Simpsons Wiki? If so, please send a message to me.

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  • I view and saw what is going on and hope the MLP wiki will be safe cause Yeettimes100 have no right to almost shut it down but I hope you or the staff keep Yeettimes100 undercontrol.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Tupka217
    Tupka217 closed this thread because:
    21:54, August 17, 2019
  • Will you please give me a tip of how to inform the admins of The Simpsons Wiki so my username or IP address can get passed through? Thank you.

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  • Hello, I am a French User of FANDOM. So being an European. I am asking myself a very crucial question about something you must have heard about.

    So here is my question : Will Article 13 divide the community and affect the presence of the European members of Wikis?

    I am really afraid right now about it.

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    • You'd best ask a French helper. Technically, it's their turf, not mine as a Dutch helper.

      Nothing concrete hasn't come out of Article 13 yet. We do not know how it will affect Fandom, or any other place on the Internet.

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    • A FANDOM user
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