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  • Hey, thanks for updating the most active communities hub. Good work!

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    • No problem! Though the top ten at the top's inaccurate now (by my figuring it should be Runescape, Lyrics, Call of Duty, Glee, Wookiepedia, Halo, Disney, Yu-Gi-Oh, Club Penguin) but I'm not sure about how to get hold of the icons to go alongside Halo, Disney and CP - the others were all uploaded by staff.

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    • Well I uploaded the Glee one myself (and I'm no staff member), by going to the Glee front page and using the Print Screen button to get a decent icon.

      There's already a CP icon on Hub:Disney Online Worlds: File:RedDude.jpg. There's already a Disney Wiki icon on Hub:Cartoons and Comics: File:DisneyWiki.png. You could try those out.

      If you can't find a logo for Halo, I suggest just using the standard Wikia logo: File:Wiki.png. I used that as a placeholder for the proteins wiki on Hub:Big wikis.

      That said, I'm looking at the Halo Wiki now. They have a logo for monobook, which is the right shape: [1] or you could use the letter O from the wordmark: [2]. Are you okay doing that, or would you like me to?

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