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  • I live in the Fire Nation
  • My occupation is Being a backbender
  • Bio I like watching animes,reading manhwas,love savory and sweet food. Besides animes my favorite shows are Avatar,Young Justice,She-Ra and the Princesses of Power and Miraculous ladybug. Plus I am a HUGE DC superheros fan.
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  • Hello Susanpoppin
    How are You?, hope fine & happy.

    Yes, Susanpoppin.. i'm Leaving\Quitting the FANDOM forever, as i don't Belongs to it..Anymore.
    yes yes i know.. that you're Laughing & Happy on my this News.. maybe will do a Party too, as you Hated me Alot.

    but you know what, Susanpoppin?
    i Hated you at first.. but now, i don't.. now i know you're a Kind guy, aa aa i mean by your.. talks at community central and at some other wikis too.
    well, Susanpoppin.. i LuvOf99Th(whom you hate) wishes you best of luck.. and good luck for your future, and stuff.. as well as that wiki of animanga that you guys have found,
    i salute u man salute u!

    Thanks ~  LuvOf99Th  23:12, October 16, 2020 (UTC).

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    • I don't understand what I did I haven't done anything bad to you and I never hated anyone. So can you please tell me what I did cause I really don't remember interacting with you before and even if I did something wrong to you it was probably months ago. I look back at some of your comments in the wiki and me and you didn't have any kind of conflict, so it's weird that you made this kind of post and thought of me for some reason.

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    • A FANDOM user
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