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  • Why did you have to delete my wiki for? I didnt do anything wrong! I worked so hard on it for many years! And so what if I didnt want to have the wall thing I changed it back to the old styal instead of having a wall message like thing, thats why I deleted your post.

    Just dude you have no idea how much I loved to work on my stuff up there it was MY own wiki that I made and put together worked very hard on it. I added thousands and thousands of pages for years.

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    • I didn't delete your wiki. I don't have the ability to do that. It was deleted by Wikia Staff, specifically Sean McGilvray (aka Semanticdrifter), and it was deleted because you had violated Wikia's Terms of Use and repeatedly ignored and deleted all warnings that you had done so, even when such warnings were being posted by Wikia Staff members and should have been taken seriously.

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