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  • Hey Soxra,I am an admin on Ringer Wiki and it has how if someone harrasses me on the wiki,i block them for 3 weeks,if they continue,3 months,if again,infinity..

    You can do the same thing on your wiki

    Here's my Ringer Wiki Policies

    Ringer Wiki Policies - Ringer Wiki

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey,Soxra (so glad you contribute here you are my wiki friend BTW :) ) Anyway, on Suite Life Wikia,how do you add those admin warning to other contributers on their talk page who are misbehaving on the wiki; for example:

    A Wikia Contributor vandalizes any page and you or other admin puts an admin warning on their talk page saying that they should stop and their warning comes:

    "Or I Will remove both of you,permanently."

    This is a warning for creating anonymou user's pages for no good reason.USE THE TALK PAGES.

    Your edits have been removed;please do not continue to cause trouble around this Wiki.

    Like THAT.I want to do the same thing to Ringer Wiki that i contribute to.


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  • Sorry for being misbehaved at Suite Life Wiki.I didn't know why i did it.But i am very truly sorry.Please forgive me and unblock me and i promise to be a good person from now on.Please i have change...

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