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  • You freaking admins can ban me wherever you like, whenever you like, with whatever trash reason you like, but that does not improve the status of your stupid game, A.K.A. This game sucks totally, gets f*cking updates (be happy that I censored that) and is just nothing but JUNK. Stupid teamers, godmoders, everywhere. Dinos and rexes, too overpowered and they're EVERYWHERE. Desert, arctic, land, volcano, ocean, you name it. This dumb game that KoA and Clickstan made is just jackshit, and you making a dumb wiki PRAISING that mad game is more than nothing. Also, you mad admins blocking 409 users while there are only 69 active users in your stupid wiki ruled by nazis, and which consolidated power so much that admins can delete people with a CLICK OF A BUTTON. Your stupid staff cares more about their userpages than their people, and more about their own rubbish needs than other people's needs. How is that even called staff? It is nonsense. So, please, get a community vote and see how much of your users like being leaded by nazis and fascists, or jackasses and hypocrites. If you win, I promise that I'll leave fandom forever, but if you lose, you must demote yourselves and create a new panel of leaders. That is all.

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central and thanks for your edit!

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message. You may also want to visit the forums. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around Fandom.

    Happy editing!

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