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  • Hello, Seelentau, Yakushimi here.

    It has come to my attention that, for over 12 days now, I have been, for no apparent reason, permanently blocked on the Narutopedia for, and I quote, "Korean spam" for an "Infinite" amount of time by the Abuse filter, once more, without any apparent reason, as I only do heavily simple things, such as going around and correcting any spelling errors I see on pages, such as if a word is not properly spelled, then I will edit the forum to correct the spelling. Is there a way for me to be unblocked so that I can return to the normal things I do (correcting grammar, correcting spelling, etc.)? If so, please let me know at your earliest convenience.

    Thanks, Yakushimi

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    • Sure, unblocked you. Looks like you were a casualty from an automatic filter. Doesn't surprise me, considering the website we're on.

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    • A FANDOM user
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