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  • Hello,

    I would like to adopt the Fandom wiki for The Prisoner please. It needs a lot of love :)

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  • So one of my friends was blocked recently and I wanted to know how long their block is. Thanks!

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  • I have a feeling this is just going to be ignored but I would like to request the Art History wiki to be restored.  I was making pages about Leonardo da Vinci and other famous painters when it got taken down.  

    I had asked for it to be kept up and it was taken down pretty much the next day, as if just to spite my request.  

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    • Hi, I've answered on your toher thread. There was definitely no spite involved, and no intent to be rude. I'm sorry for not being more careful not to appear that way

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • He's gonna attack House of Slendrina wiki by turning into KirbyStarAllies.Proof-----> revoked his rights in that wiki.Block him across the FANDOM Network before he turns into KirbyStarAllies

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  • I'm not sure if you got my two emails, but in case you didn't I will specify again. I'm a user by the name of TelloSimian64 and I here to speak about a gobal ban. Yes, me and this other user had problems in the past and being full-grown adults (I assume anyway), we can settle this amongst ourselves and we don't need daddy wiki staff to dicate to us what we can and can not tell each other weather it offends some over sensitive cry-baby or not. Also, this user already blocked me on said wiki we we had the past problem on so this just comes across as overkill. Not to mention, from what I remember staff aren't suppose to interfere in busniess amongst users.  I have a good idea of what comment that got me this ban and who reported it and I asked staff to specify and explain in detail what the comment was twice over email and they didn't get a reponse which is quite strange since the last time I emailed staff I got a repley within a 6-12 hour period. 

    Comment I belive got me banned :

    In short, I request for the reason for my ban and the person who reported to be specified and explained in detail and for my comment which got me banned to be linked. If you do not respond to this I will be forced to assume you're purposely igoring my comments and emails and I do not want to think you would stoop to somthing so low and unprofessional (But I've been wrong before).

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  • Can you please globally block the user Bowser201? Take a look at the House of Slendrina Wiki and see what he's doing.

    He keeps blocking me for no reason on that wiki. Since I'm the founder of that wiki, I can unblock myself, but he threatens to vandalize the wiki if I unblock myself one more time. Please globally block him forever, that's all I ask.

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  • A crisis happened on the Granny Wiki because staff trusted a vandal! There are two users opposing me. They are MattapoisettPatton1 and UppishGames.

    So let's start with MattapoisettPatton1.

    This user's favorite user is a user who adds nonsense categories to pages, named Chromebookdude. When I told Chromebookdude to stop, MattapoisettPatton1 tried to defend him.

    Also, one of his favorite friends is Frypan1234, now logged in to an account called Fryingpan1234, who said "B****" on the Granny Wiki, and now MattapoisettPatton1 made him the assistant leader on the House of Slendrina Wiki.

    Bacck onto the Granny Wiki. Thirdly, there is this user called Ed Soteco. He said "f*** you because of you I will be blocked", so I blocked him. However, MattapoisettPatton1 unblocked him, saying that he only did one "little" thing wrong.


    The F word is VERY offensive!

    This user also said I should be blocked!

    Finally, there is this good user called WoodyTheBalsaWood1243. MattapoisettPatton1 blocked him because he thought that he was Grannymaindoor, even though I said that he wasn't.

    Now to UppishGames.

    It all started when MattapoisettPatton1 was caught by me teaming up with vandals. He harassed me and said that I should lose all my rights. Because MattapoisettPatton1 had many friends, they all believed him. The bureaucrat UppishGames, who was the one who blocked me, accused me of causing nonsense drama. However, he didn't see my messages to him that I was logged out of the Wiki's Discord, but he didn't receive it and kept revoking my rights. Eventually, I became friends with MattapoisettPatton1 again. But UppishGames still believes MattapoisettPatton1's vandal side and blocked me for "intimidating behavior/harassment", when I did nothing wrong! I was simply trying to stop MattapoisettPatton1 from vandalizing more. I cannot unblock myself. And MattapoisettPatton1 has also started to turn bad again. I know that UppishGames is the founder. But that doesn't mean that he can do the wrong thing.

    Please stop these bad bureaucrats. Remove their rights and unblock me and give me back my rights. I did NOTHING wrong! It just appears that way because MattapoisettPatton1 has been on the Wiki longer than me!

    Also, MattapoisettPatton1 is being very rude to me across multiple wikis. He said that I should be blocked forever on all of the wikis that he is an admin in.

    He also tried to defend a vandal and made up stories that his account was hacked.

    I had to apologize. However, when I did, he threatened to block me forever on all of the wikis he is an admin on. He said that I was not welcome. This is plain wrong.

    He also unblocked a user named Ed Soteco. I blocked him because he was being very rude to another user named WoodyTheBalsaWood1243. However, MattapoisettPatton1 unblocked him.

    You want to know what Ed did to me next?

    Create 2 CUSS OUT WIKIS towards me!

    And he is also the user that lies and lies.

    He also tricked UppishGames, the founder of the Wiki, to revoke my non-bureaucrat rights and 1-year block me. He tricked Jr. Mime, because he tricked the other staff first, an d he got rid of my bureaucrat rights. He tricked FizzFire, who changed my block from 1 year to INFINITE, not even letting me edit my own talk page!

    Since I'm blocked forever and cannot even edit my own talk page, this is the only way!

    Please stop him. Read these for more.

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    Love Robin
    Love Robin closed this thread because:
    Time out
    00:27, November 17, 2019
  • You welcomed me to the Art History Fandom when I found the site lifeless and unused, then told me it was going to be closed soon the next day. When I told you I wanted to edit a few pages to convince you to keep it open, you closed it on me the very next day without warning.  

    Is that how Fandom usually operates? 

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    • Sorry for the slow reply, I'm generally not around at the weekends.

      I did tell you that I would be closing the wiki the day after we talked. It was empty and dead, and would have likely been closed automatically very shortly.

      You added a couple of pages copied from Wikipedia, including an off topic one about a French singer, another singer article, and three or four totally empty pages.

      I understand that you wanted to continue, but you were off-topic on a wiki that was due to be closed!

      I suggest you make a new wiki , and hopefully that will have more luck!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I've been thinking about that and the truth is that I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and I can't help myself because of my disability and I realized that it was my disability and I was so ashamed and all I wanted is to make friends and I screwed myself up but I promise I won't be a jerk and I'll be able to make friends in 2020 no more sockpuppeting and I learned my lesson. Big Time.

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    • Your disability is no excuse; you certainly can help yourself.

      That being said, everyone is capable of redemption and bettering themselves. If you were globally banned, the best place to appeal this decision, as far as I'm aware, is through the Fandom contact forms; this allows for a record to be kept of correspondence, as well as keeps matters private (as I don't think staff generally discuss blocks in a public). It also means you might get your request seen to quicker, as Sannse is just one person, but a request via contact goes to the first available staff member. 

      Link to Contact Fandom

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    • I know and I’ll try to become a better FANDOM

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    • A disorder can be a reason. Sometimes people literally cannot stop themselves, I understand that.

      But understanding that doesn't mean that we wouldn't ban for problem behavior. Sometimes it's necessary to protect the site, whatever sympathy we might have for the person involved.

      (note: AlHaxander is not currently blocked from Fandom)

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    • Bless you Sannse bless you

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    • A FANDOM user
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