Reverb frost

aka Kai Frost

Global Discussions Moderator Councilor
  • I live in Holmes Chapel (India)
  • My occupation is Med Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Real eyes, Realises, real lies.

    If you fail to achieve your goal, change the strategy not the goal.

    Admin on
    1) 13 Reasons Why wiki
    2) Pottermore wiki
    3) Hot wheels battle force 5 wiki
    4) Pearson wiki

    Content Moderator on
    1) 13 Reasons Why wiki

    Discussion Moderator on
    1) Arrowverse wiki.
    2) FRIENDS wiki.
    3) Clash of clans wiki.
    4) One direction wiki.
    5) 13 Reasons why wiki.
    6) Riverdale wiki.
    7) Suits wiki.
    8) Sherlock wiki.
    9) Assassins creed wiki.
    10) YouTube wiki. (Wikitubia)
    11) Stranger Things wiki.
    12) Game of thrones wiki.

    GDM assignments:
    1) Assassin's creed wiki. (Done)
    2) One Direction wiki. (Done)
    3) Riverdale wiki. (Done)
    4) Stranger things wiki. (Done)
    5) Dinosaur wiki.(Done)
    6) Red Dead wiki. (Done)
    7) Power Rangers wiki. (Done)
    8) Hunger games wiki. (Done)
    9) Game of thrones wiki. Done)
    10) PUBG wiki. (Done)
    11) Fortnite wiki.(Done)
    12) Divergent wiki. (Done)
    13) Batman wiki. (In Progress)

    Favourite movies/TV series
    Harry potter
    Legends of 2mrw
    Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D
    13 Reasons Why
    Man with a plan
    Hot wheels battle force 5
    One Direction : This is us
    Call me by your name
    Melissa and joey
    Baby daddy
    Love, Simon
    The fault in our stars

    You can find me on Kik, discord, slack, wattpad.

    A big time fan of One direction, Harry styles , Emma Watson.

    I love studying history , biology and physics.. favourite of all is quantum physics..

    Turns out I am a global discussion moderator and a community councillor..

    Reach out to FANDOM staff
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  • Thank you for helping with the whole situation. I hope it can be resolved.

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    • Then make a post and inform the staff. If the vote gets deleted, the staff will handle it. Only an internal member can create a vote. After the vote has been created you can inform staff and also request them to use the announcement feature on your behalf to inform almost all the members. Most likely they will reply back saying that they will look over the vote but may not agree to use the announcement feature(which is really important to gain maximum attention) but sometimes persuasive words do the trick.

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    • Ok I’ll start the ball rolling on that

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Do you really like Carryminati and BB Ki Vines?

    Coollogo_com-54641250.png Tᴀʟᴋ

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  • Hello, please take care not to remove Category:Adoption requests from adoption requests you respond to, as occurred here. If the category is removed, then the page is removed from the page at Adoption:Requests and it may go unanswered by Staff if nobody restores the category.


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