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  • The plot box seems to be empty, how can I fix it?

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  • Hello, Old Mod (from a lost account) of the Villainous wiki, i was wondering if TalkingOddlySpooky is still active as i been talks with old owner Iwander to take it back, they been inactive due to personal stuff it seems 

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  • I know that you reacted the same way to other users and that I am not the problem.  The Proof:

    But I don't want any revenge just justice.

    I don't want your ban either, like Redball you just should admit to made a mistake and everything will be fine, don't make it worse. 

    You're not really a bully, just a fan who is sensitive to his series. I can understand, but you have to stop attacking people who have a different view of your series.

    I know that you didn't want my first offer of peace, but I'll make you another one.

    We're all just fans, so let's stop arguing and just be fans again, writing about their fan stuff.

    Greetings FanLife 

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  • Don´t surprise me but scary how he chases me, keeps lying and plays the "worried" victim.

    But to clarify his lies again, I don't want you to be banned, only that you admit to having made a mistake and that animekid finally stops playing the victim and no longer stalkes me. 

    Edit: He wrotes his Lies to Jason and DubbingDubs too, like he allways do.

    I wrote now to Jason and Dubbing too, to show how it really is and because there shouldn't be more trouble among the moderators. That has Animekid already done more than enough.

    Jason banned me now because I was trying to correct AnimeKid lies so no more hate cames.  His blocking reason is: abusing to other user who doesn't want to get involved. He never wrote that I shouldn't write to him. The last thing he wrote to me was a false accusation and let's not forget that Animekid is the one who run to other moderators who have nothing to do with the thing. And he wrote I "attack" AnimeKid seems he believe AnimeKids Lies too. 

    I wrote again to him

    Don´t know if this was smart or I just got banned again but I want to clear this matter. 

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    • Keep this up, and you're the one who's going to banned. So for the last time, STOP HARRASING ON OTHER USER!!!!!!!! Because of your stupid behavior!

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    • I have never harassed other users just want to make it clear that AnimeKid is the one who start with all that. Mitch Moderator can confirm that. 

      By the Way AnimeKid also accused her for "harassed" him. You can Read it here:

      and Here you can Read all what I ever wrote to AnimeKid:

      And here that  Animekid often has conflicts with users who do not share his view:

      And here my second Peace Offer to AnimeKid:

      I had even tried to forget the whole thing until Animekid started accusing other innocent users to be me. 
      I wrote that all to Redball but again he just ignore all. 
      You can Read it here:

      I'm happy that you  replied and not just ignoring me, so please don't ignore the facts and read everything.

      Please give me some of your Time i want to finally clear up this misunderstanding so Read everything neutrally and then give me your honest opinion.

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    • Okay I don't get why you're calling me "Mitch Moderator", also please just let it go. This is old news, just let the issue go please.

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    • "Moderator Mitch" was just faster to write than your full name, sorry for that.

      I know that the thing with you and AnimeKid was a while ago but it shows that AnimeKids accusations are wrong. 
      You wrote about this incident:Come on, FanLife isn't harassing you ... all he did was point out what happened."

      I only wrote 3 Times to Animekid.
      The first time I made a joke that I shouldn't made but that's  weeks ago then I wrote that Dana is on Reddit and AnimeKid started chasing me and post on my wall I would write "Fake News". 
      Youself then asked him to stop, but he didn't.

      Here my Wall and what you post to him:

      When I made him a peace offer after the Reddit thing, he also wrote to Redball ​​​​​​I "don´t leave him alone" at the same time he also accused you even though you only helped me,

      ​​​​​​The Last Time I wrote not only to him but also to other users but the mood changed and when I wrote we should better stop here he just wrote "Your Words mean nothing".

      I even wrote then I will let him in Peace now, but he wrote his Lies again to redball and I get banned forever.   Here you can Read all:

      So you can see that this incident is very important and shows what is going on.

      I had even tried to forget the wrongly ban until Animekid started accusing other innocent users to be me and wrote his Lies again to Redball

      And i found out that Animekid often has conflicts with users who do not share his view and then "apologizes" in such an exaggerated manner

      But Animekid is not a "real Bully" he just got lost in his temper and later lies.
      I just want him to admit his mistake to clear that up and finally make peace.
      I don't want him banned because I see how important the Fandom is for him, I totally understand that, but honesty is just as important soo I hope that he does the right thing and that we can make a new start.

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    After all, he only argued with this user because he didn't want to write about a fan theory, you can Read it in the Link and I copy it here: 

    ​​​​When we were talking about if Luz had any form of a disability, or if Luz Batista had one as well. I know that was unneccessary conflict of some sort and I wanted to apologize for that. The reason why I disagreed with you is because Dana, the creator of the cartoon never mentioned nor revealed if Luz or Luz Batista had any form of a disability and I figured that if Dana never revealed anything yet or if she never mentioned anything of it, than I just felt like that meant they both didn't have a disability or that we were too quick to assume something that we didn't have a clear answer on or that we got no proof on if they got any disabilities. And I know it caused us unneccessary conflict over such a debate. I wanted to apologize for that because even though I disagreed with you, I never did that to be mean. I only disagreed was because we had no proof if Luz or Luz Batista had a disability since Dana made no reveal of that. But she did reveal that Luz Noceda is lactose intolerant which is a food allergy and there's a lot of people who have that.

    But my point is, I wanted to apologize for any and all unneccessary conflict the subject has caused and for sounding the way I did during that. It was nothing personal against you but I felt like I should apologize for it.

    You can see from his "apology" that AnimeKid is very overreacting when it comes to TOH:
    He's attack me for a similar reason, the Dana thing on Reddit and we already know the "exaggerated apology" when he first accused Moderator Mitch that she and I wouldn't let him alone even though the truth was that he was chasing and accused me and moderator Mitch was just protecting me.

    You banned me for "bullying" and helped the bully.
    And I also took AnimeKid under protection because I thought he would only think of me as a bully because the Joke I made but now I see that he always does it that way.

    Ironic. Really ironic. 

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  • Seems like Animekid wrote something about me again

    I'm not totally sure if it's about me but  as I know animekid, It's about me and I thought I should post it to be on the safe side.

    Do you finally see that it was he who always bullied and stalking me?

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  • I have proven that Animekid is not the victim what he claims to be.

    I  agree I shouldn't have let myself be provoked by him, but contrary to him, I wanted to clarify the "matter" between us and not constantly run to a moderator like he allways do it. 

    I also know that I really broke the rules later on, but I did this only to show that I hadn't done it before (and I don´t know I can write with my Ban Account) and I deeply regret it. I have also apologized for this and stand by my mistakes. In contrast to you. I know this is getting personal now, but you are the moderator. You have responsibility to the forum you should admit your mistakes and be a role model.
    I wanted your help, instead you just blocked me without questioning AnimeKids story or listening to my version.
    The last thing you wrote to me wasn't really nice and an accusation that I was able to disprove more than clearly.

    You believed animekids lies and thought you were doing the right thing: Ban a Bully
    I can't blame you for that.
    But what you do now, ignoring facts and just dead silence, is not okay. Maybe I'm innocently blaming you and you're just too busy to read this, I don't know. 

    Believe me when I write, I wish I could just let it be, but it haunts me and i want finally my peace again. 

    So I write again: Please answer me

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  • Have you already forgotten that he wrote his lies to moderator Mitch?
    She doesn't believe his Lies and just wrote: "Fanlife didn't harassed you. Everything he wrote was how it really was."
    That was after the Reddit thing (I wrote more details about it in the other Text) and Animekid even started to say Moderator Mitch would bully him too and he wrote the Thing that he cries with his Teddybear.
    Honestly, that should have made you think if Animekid is really the victim of how he always behaves towards you.
    But you didn't do it and later Animekid wrote his lies on your wall again and of course you believed him again and wrote that you were watching me more closely (or something like that)
    It's so ironic that you then accuse me of trying to outwit the moderators to get Animekid ban.

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  • The first time I wrote, among other things, that there is also fanart in which Eda is the Bad One. Then animekid went crazy and called me a liar. But it´s true Evil Eda Fanart exist. Then I made a joke if he also knows that there are adult fanart to eda when he is already so crazy with the other stuff. I shouldn't have, but that's where it all started.
    Weeks later I wrote information about TOH and he said I was spreading fake news when I showed him links as evidence he always wrote that this is not Danas twitter account. I then "I know I never said that but the reddit answers are from her" he over and over again dana is not on reddit. I gave it up then but he wrote on my wall after a other User asked me there somthing for my news, I would spread fake news, moderator mitch defended me and confirmed that it is real news. But he didn't stop and wrote again that he could prove it wasn't Danas Reddit accoutn. I had had enough and wrote to moderator mitch. She confirmed that he posted it after her reprimand. Then he started to spread the lie Moderator mitch and I would bully him and wrote on your wall. You even downplayed everything and said I had not clearly written that the account is not from Dana although I have mentioned it over and over again. And moderator mitch confirmed that I don't bully him but only write how it really was. After all, he started again with the Adult Joke thing which was weeks ago and was no longer relevant and not only in this second conversation  also in the third / last one.By the Way Animekid later wrote to you he can´t remember that he post that after Mitch wrote to him but she confirmed that he did it. Then he posted on your wall again, I was the bully and you believed him and wrote you would watch me now.You see what Game he play? And you help him with that. 
    The third time I wrote not only to him but also to other users because I thought we could write like adults (I´m 23, he 30). But I was wrong, he doesn't like my fan theory, that's his right, but when I noticed that the mood was changing I wrote that we'd better stop here and what does he write back? "Your Word means nothing".
    He then accused me of putting wrong words in his mouth, but the only thing that I misrepresented was the word "psychic", I reproduced it as "psycho". He wrote that people who write dark fan stories are psychic. I then wrote that it was funny because he denied this fan base in our first discussion and now insulted them. Then he started again I would want to take revenge on him and I would have spread adult content so of course I wrote back how it really was. Don't want to be seen as a pervert. And wrote that I was right that we should stop writing. I even wrote him that I would leave him alone. But of course he ignored that and posted it on your wall again. And of course you believed everything instead of reading up for yourself how it really was. And attacked me too and called my Help Message that shows how it really was as spam before you blocked me forever.

    That was all I ever wrote with Animekid. And what does AnimeKid after my ban? He accuses an innocent user who posted a helpmessage on a moderator wall of being a double account of mine, and of course in his role as a victim. You just wrote "past is past" instead of accepting that he is the one who is after me. And now you just ignore me and the last thing Animekid wrote to me was "good bye, bully".
    Do you know how that hurts?

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  • I'm not going to give up going back to fandom because I'm not a bully and it's all I have, but I do that in a nice way by showing what I wrote and how it really was and not like you and AnimeKid accuse me.
    Doesn't it make you think that AnimeKid is so freaking out about it? If he's innocent, why does it annoy him so much when I just show what I've written with him? He is not a bully, just firmly believes that I am a bully and wants to prove it in a way that is not normal instead of admitting that he made a mistake. When I posted on your wall because I needed help about him and showed how it really was, you wrote it was spam and ban me. 
    But that he always posted his lies never bothered you.
    Even the links he posted against me only show what we wrote and if you had read them without believing his lies you would have known how it really was.

    I even wrote a peace offer to Animekid wall and he wrote on your wall I would bully him in addition, he also accused modertor Mitch and what are you doing? Just delete it and believe him every word. Forgive me my words but are you serious? You don't even believe your own moderators?
    You always listened to him and his lies but never to me.
    Even after I'm banned AnimeKid doesn't stop rushing against me and you just ignore everything and Wrote "Past is Past". 

    This is actually another proof that AnimeKid is not the innocent one and you should stand up for your mistakes instead of just ignoring them.
    You two don't want to admit that you made mistakes, that's very childish, but what Animekid does with his actions and his acted victim role is really the last thing.

    Bullying is serious business and he makes it laughable. (I don´t forget that he Wrote tha he Cries with his Teddybear because Moderator Mitch and I "bully" him, that was after my Peace offer and Moderator Mich stand up for me)

    I bet it won't be long before animekid finds this from his stalking and posts his lies on your and Jason's wall again. I am curious to see what he lies again and how he talks his way out of this and his last stalking action and lies.

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