• I live in An Earth alien who lives in the Land of Eng.
  • I was born on October 8
  • My occupation is someone who likes Derry Girls
  • I am absolutely cracker
Hi, I'm RainbowBubbles3. Please do not respond to any unanswered messages on my wall or close any of my threads! Thanks!
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  • Saying,"You blocked me for a 100 years for swearing, you then blocked Jennifer203, for 2 weeks for swearing, and now you're surprised people think you are a feminist, who hates males." is not the same as saying,"RainbowBubbles3 is a feminist who hates males." I said people THINK you're a feminist who hates males. There's a very big difference.

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    Jr Mime
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    Please stop.
    15:53, September 28, 2019
  • RainbowBubbles3 wrote:Hey there,

    As I have been blocked and Tye has been globally blocked, The Goldbergs wiki needs an admin. Would you like to be admin? If so, you can talk to TotallyLogical or I can talk to her.

    How bout "him". However, The Goldbergs Wiki is sorted. I may promote Logoguy22 to admin, but not now. Please consult with me from now on before asking users about adminship.

    Thank You!

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    Love Robin
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    discussion gone astray
    23:38, September 29, 2019
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    • Robert Mcneary wrote:
      You deserve it. When you first joined this discussion, the truth was not important to you, what was important to you was confirming your own biases. You did not critically think about what was going on and ask yourself questions about what was going on and look for any evidence and proof that you were correct or incorrecf. Instead you confirmed your own biases and made a judgement about what you knew nothing of. You deserve mockery and scorn for that.

      Uh huh.

      The only time before, to my knowledge, that I said anything was to suggest to Rainbow to report the people attempting to dox them. I stand by that. It doesn't matter what gripe you have with them, there's a thing called "proportional retaliation" and "keeping a civil tone".

      By lashing out, you lose all sympathy you may have had and alienates people on your side, and by treating them so disproportionately to the supposed crime, you come across as heavy handed and immature.

      You can say what you want about me, if it makes you feel better. I'll just roll my eyes and go back about my business, but just know that you're showing yourself up and making Rainbow look better by comparison.

      Edit: Insult me how you like, I shan't respond to you further.

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    • closing pointless discussion

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  • Hello. We are the UPAC. I am Anti Sinistram AZ. I am now globally blocked, but i still have power. The UPAC Network has decided upon your punishment. For causing the block of innocent users such as Robert Mcneary and Tye, we have decided that we will troll you and vandalise every wiki that you go to until you leave Fandom and Wikia completely. This is your punishment. And there will be nobody to plead your case. Wherever you go, the wiki that you go, will be raided, and you will have no pleasentness here on this platform until we notice that you are gone for over 2 years. That is what i decide, and i will make it certain that the UPAC does this.

    Sincerely, Anti Sinistram AZ (dont test us)

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  • Hope you are happy, you got Tye globally blocked probably for indefinite, you deserved to get blocked on the Goldbergs wiki. I hope totallylogical never unblocks you. Bye now.

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  • I am happy to report to you that Robert McNeary and Tyethedye75 have been globally blocked! Now if TotallyLogical gets global blocked... we could be the editors on the Goldbergs wiki not worrying about bullies anymore!

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    Mendes2 closed this thread because:
    15:44, September 28, 2019
  • I have been watching wiki activity on the Goldbergs and community central for over a year now... I never said anything because I didn’t want to intervene but after seeing you are blocked.... I hafe to now... Robert mcneary is a sockpuppet of TyeTheDye75... I can not confirm it but I am maybay 98 persent sure... robert mcneary and tyethedye (the same guy) is pretending to be different people to mess with you and he wont stop until you leave the goldbergs wiki for good... tyethedye’s other accounts are also half if the golbergs wiki people...

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    • I don’t think that’s exactly right. They have very different ways of speaking and Tye and Robert were arguing about a block a few months back. Thanks for your concern.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I saw your posts, and wondered if you thought of contacting staff?

    I'm sure I saw another user - a while back - penalised for 'spamming', when a similar situation occurred and they messaged multiple people, but - equally - someone attempting to dox you (or having doxxed you) is a serious matter. If that user revealed a name and birthday, particularly in an attempt to harm you in some way, it seems like staff intervention is needed. 

    I'm pretty sure that doxxing would be against ToS, too. 

    It might yield better results than messaging individuals? 

    (Also, I'd not share your birthday, as you said you did, or any personal information . . . even the slightest piece of information can be used to help uncover a whole identity).

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    Sophiedp closed this thread because:
    Alright, I think this has gone on long enough.
    19:32, September 26, 2019
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    • Hi, most of these users have been globally banned now. Hopefully it can end now.

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    • Hopefully you will never be unblocked.

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  • I told you tyetheblockdye was sexist months ago and you did not believe me. You deserved to get blocked haha.

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  • Logoguy22 has been doing great work on The Goldbergs Wiki, I was considering a promotion for him, and noticed you demoted them in April. May I ask why?

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    • I demoted them because when they were promoted, they hadn't edited for a few weeks and still weren't editing when I demoted them. Their edits seemed to be spacing about and fewer of them. However, if you want to promote them, go ahead! They seem more active now anyway.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Please cease your spamming message walls about Robert Mcneary and Robert Donald Wright. I warned them for doing the same thing you're doing now, so 'tis only fair you get the same warning as they.

    Continue like this and escalating blocks may be doled out. Let's not give them the satisfaction, eh?

    Please and Thank you.

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    • You reported a warning from a CCAdmin? Okay.

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    • Yes. I think it's only fair that you are aware of that. Staff have told me to let them know if I run into any more problems such as that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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