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  • I was born on July 28
  • My occupation is Anime Wiki Team Lead
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  • Hello! I am not sure if you are the right person to talk to about this but I am experiencing hostility from an admin and what I believe to be mutliple admin violations on the Bleach wiki. Other admins have done nothing about it and their Bureaucrats are MIA.

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    • Hello!! I'm not Pikushi, but I can help you get to the right person. The Bleach wiki actually has a wiki manager! So I would contact Ursuul about these issues.

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    • What exactly seems to be the abuses? You’re welcome to DM me on Discord @ Ursuul#0575 if you wish to discuss anything privately.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello and greetings to Pikushi / Jenny, Anime and Manga Wiki Team Lead---

    Introducing myself, I am CuteButLooksLolita, Wiki founder, Wiki Admin., and Wiki editor. Together with my twin sister, CuteDress&TwinPonytails, also a Wiki founder, Wiki Admin., Wiki editor, we wish to review with you a concern with regard to the kind of Wikis that we both take care of. Thank you for your oversight and administration of the Anime and Manga Section of FANDOM. Our concerns revolve around Wikis that are commemorative of Anime and Manga stories, hence this concern is directed to you, for your consideration and recommendations.

    One outstanding feature of select Japanese anime and manga stories, unique to them alone, is that a few stories have as the Main or Side Character a male to female transgender teenager. Such stories make up only a tiny swatch of interest, but have a loyal and appreciative audience that enjoys the lives of such characters. Myself, and my sister, both of us are male to female transgender people ourselves, and see the need to provide Wikis based on such anime and manga stories, for the enjoyment and encouragement of transgender people IRL (in real life), as well as all those who have an interest in such subject matter and stories.

    Our concern is that the Wikis that we have already founded, and continue to edit and improve, will, due to the very narrow field of interest, will probably never have a wide readership or viewership. It may be that FANDOM management will, unknowingly or without due consideration, feel that such low readership or viewership warrants that these, or future, Wikis supposedly need to be removed from activity and closed. This has already happened wherein a Wiki with a male to female transgender character was seemingly arbitrarily and capriciously closed (Miracle Bloomers Wiki), without any warning that this is what FANDOM management was intending to do. Thus, this is the ever present fear and concern that haunts both of us as we continue to provide a much needed and appreciated area of enjoyment for transgender persons.

    However, by reaching out to you, Jenny / Pikushi, and making our concerns known, it may be that the fate of male to female transgender themed Wikis may not be only that of removal and closure. We both feel that keeping such narrow focused Wikis active and available is a noble venture, so that male to female transgender people can read about and view anime and manga characters that are just like themselves, and can even identify with them as such, and in may cases, view them as role models. Such Wikis will never have the exposure of big time Wikis like Minecraft and Star Wars. But small as they are, they serve a vital and necessary purpose. Please let us know on the Message Board of CuteButLooksLolita what your thoughts are and your response will be towards our plea for understanding and consideration to keep transgender themed Wikis alive and vibrant for the minority of people who really enjoy them, and need to have them for such encouragement in their many times troubled and misunderstood lives.

    Thank you for your time and attention to our concerns, respectfully---



    Founders, Admins., and Caretakers of such male to female transgender themed Wikis as---

    Hourou Musuko Wiki (Wandering Son Wiki)

    My Brother is Done For Wiki

    Gonna Be the Twin Tail Wiki

    KashiMashi Wiki

    Majitora! Wiki

    Until I Become Me Wiki

    (And soon to come) Male to Female Transgender Short Stories Anthology Wiki  

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    • Hi there! Wikis are closed for a number of reasons - some of the most common reasons being that the wiki may be a duplicate (more info here) of another wiki or the wiki was automatically deleted due to inactivity.

      Without a link to the wiki in question, I am not able to look into the specific reason why the Miracle Bloomers wiki was closed, but if it was inactive, my guess is that it may have been closed for that reason. If you would like to find out the specific reason and/or would like it reopened, please submit a ticket here , and they will be able to help you out.

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    • Thank you for your comment, Pikushi.

      " or the wiki was automatically deleted due to inactivity "

      Your quote, above, is my best guess as to what happened. However, the Wiki was not actually inactive, but it was only 5 pages long and had less than a dozen visits each day, sometimes with zero visits. But that is my concern, that these speciality wikis will never have the readership or viewership that major interest wikis enjoy. Will my efforts to create special interest wikis, male to female transgender teenage characters wikis, almost always end in closure ? This is quite the black cloud that would hang over my head.

      I actually had backed up the Miracle Bloomers Wiki, so I don't need to worry that the wiki is seemingly lost forever. But maybe the better idea is to create an anthology wiki that can hold dozens of transgender character stories, and be a bigger wiki than each individual wiki would ever be. What are your thoughts about creating an anthology wiki, to hold many stories of the same subject matters and characters, that of male to female transgender characters ? 

      Respectfully, CuteButLooksLolita

      The URL of the Wiki in question on the day it was deleted---

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Anyone ever tell you that your screen name is kinda fun to say? =]

    apologies if this is a tl'dr situation. I feel like I have been treated rather unfairly by being banned permantly from a fandom, the only reason given that I was being toxic and causing fights with other users. Only the admin refuses to point out the exact incident..

    From my point of view, I was simply debating things and people were trying to convince me otherwise ( AKA a debate, right? ) there was NO name calling on any side, no swearing, in fact I did not get a feel of unease from anyone at all, Im annoyed, upset and confused at this ( Upfusednoyed? Consetnoyed? lol ) and as far as actually being toxic goes, he let 2 people get away with alot worse.on the very same day.

    I have reached out to special contact but from what I understand this is pointless as they have a policy of trusting admins to make the right call and to not get involved, this is pretty problematic in my opinion but if thats the way it is then thats the way it is.

    But at the very least, would you be kind enough to at least look into what happened to me and at the very least give me some closure on weather or not I deserved this treatment? I mean if you cant or wont overturn the ban, It would be nice if it was at least acknowledged that I was treated unfailr and It would help me move on as upsetting as it would be as I like talking there. 

    Here are all the posts I have made today, these are where I was alledgedly being toxic.

    1. The prefect meme | Fandom

    2. Should Jurassic World: Dominion Have A Video Game? | Fandom

    3. Mainland Population theory mid 2020. | Fandom

    4. Mainland Population theory mid 2020. | Fandom ( My theory is that THIS may be why he banned me, I tried to explain why I think his theory would not work out and it ended up getting quite a few likes, I think he felt humiliated or something, is that a good reason for a ban? like I said he refuses to say why )

    5. Dominion spoilers: continuation | Fandom

    6. Toro is not the same Carnotaur from the end of fallen kingdom and also differences from those carnos | Fandom

    8. Toro is not the same Carnotaur from the end of fallen kingdom and also differences from those carnos | Fandom

    9. Toro is not the same Carnotaur from the end of fallen kingdom and also differences from those carnos | Fandom

    This was my first day back on the fandom since september, and these are the only posts i have made today, these are what got me banned.

    and also, here are 2 people ACTUALLY causing a toxic envirmoment yet he let it slide, He banned me for Causing fights, so what is this? Dominion spoilers: continuation | Fandom. If he does not see this as toxic then im not sure he knows what toxic means, making me feel even more hard done by with the ban.

    If you did take the time to read this then I appreciate it. I really feel I was hard done by. Thank you for hearing me out if you did. 

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    • Hello!! I am not Pikushi, but I did want to mention that the wiki you're referring to DOES have a Wiki Manager, and they would likely be better to contact than Pikushi is. The Wiki Manager is KylaraE.

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    • Zacatero wrote:
      Hello!! I am not Pikushi, but I did want to mention that the wiki you're referring to DOES have a Wiki Manager, and they would likely be better to contact than Pikushi is. The Wiki Manager is KylaraE.

      Omg thank you for your help sir, much appreciated.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Pikushi, i've recently created an KYUUKYOKU SHINKA SHITA FULL DIVE RPG GA GENJITSU YORI Wiki, so I need a help for some pages and also I have to design a better wiki, that's why I need an Wiki Manager for my wiki. Thanks, OmSakalkar

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    • Hi there! I am not able to assign someone for your wiki at the moment. Once we are closer to the anime release date, I will take a look again and decide then if we can assign someone.

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    • Ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, how are you? I am a bureaucrat of Shingeki no Kyojin Wiki in Brazilian Portuguese and I would like to ask for a wiki manager for my wiki, because of the coming of the Final Season the anime is in a gigantic hype and I need someone to help, thanks.

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    • Hi there! Unfortunately, we don't have the bandwidth to assign a WM, but if you need help with anything specifically, please feel free to reach out to the PTBR team here 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello.

    I would greatly appreciate if you could please help to reinstate NoGround as a wiki manager.

    He has been incredibly reliable, and gone above and beyond when it comes to being dedicated and helping us out, among other things with applications for our external forum, cleaning up our internal forum a lot from the very chaotic and ill-mannered state it was in previously, and with various important wiki projects, including a massive one we have planned to greatly increase our search engine optimisation/prioritisation, and as such our visitor traffic.

    He is extremely crucial for our community to function properly, and we are very dependent on him, so as I mentioned above, I would be very grateful if he could please be allowed to remain. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  • I don't have much time, but...

    I've sent this message to a trusted mod, but i'm suspecting them. I think this will explain before my alt gets banned out of nowhere.

    "...Kinda not. (my main user) has been globally banned.

    I've found my old fandom account, Kinda yeah. (This user) . So, i decide to log back in to my real account, Kinda not., and for some odd reason, i'm globally blocked without any sense of warning nor pinging on why i have been blocked. Please tell me why, other wise i'll have to contact the fandom Staff. Please explain, or I'm going to have to put this on further notice, [REDACTED]."

    Now i've actually contacted you. See user @Kinda not. on the JoJo wiki, Shinobi Life 2 Reel Wiki, more and more, and i'm blocked for some reason.

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  • Hello,

    I would like to request a Wiki manager for The Gundam Wiki because:

    • One of our contibutors is targeted for harassment by a vandal who creates new accounts every week or so.
    • We're in the process of formalising unofficial policies we've had, roles users/admins have etc. and it'd be great if an impartial party could moderate this process.
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    • Hi there! The Gundam wiki has a WM, so I've asked them to reach out to you on wiki. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Senpai piku-

    Im geting off topic

    My wiki, The  Anime Fighting Simulator wiki requires a wiki manager. We keep getting targeted by vandals, and so we wish for a wiki manager.

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