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  • I am Orythius, a editor on the Ori and the Blind Forest wiki and frequent poster on the Game of Thrones wiki. I am also the founder of the Chinese Ori wiki. You can find me there if you need me.
  • Bio Hey there, I'm Orythius! Now, you're probably looking at this because I accidentally offended you. Well, I'm sorry, then. You can leave now. If you by some chance is here for different reasons, and want more info about me, you can go to my profile page in the wiki you're looking at this from. If it's blank, then congrats, this is not a wiki I'm active on. You can leave now, too. You can, however, find me on the Ori wiki editing, and posting on the Game of Thrones wiki. Message me on these wikis if you need me, for whatever reason.
    Oh, and a note. Because of where I live, I cannot go to websites such as artstation, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, any news page, and Google. So please don't go around spamming these sites in my face, thank you.
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