aka The Fruit of the Third Behind

  • I live in A Meaningless Vortex
  • My occupation is Probably Sleeping
  • I am A Proud Vegetarian.....and Bringer of World Peace *snort* yeah, right *snort*
  • Bio I'm NightSpeakers, a British (though not the best time to say this...) FANDOM user. I see you've come upon the unfortunate event of stumbling upon my userspace - pity yourself. I reccommend getting off as quickly as possible.

    Favourite books:
    *His Dark Materials (and anything to do with it)
    *The Handmaid's Tale
    *Ali Sparkes's books (The Shapeshifter, Night Speakers)

    Favourite TV shows:
    *Years and Years (BBC)
    *His Dark Materials (BBC)
    *Mrs Wilson (BBC)
    *Doctor Who (BBC - especially S4 - David Tennant and Catherine Tate are amazing)
    *Call My Agent/Dix Pour Cent (Canal+)
    *End of the _______ world (Channel 4)
    *The Accident (Channel 4)
    *AbFab (BBC)
    *The Vicar of Dibley (BBC)
    *French and Saunders (BBC)
    *'Allo 'Allo! (BBC)
    *Noughts + Crosses (BBC)
    *Merlin (BBC)

    Other interests:
    Enjoys looking at ancient languages and cultures (Latin & Ancient Greek).

    Very boring life. Most of the time. Talks to self, a lot. Fussy about grammar and spelling - it effects me!
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Hello there

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Welcome to my Message Wall!

I'm just a normal editor on Community Central! I've made 403 edits since I joined this wiki on the 19th August 2018! Generally I help out on some threads over at the forums, not much else.

Guidelines of my Message Wall!
Is it nice? Please phrase your words in a nice, respective manner. No swearing/adult themes please - anyone can see my message wall!
What is it about? I respond to any questions/queries/suggestions! I do also answer non-FANDOM related stuff!
Is the title appropriate? Make sure your title fully encapsulates what you're trying to say! Titles help me see what you want to tell me!
Does it make sense? I understand if you don't speak English well! I won't understand. IF. u ADtalkSDFS! LiKe Thsi!
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