Newt Strike

aka Avi

Global Discussions Moderator Councilor
  • I was born on August 18
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hi, This is Newt Strike, a Global Discussion Moderator and a Community Councilor.

    I'm an Admin on:
    1) Maze Runner Wiki
    2) Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Wiki
    3) Kipper the Dog Wiki
    4) Cosgrove Hall Wiki

    and Discussions Moderator on:

    1)Clash of Clans Wiki
    2) Stranger things Wiki
    3)Throne of Glass Wiki
    4)Twilight Wiki
    5) Pottermore Wiki
    6) Spiderman Wiki
    7) Glitchtale Wiki
    8)Soul Knight Wiki

    But I spend most of my time on the Harry Potter Wiki. So, that's the best place to find me.

    Fantastic Beasts Question Compilation Post


    * Harry Potter

    * Maze Runner

    * Clash of Clans

    * Throne of Glass

    * Stranger Things

    * Spiderman

    * Twilight

    * Glitchtale


    πŸ’₯Maze Runner WikiπŸ’₯

    Discussion Guidelines

    TMR Wiki Newbie Guide

    Current OT Thread

    Gladers Of The Month Awards (FEBRUARY NOMINATION)

    Gladers Of The Month Awards ( JANUARY WINNERS)

    Maze Runner Wiki DiscussionsRC

    πŸ’₯ Throne of Glass Wiki πŸ’₯

    Category Guide

    Current OT Thread


    πŸ’₯ Clash of Clans Wiki πŸ’₯

    Category Guide

    Editor Appreciation Giveaway (FEBRUARY, 2020)


    πŸ’₯ Spiderman Wiki πŸ’₯

    Favourite Spiderman Movie (Official Post)

    Favourite Spiderman Actor (Official Post)

    Category Guide


    πŸ’₯ Stranger Things wikiπŸ’₯

    Category Guide


    πŸ’₯ Pottermore wiki πŸ’₯

    OT Thread


    πŸ’₯ Fandom Community Guidelines(The Do's and Don't's)


    πŸ’₯ If you want to contact me or just ask a question feel free to do so on my talk page:


    Join my wiki (Newt Strike wiki)


    Find me on:

    1. Wattpad: Ptolemy002
    2. Discord: Newt Strike #2249
    3. Reddit: Wizkvothe
    4. Kik: Merrythorn



    1. Wizards Unite Wiki ( Done βœ“)

    2. Spiderman Wiki ( Done βœ“)

    3. Throne of Glass Wiki ( Done βœ“)

    4. Glitchtale Wiki ( Done βœ“)

    5. Bourne Wiki (In progress)
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