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Got questions? Feel free to ask!  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:14,5/20/2011 

Curved corners Edit

Hey,though I've been using this feature for a long time I still dont know the code to curve the corners of help me:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:31,5/20/2011

That's CSS. It works like this:
{| style="border:1px solid #DCDCDC; -moz-border-radius:2ex; -webkit-border-radius:2ex; border-radius:2ex;"
! Header
| Content
You need all 3 border-radius: properties, or it won't show up in every browser. Also note that border radii don't show up in most IE versions - but you can't help that, it's Microsoft's fault.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:42,5/20/2011 

Hey I'm talking about the curved corners,like in you signature:)--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:43,5/20/2011

I thought that would work, although apparently wikitext can't make corners on tables. Try putting this in Common.css:
table {
That should work.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:47,5/20/2011 

On you user page,you got a template right?..the template has it's border rounded.I'm talking about that code.Thanks:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:50,5/20/2011

That is the code. border-radius.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:10,5/20/2011 

Thanks a lot buddy..I've got a question,where should the "px" go?.Is it border-radius:"x"px?:)--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 12:30,5/20/2011

You can use px for border radius, but I usually use ex, which is just a different unit.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:37,5/20/2011 

One more thing Edit

Please make this appear in one piece!(in a single box,should not be too much of length but can be as wide as possible)




If possible this also: sdjhsjklflhdsjkhjfhdshfdsfjkdhsjfhdshfjkdhsjkfhjdhsjfhjdshfjkhdsjkfhjkdshjkfhjkdshjfkhjdshfdsjhjfhjsdhjkdhsjkhdsjhdsjhdsjhdsjhdsjhdskhlahlsdajsdahlhdjshkjdshkjhdhkhldskhsd

Thanks:)--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 13:57,5/20/2011

What do you mean by one piece? Those are all on the same line for me.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  14:40,5/20/2011 
Yep it is in the same line for me too.  Finchelfanno1  (talk)  14:45,5/20/2011 
I mean I want all of 'em in a single box(can be of any length,but smaller width)..:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 15:14,5/20/2011
This should come in a single box:



But shouldn't be too wide...but any length:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 15:19,5/20/2011

Do you mean like this?

texttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttext texttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttext texttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttexttext

 Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  15:41,5/20/2011 




All of it is in a single box right?...I want the all of it inside this box:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 16:56,5/20/2011

Nevermind I figured it out:)..thanks:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 16:58,5/20/2011

Fun with code Edit

I have a project for you and it should be fun. I am having problems with an annoying user on Bleach wiki. He thinks he knows all there is to know about wikis and is constantly showcasing "his" css and js to the newer users. Really his css and js are just copies of my own pages. Think you can develop some code that will just mess everything up for him badly enough that he will stop trying to copy everything I do?--GodPray  01:21,5/21/2011 

I have mixed feelings about this:I luv the idea(I usually do this type of stuff at my wiki!)..but what?Godi thinks this way?lol!Roranoa zoro [Talk] 05:54,5/21/2011

Common.js issues Edit

Hey, I tried what you said for my Common.js issue at Combine OverWiki, but nothing changes. :/ Help! Klow 19:21, May 21, 2011 (UTC)

At the end of the $(document).ready function at the top of the page, instead of };, use });.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  19:27,5/21/2011 
Still broken! Collapsing template still gone! Klow 00:29, May 22, 2011 (UTC)
In the featuredOn function near the bottom, the replace line has an extra ) at the end. Just in case, I checked ahead this time - that should be your last syntax error, so it should work once you change that. Also, SiPlus has added a few functions to your Common.js that violate the ToU - For example, the one that unbinds listeners on #GlobalNavigation. Staff will make you remove them later anyway if you leave them there, it's just easier to do it now.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:39,5/22/2011 
Oh man, that's fixed, at last! Thanks! I'll remove that #GlobalNavigation, but what is it exactly? :/ Klow 10:59, May 22, 2011 (UTC)
I think it this:You've seen the topmost bar on the wikia right?It contains dropdown menus for different wikias,the code empties it.I think it's that.Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:06,5/22/2011
Sort of. The function unbinds the listener that fires when you mouse over the menu - it stops it from dropping down.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:14,5/22/2011 

Layout pages Edit

Is there a way to know all the pages that were created using the Layout builder?Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:04,5/22/2011

I believe there's a way to find all pages created with a specific layout, although I don't know how. I tend to ignore LayoutBuilder, because it forces RTE use.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:19,5/22/2011 

Missing Images Edit

Hi Monchoman45, I'm an admin on the Hogwarts RPG Wiki and we had to shut down our House Points system because two images went missing. I contacted a Wikia Staff but they didn't reply. Do you think you could help? Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 12:46, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

I'm seeing all the images fine. What browser are you using?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:49,5/22/2011 
Safari. But you see File:Gryff.png and File:Puff.gif? And speaking of the RPG, did I do the Facebook thing for the RPG right? Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:08, May 22, 2011 (UTC)
Yep, both of those are there. The facebook entry also looks good.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:17,5/22/2011 
You see 4 hourglasses, 1 red, 1 blue, 1 I just looked at it and noticed they were fixed. I'll find out who did it. Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:20, May 22, 2011 (UTC)

City of Wonder Wiki Edit

Hey Monchoman, I've been using the Sig code now for quite a while and everything going smoothly however for some reason, the {{{1|}}} code has disappeared off the Sig/Real page for the City of Wonder wiki and now the time stamp isn't showing on my sig line. I've tried re-adding the code as before but for SOME ODD reason, it's not saving it this time. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks mate for your continued help! :-)  Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Retributions Blade  20:11,5/22/2011 

I'm seeing it on the page you linked. Is the problem still there?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  20:16,5/22/2011 
The sig bar is there (in the City of Wonder wiki) but the time stamp (in the City of Wonder wiki) isn't showing. I've checked it using Firefox AND IE8 with the same results, even clearing cache to make sure I wasn't missing something. I add the code to the edit box, when I preview it, it's not showing nor once I save the page it's not there. Also on some pages, such as my talk page it's showing as: {{SUBST:User:Councellor/Sig|20:39,5/22/2011}}
Man is this tempre-mental (sp?) or what? lol! What browser are you using to see it?
P:S: also on this wiki Logo Creation Wiki the code sig line is showing as well prompting me to think there may be something changed in the Special Preferences area ? It's now propogated to several wiki's :(((
 Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Retributions Blade  20:50,5/22/2011 
You need a /Sig page, like mine, or it won't substitute properly.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  21:07,5/22/2011 
Amazing how we can miss one tiny detail and the whole train rumbles to a dead stop!
Thanks! And in the meantime please overlook my lapse of intelligence :-) All fixed!
 Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Retributions Blade  23:41,5/22/2011 

Warning notification Edit

Hey, me again. My wiki has a spoiler notification that appears at the top of every page. It is only appearing for registered users but I would like it to appear for everyone. It uses the following codes.


/*spoiler warning*/
.warningmessage {
  color: #ff6500;
  background-color: #000000;
  background-image: url(;


/*spoiler warning*/
if( ( wgAction === "edit" && wgNamespaceNumber > -1 && wgNamespaceNumber % 2 === 0 ) || wgPageName === "Special:CreatePage" )
    $("<div class=warningmessage><hr><center><strong> Ōkami Wiki contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!</strong></center><hr></div>")
      .prependTo(skin === "oasis" || skin === "wikia" ? '#WikiaArticle' : '#bodyContent');

Do you know how to get it to appear regardless of whether a user is logged in or not?--Soul reaper 04:28, May 23, 2011 (UTC)

I dont think CSS loads for anons:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 04:36,5/23/2011
CSS loads for everyone, just like JS. A few things I notice with this:
  1. You need a closing bracket after the CSS.
  2. wgAction is broken - it's almost always edit on all pages, regardless of whether you're actually editing a page or not.
  3. The closing <hr> tag is missing the /.
  4. It may help to put parenthesis around the condition part of your ternary operator.
  5. You don't need to use ===, == will do - types can be confusing in JS, as one object can have multiple types. Strings and numbers, for example, are essentially interchangeable in many cases.
Of those, fixing wgAction is the most difficult - instead, use urlQuery('action'), and put this after your JS:
function urlQuery(quer) {
	for(i in location.href.split('?')) {
		for(j in location.href.split('?')[i].split('&')) {
			if(location.href.split('?')[i].split('&')[j].split('=')[0] == quer) {
				return location.href.split('?')[i].split('&')[j].split('=')[1];
	return '';
That should fix it.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:48,5/23/2011 
Hey on our wiki,anons still see the "image added by" stuff while the css doesnt allow itRoranoa zoro [Talk] 12:03,5/23/2011
Checked on my sandbox wiki, and CSS definitely loads for anons. There's probably a different problem with the CSS.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:18,5/23/2011 
Hmm! I'll inform the community about this.Thanks:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 12:28,5/23/2011
I made the changes you suggested but it still only appears for registered users, any other suggestions or is there perhaps a larger error on the wiki?--Soul reaper 04:30, May 24, 2011 (UTC)
Probably a larger error. Unfortunately, my school proxy blocks your wiki, so I can't check what it is at the moment.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:39,5/24/2011 
Alright, thanks for all your help--Soul reaper 01:31, May 26, 2011 (UTC)
I just looked at it - interestingly enough, none of your CSS ever loads. Not for anons, nor for logged in users. This is probably due to a syntax error in the code, as in some cases the browser will simply discard a file that throws a fatal error while compiling.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:07,5/26/2011 
That's really weird, the spoiler warning shows up for me. Do you know if it can be fixed?--Soul reaper 07:17, May 29, 2011 (UTC)

Hi Edit

I saw what you put in response to what I put on Sannse's Talk Page, and I would be sending this to Dopp normally, but I have a few questions:

You said the situation is being handled or worked on, and that it takes a while to figure out who is who. Does that mean the bans could be changed, or not?

Dopp might think me and the users involved are the same people, so that is why i'm leaving this on your Talk Page.

I know you can't talk against your colleague, and I don't expect you to, but can you kindly give me an explanation about that comment on Dopp's Talk Page that she made to DroidX? I forgot to put that DroidX is Vanessa Brandon under a different account. The comments they exchanged made it seem like there was a purpose to allowing Vanessa to create a second account to get John(Lupojohn) banned. I'm not accusing, rather asking.

Thank you. Kindly respond when you can. MarissaDunn 17:54, May 25, 2011 (UTC)MarissaDunn

Dopp is handling the situation. Staff are checking ips to see who is who and will ban the alternate accounts and the originals that need to be banned. Leave it to Dopp to handle.--GodPray  18:01,5/25/2011 

WA-->RC Edit

Is there a way to change the button that has "Wiki activity" to "Recent Changes"?...I lately became a RC fan:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 08:41,5/27/2011

Check out his blog :) - Tjcool007 (Talk / Contribs) 08:55, May 27, 2011 (UTC)
Oh! Thanks buddy:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 08:59,5/27/2011
Also how do I change the "Random Page" to the "logs" page?(is there a way?)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 09:33,5/27/2011
Put $('a[data-id="randompage"]').replace('<a href="/wiki/Special:Log" title="Special:Log" accesskey="x" class="wikia-button secondary" data-id="logs">All logs</a>'); underneath the line that starts with $.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:33,5/27/2011 
So we can basically change it to any link we want?Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:35,5/27/2011
Yep. Any link can be changed into any other link.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:37,5/27/2011 

Parser Evaluation Order Edit

Hi! I made a while ago this forum and I thank you again for your answer. About my problem with the parser evaluation order, if you don't find a solution tell me so I'll know that it can't be done. Of course it's not an urgent matter, so don't worry. leviathan_89 17:36, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

Duke Nukem Wiki CSSEdit

Would it be possible for you to adjust the Duke Nukem Wiki's CSS so that it can properly display portals, like here? Darkman 4 22:42, May 30, 2011 (UTC)

This needs to be sent to Special:Contact and they will enable the portal namespace so it displays properly--GodPray  22:44,5/30/2011 
I've sent a request, but someone has said that the wiki's CSS needs to be slightly adjusted as well. Darkman 4 22:44, May 30, 2011 (UTC)
The boxes need CSS, but that's it. If you're thinking about the rail, it should be removed by default when Wikia enables the Portal: namespace for you. If it's still there after they enable the namespace, add .ns-112 #WikiaRail {display:none;} to MediaWiki:Wikia.css.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:12,5/31/2011 

Eversor Guild Wiki Edit

Hey Monchoman, can you or someone else in the know take a look at our CSS page and change the background for the edit box back to white and the text to black (such as appears here when editing?) We borrowed a CSS page from another wiki to help get the Scrolling center area, and somehow in the mix our background changed to black. I've tried changing it to white using the Theme Designer but to no avail, and I've tried changing the html color codes on the CSS page where it looked like it would take, but still nothing has changed. It's currently black with/grey text and talk about tough to see! Thanks so much for helping fix this annoying issue!

We may have two different CSS pages working against each other :( so keep whichever we need, heck get rid of them all, whatever works and whatever helps!

Common CSS and Wiki CSS

Indebted,  Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Retributions Blade  04:18,6/1/2011 

In Wikia.css, change body to, and it should be fixed.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:37,6/2/2011 
That fixed it nicely! Thanks again for your consistant support and knowledge :--)

 Councellor  Talk  Contribs  Retributions Blade  17:11,6/2/2011 

Right Edit





Get this to float on right buddy:)--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:38,6/2/2011

Like that?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  11:47,6/2/2011 
yeah...thanks a lot(another user asked me for this and I didnt know how to:))--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:48,6/2/2011

Comment highlighting Edit

Can you gimme the code to highlight a specific user's comment on blogs(personal JS/CSS).Thanks:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:55,6/3/2011

Use this:
 .comments li[data-user="Username"] blockquote {background: code !important;}

 Finchelfanno1  (talk)  01:09 pm,Jun/3/11 

Slightly more complicated than the above, the code that's used to highlight staff (which you can edit) is:

div{background:transparent !important}.comments li[data-user="Sarah Manley"] blockquote{background:#ACCFEF !important}.comments li[data-user="Sarah Manley"] blockquote:after{border-color:transparent #ACCFEF #ACCFEF transparent !important}.comments li[data-user="Sarah Manley"] blockquote

I have the first code in my doesnt work:(Roranoa zoro [Talk] 13:20,6/3/2011

Well the glee wiki has them in it's MediaWiki:Wikia.css and it works except in Google chrome which shows normal users with it when only admin's comments are highlighted.  Finchelfanno1  (talk)  01:30 pm,Jun/3/11 
Hmm! It just doesnt work no matter what:(Roranoa zoro [Talk] 13:56,6/3/2011
It works fine with me. Do you use Chrome?  Finchelfanno1  (talk)  03:02 pm,Jun/3/11 
.comments li[data-user="Godisme"] blockquote {
   background: #8B0000 !important;
.comments li[data-user="Godisme"] blockquote:after {
   border-color: transparent #8B0000 #8B0000 transparent !important;
.comments li[data-user="Godisme"] blockquote div {
   background: transparent !important;
.comments li[data-user="Godisme"] blockquote {font-family:Kristen ITC !important;}
.comments li[data-user="Godisme"] blockquote {color:#FFF000 !important;}

The first three .comments are for highlighting, the fourth is for font and the last is for font color.--GodPray  16:41,6/3/2011 

Hmm! I added the code and I'm waiting for the effect to take place..@F1:I use FF and Safari.Thanks anyway guys:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 14:55,6/4/2011

Forum Problems on the Hogwarts RPG Edit

Hi, I'm having problems with 2 forums on the Hogwarts RPG Wiki. If you see here, 2 forums say that they were never edited but there are some, if you look here, they were edited. Could you help? Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:54, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

Oh, and the same on the Forum:Index. Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:55, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

I was able to make Forum:Summary1 for Care of Magical Creatures work, using this page (which you can delete now). I'm not sure why it won't work for the other pages you have in Category:Summary1 for Care of Magical Creatures, but I think that putting Template:Forumheader/Summary1 for Care of Magical Creatures on those pages will make them show up. If you don't want the banner at the top, you can remove it from the template or hide it with <span style="display:none;">.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  16:58,6/4/2011 
I believe the pages must be in the Forum namespace also. - Tjcool007 (Talk / Contribs) 17:02, June 4, 2011 (UTC)
I didn't notice that - yes, those pages must be in the forum namespace. Alternatively, you can go to the forum list page and delete namespace=Forum, although for organizational purposes it's probably better to have them as forum pages.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  17:09,6/4/2011 
I was able to fix everything but the Summary1 so I deleted it. Thanks for your help! Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 17:24, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

Small Text Problem on the Hogwarts RPG Edit

Hi, I have another thing I hope to get your help on. On the Hogwarts RPG, Shooting Starz's talk page's writing is small once you get to the bottom. I was looking at it and the small writing starts right under this. The page is too small to be archived and I don't think we should take off the template. Could you help? Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 21:43, June 4, 2011 (UTC)

I see all the writing normal sized. What browser are you using?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  21:52,6/4/2011 
I'm using Safari. Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 21:59, June 4, 2011 (UTC)
I changed to Explorer and now I see it fine. I told Shooting Starz to try updating her browser and/or archiving her talk page. Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 22:16, June 4, 2011 (UTC)
Archiving the talk page won't fix the problem, just isolate it. It also may help to not use <font> tags, which are deprecated.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:46,6/5/2011 

View on the Hogwarts RPG Edit

Hi Monchoman45,

If you go here, you'll see Bureaucrat Admin underlined at the very top of the user page. (On the same line as the user name.) How do you do that on the Hogwarts RPG? Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 12:34, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

That would appear to be the PHP. I checked through all of the admins' pages for any sort of hook, and came up empty handed. It may be part of the new userpage layout, which is worse than the old one in a few respects. So instead, put this in your MediaWiki:Common.js:
function AdminUserpageHeader() {
	$('head').append('<style type="text/css">\n/* From UserProfilePage.scss */\n.WikiaUserPagesHeader .user-groups{*display:inline-block;float:right;margin:7px 5px 0 0}.WikiaUserPagesHeader .user-groups:after{content:".";display:block;height:0;clear:both;visibility:hidden}.WikiaUserPagesHeader .user-groups li{font-size:11px;font-weight:bold;background-image:url(;background-position:0px 14px;background-repeat:repeat-x;float:left;height:20px;margin-right:7px}.WikiaUserPagesHeader .user-groups li span{text-decoration:none;color:#3a3a3a;}\n</style>');
	$('#WikiaUserPagesHeader h1').after('<ul class="user-groups"></ul>');
	if(wgPageName == 'User:Head.Boy.Hog' || wgPageName == 'User:Another admin' || wgPageName == 'User:Another admin') {
		$('.user-groups').prepend('<li><span title="This user is an Admin on this wiki">Admin</span></li>');
	if(wgPageName == 'User:Head.Boy.Hog' || wgPageName == 'User:Another admin' || wgPageName == 'User:Another admin') {
		$('.user-groups').prepend('<li><span title="This user is a Bureaucrat on this wiki">Bureaucrat</span></li>');

That'll give you exactly the same thing. You'll need to add each admin's and each bureaucrat's name to their respective if()s in the way that they're there now.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:33,6/5/2011 
I'll do that. Thanks! Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:43, June 5, 2011 (UTC)
It's okay, we don't need it since we're going to get more users and we'd need a lot more admins, rollbacks and bureaucrats. Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:55, June 5, 2011 (UTC)

MediaWiki:Edittools Edit

Is it possible to customize those tools using personal JS/CSS?--Roranoa zoro [Talk] 13:03,6/6/2011

Yes. What would you want to add/change/remove?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  23:06,6/6/2011 
Nothing!I just wanted to know if it was possible:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:28,6/7/2011

Forum Problem on the Hogwarts RPG Edit

I have a problem with Forum:Fairy Lesson for Care of Magical Creatures on the Hogwarts RPG, it says "DPL:Too few categories". Could you help? Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:36, June 6, 2011 (UTC)

Fixed. You were using : instead of =.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:39,6/7/2011 
Thanks! Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 22:32, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

Inter Wikia Pics (On different Wikis) Edit

You know how you can add [[w:c:WIKI DOMAIN:PAGE NAME]] to a page to add a link to another Wiki's page? Well can you do [[File:w:c:WIKI DOMAIN:PAGE NAME|PIC SIZE]] to add a picture from another Wiki? Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:59, June 9, 2011 (UTC)

Nope, the File call will search for a pic on the wiki starting with w:c: then--GodPray  00:04,6/10/2011 
And [[w:c:doamin:File:Picture|size]] will simply link to File:Picture on domain, and display the text size. You can put just the full url of the picture on the page, but it won't link or be in a thumbnail like a regular picture. However, it might be possible to mimic some of the ways files are handled with a template.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:22,6/10/2011 

Summary dropdowns Edit

You get a dropdown menu of summaries while editing the Runescape wikia,can I have the code for my JS/CSS..that would be very helpful for me:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 11:48,6/10/2011

You might want to ask the Runescape Wiki admins. I can't access Runescape Wiki from where I am now.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:49,6/10/2011 
You at school?Roranoa zoro [Talk] 12:51,6/10/2011
Yep. Only one more week, luckily.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:52,6/10/2011 
I sorta figured it out...Can you access my JS?...I get the dropdown bar but no content!Roranoa zoro [Talk] 13:05,6/10/2011
Can you link it?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:50,6/11/2011 
My JS? zoro [Talk] 11:22,6/11/2011
Think you missed my messageRoranoa zoro [Talk] 14:07,6/13/2011
Yes you did!Roranoa zoro [Talk] 15:14,6/14/2011

(unindent) Sorry, time's been tight recently. The code is trying to load Template:Stdsummaries, which obviously won't exist on most wikis. You'll probably want to get the HTML from Runescape Wiki's template, and then hardcode it into the JS by replacing "HTML" at the bottom with the HTML from the template:

$(function() {
	var $label = $('#wpSummaryLabel');
	if (!$label.size()) {
	$combo = $('<select />').attr('id', 'stdSummaries').change(function() {
		var val = $(this).val();
		if (val != '') {
	$label.prepend('<br />').prepend($combo).prepend('Summaries: ');

Hopefully that'll work, I took out the whole Ajax function which looked like it had a calibrating step in it, although I don't think it's necessary.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  15:27,6/14/2011 

Thanks!..check out my JS,and see if what I've done is right(It doesnt work).Roranoa zoro [Talk] 15:37,6/14/2011

JS Help Edit

Hi Moncho, I have the following wiki link: '{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}&action=edit'. How would this be written in JS, and how could the result of this be used in a html link tag?

   ǝsʞpɐןǝ  (message wall)  18:41, 10/06/2011

href="/index.php?title=' + wgPageName + '&action=edit" Rappy 19:30, June 10, 2011 (UTC)
<a href="/index.php?title=' + wgPageName + '&action=edit">Text</a>, if you want the whole thing. And here's a list of the variables you're most likely to want to use for stuff, as they would be for you on the page Forum:Community Central Forum:
Variable Output
wgPageName Forum:Community_Central_Forum
wgTitle Community Central Forum
wgCanonicalNamespace Forum
wgSiteName Community Central
wgUserName Eladkse
wgUserGroups ['*', 'user', 'autoconfirmed', 'emailconfirmed']
There are a few more technical ones and a few convenience ones, but you can do most of the things you'd want with those.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:50,6/11/2011 

Underline titles Edit

Hello there, how do I change the colors and thickness of the lines under the titles within an article? I'd also like to have lines under each subtitles. Good example here. I'd like a stronger and thicker grey under "Features" and a line under "Reception and control complexes" as well. Klow 13:17, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

You must use this:
h1 { border-bottom:XXpx solid #808080; margin-bottom:XXpx; }

Just replace h1 with the particular headline number (h1, h2, h3, h4 and h5) and replace "XX" with their values.  Finchelfanno1 (talk / contribs)|02:27 pm,Jun/13/11 

That works but not only for the article titles. So even the wiki logo is underlined. Plus that it doesn't work for the "==" titles. Klow 15:08, June 13, 2011 (UTC)
Like Finchelfanno said, replace h1 with the header type you want to change. == is h2 === is h3, etc. Try
.WikiaArticle h2, .WikiaArticle h3 { border-bottom:XXpx solid #808080; }
Rappy 15:50, June 13, 2011 (UTC)

Particular CSS not working in MediaWiki:Wikia.css Edit

Hi Monchoman! I figured if anyone could answer this question it would be you! On our wiki, we like the edit window to have a red background if the page being edited is fully protected. This acts to remind Administrators that they are editing a fully protected page and to take care. You can see an example here. The following is the CSS that we use in MediaWiki:Monobook.css where it works perfectly:

/* Protected Pages Edit Window: Red Background */
.mw-textarea-protected { 
    background: #FFD8D8;
    border: 1px solid #b22222;
/* END Protected Pages Edit Window: Red Background */

N.B. The above code was changed to the new better code. Original input is here. — SpikeToronto 6:43PM EDT, June 17, 2011

Unfortunately, it does not work in Oasis, despite the code also being in MediaWiki:Wikia.css. I thought that it would at least work when one is editing in Source mode. But, it does not. The only thing I can guess is that the editing area in the RTE is called something other than .mw-textarea-protected. Any ideas how to get it to work in Oasis? Thanks! — SpikeToronto 5:06AM EDT, June 17, 2011

I'd disable the RTE in your preferences under editing. While it is possible to color the RTE background, it's a pain to find the correct reference, as the RTE is a giant mess, in its abilities, its coding, its structure, and its numerous errors. You also don't need all the namespace classes in the CSS - .mw-textarea-protected {background:#ffd8d8; border:1px solid #b22222;} does the same thing as what you have there.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:28,6/17/2011 
This is because Wikia dropped the ball with the RTE and didn't forward the original classes to the RTE text field. From the looks of it, there is no way to do what you want with the RTE other than with JS to see if the hidden original text field (source mode) exists and to color .cke_text (whatever the class is) with the color you want. Might want to Special:Contact the fact that those classes are lost when using the RTE. Rappy 17:10, June 17, 2011 (UTC)
Thank you both for your input! I thought that there might be a way to at least change it in source mode. But, now that I read both of your responses, I see that that is not easily possible. We are trying to reduce the need for users to have to rely on Monobook, of which this is only one aspect, and so are looking for ways to provide the same overall functionality in Oasis. Regarding Special:Contact, in reviewing the new RTE, I did mention it to staff. They indicated that they understood the comment, but I do not know if they’re working on it. Thanks again! — SpikeToronto 6:43PM EDT, June 17, 2011

Bot Request1 Edit

Hello, I made this topic back in May '11 asking if a bot can mass delete images. I wanted to know if you had time to clear out the first set of images. I did not create the Category they occupy; the images are linking by template so is that going to be a problem?

-- Bunai82 (talk) 23:59, June 17, 2011 (UTC)

IIrc, Moncho only has AWB, which cannot delete images.--GodPray  00:02,6/18/2011 
I can delete the images using pybot, so you want all images in that category gone? --CharitwoTalk 00:04, June 18, 2011 (UTC)
oh, I didn't know they do different actions ^_^;;
Yes, if possible all the images specifically with that category. Note, there is another of a similar name, but those images are to remain because they are sorted. -- Bunai82 (talk) 00:15, June 18, 2011 (UTC)

(outdent) AWB can delete if you have admin privileges on the wiki. From the manual:

Delete — For administrators use only. Allows you to delete a page. Upon pressing this button, a window appears asking for a summary of the change, which is then confirmed by pressing delete again.
Hope that helps. — SpikeToronto 9:20PM EDT, June 17, 2011

I have AWB and my JS based script, which is capable of deleting images, although currently as it uses api.php it can only delete pages (or images) in a category. I just skimmed through api.php again and it looks like there isn't a module for unused images - although they can still be yanked out of index.php. However, the category you linked above is empty, so has this been resolved?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:41,6/18/2011 
@Monchoman45, yes, it has been resolved, although I do have another set that needs deletion. What would I need to do? -- Bunai82 (talk) 18:46, June 18, 2011 (UTC)
If they're already categorized, you only need to sysop User:Monchbot and I can delete them for you. If not, you probably want to get Charitwo again, as it'll take me some time to get my bot to be able to delete things from Special:UnusedFiles.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  18:48,6/18/2011 
Thanks. However, this isn't about Special:UnusedFiles ^_^ there are files I need, some are just numerous. This is about deleting images that are sorted by the "None selected" template. Sorry if my explanation wasn't clear.
Here is Category2. The first images you should see is cards and a top hat. ^_^; its not gonna go nuts is it? lol -- Bunai82 (talk) 05:39, June 19, 2011 (UTC)
Done. You can desysop the bot now, unless you've got another category you want deleted.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:40,6/19/2011 
Thank you ^_^ very clean. I'll see if there is anything else in need of removal and get back to you. If not, I will comment when I remove the bot. -- Bunai82 (talk) 16:24, June 19, 2011 (UTC)
Here is Category3. The first images you should see is a mood bubble and a top hat. For this you can delete the template with the rest of the images. -- Bunai82 (talk) 21:08, June 19, 2011 (UTC)
Done. That category was a lot bigger than I thought it would be - taught me a thing or two about large queries that I'll have to change in my script later. ~Monchbot (Contribs | Monchoman45 | Talk) 22:58, June 6, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks again. I should have counted the amount of images ^_^; I'll release Monchbot, as I think I need Charitwo for the last one. -- Bunai82 (talk) 23:42, June 19, 2011 (UTC)
I believe the number was 851, which it attempted to delete all at once. Bad processing on my part.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  23:52,6/19/2011 

global.js Edit

I can't get to my global.js page. How do you do it. I did your blog instructions but it didn't work.kangaroopowahTalk 01:04, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

Special:Mypage/global.js--GodPray  01:05,6/20/2011 
Hey, Godi, that's my global.js page! Oh wait... Rappy 01:07, June 20, 2011 (UTC)
ThankskangaroopowahTalk 01:13, June 20, 2011 (UTC)
Oh Rappy, I had no idea, so sorry :)--GodPray  01:14,6/20/2011 

Signature HelpEdit

Hello! I was wondering if you could help me add the time stamp to my signature. I edit many wikis so please leave me a message on my talk. Technology Wizard ·Contribs· ~Talk~ ·E-Mail· 04:45, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

followed pages Edit

in your blog you had a way to add contribs to the drop down menu in the upper right corner. But can you add blogs and/or delete followed pages? Thanks--kangaroopowahTalk 15:27, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

For blogs:
function UserBlogsMenuItem() {
	$('.AccountNavigation li:first-child .subnav li:first-child').after('<li><a href="/wiki/User_blog:' + wgUserName + '">Blogs</a></li>');
For editing followed pages:
function WatchlistMenuItem() {
	$('.AccountNavigation .subnav li a[href="/wiki/Special:Following"]').replaceWith('<li><a href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist/raw">Edit watchlist</a></li>');
 Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  16:11,6/20/2011 
Sorry I meant I wanted to delete followed pages.(corrected typo) can you do this?kangaroopowahTalk 21:53, June 20, 2011 (UTC)
Updated code above. It'll link to the page that lets you add or remove pages from your watchlist. If you mean deleting the actual pages, you'd need a bot for that.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  22:21,6/20/2011 '
umm I meant can you delete followed pages from the drop down menu?--kangaroopowahTalk 23:46, June 20, 2011 (UTC)
Do you mean unfollow a page?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  23:48,6/20/2011 
Moncho, I think he means removing the followed pages link from the drop down menu by your name at the top.--GodPray  23:52,6/20/2011 
Exactly, thanks GodsimekangaroopowahTalk 23:58, June 20, 2011 (UTC)
Ah. In that case, use this:
function WatchlistMenuItem() {
	$('.AccountNavigation .subnav li a[href="/wiki/Special:Following"]').parent().remove();
 Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  23:59,6/20/2011 
Thanks--kangaroopowahTalk 00:02, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
My bad - updated the above code. The previous one will probably look bad.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:26,6/21/2011 

Special:Watchlist & re-ordering AccountNavigation Edit

(Reset indent)  As a slight change to the question so far, if I want to change to a true watchlist option, is the following correct?

function WatchlistMenuItem() {
	$('.AccountNavigation .subnav li a[href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist"]').parent().remove();

The only thing I’m not sure of is, how do I change the text in the AccountNavigation dropdown menu to say Watchlist instead of Following? Thanks! — SpikeToronto 11:25AM EDT, June 21, 2011

UPDATE: I ended up trying this:

// Add Watchlist to AccountNavigation in the Wikia skin

function WatchlistMenuItem() {
	$('ul.AccountNavigation li:first-child ul.subnav li:first-child').after('<li><a href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist/'+ encodeURIComponent (wgUserName) +'">Watchlist</a></li>');

// END Add Watchlist to AccountNavigation in the Wikia skin

It did not work. So where did in-the-dark me go wrong? Thanks! — SpikeToronto 11:54AM EDT, June 21, 2011

$('<li><a href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist/'+ encodeURIComponent(wgUserName) +'">Watchlist</a></li>').insertAfter('.AccountNavigation .subnav li:first-child');
Rappy 17:22, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks Rappy! It works! Is there anyway to change the order of things in the dropdown for AccountNavigation? I’d like to change the position of the new item. Thanks! — SpikeToronto 2:32AM EDT, June 22, 2011
You can easily place it anywhere in that list. Just let me know what is in your list (provided it's not standard) and where you'd want it placed. Rappy 20:08, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

(Reset indent)  My current order is:

  • My talk
  • Watchlist
  • My contributions
  • Followed pages
  • My preferences
  • Help
  • Log out

I think I would like to change it to:

  • My talk
  • My preferences
  • My contributions
  • Watchlist
  • Followed pages
  • Help
  • Log out

I was thinking that we could create a separate file called something like User:Username/accountNav.js that would contain all of one’s personal changes to the AccountNavigation dropdown, which one would then import into one’s global.js with the following:

// AccountNavigation re-order
importScriptPage('User:Username/accountNav.js', 'wiki-with-actual-file');
// END AccountNavigation re-order

That way one’s global.js would not get all cluttered. What do you think? Thanks! — SpikeToronto

$(function AddNavigationLinks() {
  $('<li><a href="/wiki/Special:Contributions/'+ encodeURIComponent(wgUserName) +'">My contributions</a></li><li><a href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist/'+ encodeURIComponent(wgUserName) +'">Watchlist</a></li><li><a href="/wiki/Special:Following">Followed pages</a></li>').insertAfter($('.AccountNavigation .subnav li a[data-id="preferences"]').parent());
With this block of code, you can get rid of the code to add contributions and followed pages to the Account Navigation. This code adds all 3 at once. Rappy 03:40, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
That’s great Rappy! Does it not need a addOnloadHook statement of some sort at the end? Thanks! — SpikeToronto 04:48, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
Moncho does the addOnloadHook() thing... I don't. The code is virtually the same they just differ slightly in how they load. If you want the code written to use the hook, I can change it over. Rappy 06:30, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
This is very interesting! What are the pros/cons of writing it to use the hook? Thanks! — SpikeToronto 07:15, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
I think I read somewhere that if an addOnloadHook(); fails, it causes the rest of the JS file to not load (or I am backwards) Monchoman said it, I believe and I hope he responds here. In the end, it's my habitual coding style to avoid the addOnloadHook(); in favor of $(document).ready(function() *shrug* Rappy 19:07, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
Yes, a fatal error in a function in addOnloadHook(); bubbles up to the runOnloadHook(); function, thus causing the error to terminate it. Or, in simple terms, if you put something in addOnloadHook and it breaks, it breaks the rest of the stuff in addOnloadHook. The reason why I still use it anyway instead of $(function) is because I can't predict the running order of $(function). addOnloadHook() starts at the top of the page and goes to the bottom, so if you want to be sure a function is run after another, put it underneath the first. $(function) also requires jQuery, which has had loading problems in the past, and as such I avoid it (unless I'm being lazy). I think addOnloadHook(); waits 200ms before running it's functions, but you probably won't notice that - it's only a fifth of a second. And, for the record, that 200ms isn't the normal delay you see between when the page loads and when your JS works, because the page hasn't actually loaded at that point and elements are still being registered to the DOM; were your JS to run in before that it would likely explode because it wouldn't find the elements it's looking for, as technically they don't exist yet.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  21:01,6/23/2011 

(Reset indent)  Thanks for the explanations! WoW! I learned a lot from both of those responses. Would either of you mind coding with addOnloadHook so I can see how one is coded versus how the other is done? If it’s not too much trouble … :) Thanks! — SpikeToronto 05:30, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

function AddNavigationLinks() {
	$('<li><a href="/wiki/Special:Contributions/'+ encodeURIComponent(wgUserName) +'">My contributions</a></li><li><a href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist/'+ encodeURIComponent(wgUserName) +'">Watchlist</a></li><li><a href="/wiki/Special:Following">Followed pages</a></li>').insertAfter($('.AccountNavigation .subnav li a[data-id="preferences"]').parent());
To touch on what Moncho said... addOnloadHook(); will load in that order and so will a $(function). Ordering is the same down the page. You can always just name a function and not addOnloadHook() it... Define all your functions in your JS then have a $(function) at the bottom that loads them all. See the bottom of... WoW Wiki's JS. All functions on that page are simply defined and run as a whole (in the order specified) in the $(function) at the bottom. You can simply call the functions you want inside. To simplify, if you wanted to simply declare your function, you'd add...
function AddNavigationLinks() {
	$('<li><a href="/wiki/Special:Contributions/'+ encodeURIComponent(wgUserName) +'">My contributions</a></li><li><a href="/wiki/Special:Watchlist/'+ encodeURIComponent(wgUserName) +'">Watchlist</a></li><li><a href="/wiki/Special:Following">Followed pages</a></li>').insertAfter($('.AccountNavigation .subnav li a[data-id="preferences"]').parent());
to your JS file without the addOnloadHook();. The function will be declared, but never run. Then at the bottom of your page, you can do...
$(function () {
This tells the JS file to run those 3 functions when the page loads in that particular order... regardless of the order the functions were declared in the JS file. $(function) is the same as $(document).ready(function ()) which means "only load this when the document is ready" ... essentially the same as an addOnloadHook();. What it boils down to in the end, I think, is simply preference. $(function) is less overall code and, to me, looks cleaner in the file. Hope some of this helps. Rappy 16:18, June 24, 2011 (UTC)
Thank you so much for this Rappy! I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner, but this is a lot of stuff and I want to spend more time working on it before I follow up with you. WoW! It’s like having my own private tutor! — SpikeToronto 04:07, June 27, 2011 (UTC)
You're absolutely right! I should start charging for lessons! You're bill is in the mail. Rappy 04:09, June 27, 2011 (UTC)
I should warn you, it’s notoriously difficult to collect on international debts. Why don’t you bill me, and then write it off as uncollectable, or bad, debt?! SmileySpikeToronto 04:19, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

(Reset indent)  Thanks Rappy! It makes sense now. I think I prefer the addOnloadHook method. I am more likely to realize that a script in the JS files is broken if it causes everything after it to also not load because that means a lot of scripts failing to load, which I should notice! Also, I like to place each script in a separate sub-page in the MediaWiki namespace and then import them into the appropriate MediaWiki JS files. It just seems to fit my brain better to have each thing load right after it is defined. Finally, when I want to stop a script from loading, I need only place a // in front of the import statement. Thanks again for the lesson! Of course, this does not mean that I am any closer to being able to write my own code … — SpikeToronto 21:52, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

The thing with that is... you can do it either way. If you load all your JS with my method, you can easily call the function at the bottom by name. This is the same as your addOnloadHook(); method. I despise loading code into JS the way you do because of the placement of files. Loading code is good if it's in a central location and the code is loaded several places (IE, code that is loaded on a LOT of wikis). Just having the code in a separate file and imported into another, to me, isn't beneficial. It requires the editor to view/edit that separate file individually to achieve what could have been edited with one edit in the JS file. I'd only do it your way if it was sensitive code and I'd hide it in a User JS file so it's not editable.
You can place code like:
$(function () {
like I mentioned above and still be able to // comment them out in the main file. All in all, it's a manner of preference as one method isn't superior to the other. As they say, to each their own. Rappy 23:09, July 10, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, but you cannot comment it out with only one set of // if the entire script is in the main JS file. Also, by having the scripts in the sub-files, it makes the main file so neat and tidy instead of being cluttered … like my brain … Thanks! — SpikeToronto 05:34, July 12, 2011 (UTC)
$(function () {
//	ThisFunctionToo();
ThisFunctionToo(); isn't loaded now =) Rappy 05:41, July 12, 2011 (UTC)
Oh, I see you what you mean! Thanks! Now how about taking a look at this … towards the end of the thread … :) Thanks! — SpikeToronto 06:10, July 12, 2011 (UTC)

SigReal for All Wikis Edit

If I were to do what you said at User:Monchoman45/SigReal and I were on the Hogwarts Roleplay Wiki and used ~~~, would it use the signature set up using your instructions? Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 22:53, June 21, 2011 (UTC)

As long as you have the username subpages on that wiki then yes.--GodPray  22:59,6/21/2011 
So you created a subpage for your sig on every wiki you edited on? Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:22, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
Yes.--GodPray  23:23,6/21/2011 
And if I were to do it the way Monchoman45 said to do it on his subpage, would I have to name it /SigReal? Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:26, June 21, 2011 (UTC)
You can name it whatever you want, as long as you change the template call on the /Sig page.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:48,6/22/2011 
Thanks! Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:15, June 23, 2011 (UTC)

monobook buttons Edit

I installed the js for swiching between monobook and vector but can you make the change permanent until you click on a button again cuz after you go to another page it switches to oasis. Also can you do if then statements in js. Thanks--kangaroopowahTalk 03:03, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

Making the change permanent is much more complicated; if you want to make it permanent you should just change it in your preferences. As for if statements in JS, this is the syntax:
if(condition) {
	Code if true (or then)
else {
	Code if false
 Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:36,6/22/2011 
Look up the code for setCookie and getCookie (I believe Moncho has it in his global.js) and set a cookie for the option when the button is clicked. Then have your code reference that cookie to find out which skin to display. Rappy 20:03, June 22, 2011 (UTC)
Knowing which skin to display is the easy part - it's making sure it always displays that's hard.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  20:14,6/22/2011 

Disabling Visual Mode Edit

I'm afraid that after the new editor graduates from Wikia Labs - Wikia will roll it out globally!!!! And anyways if they also ignore our feedback!!!!!! So just incase they roll it out globally. Is there some js or css codes that can disable it? Since I have been editing Wiki Farms and Wikmedia in 2008 (wasn't in Wikia til' July 2009) and it's only Wikia that has RTE and Visual thingy. And RTE is ok because source mode isn't affected at all. But the VISUAL MODE ----> They dared to touch source mode and it was a disaster for them. So again, is there css/js codes to disable visual mode just incase Wikia rolls it out globally?

--.Nobody Cares .TalkContribs. 10:17, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

NC: Can I point out that source mode can still be used with the new editing interface? It's just the position of some buttons and features that have changed... otherwise it's fundamentally the same. The 888th Avatar (talk) 10:25, June 22, 2011 (UTC)
It is functionally different by Wikia's definition of function. Source mode works the same, yes, but there are other concerns to be addressed. Yes, it is possible to disable with JS, but editing windows are not simple and it will take time to get it to work.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:46,6/22/2011 
You know, I find the new editor’s source mode to be closer to editing in Monobook than the current Oasis editor’s source mode. For instance, in Monobook, our wiki copies Wikipedia by having the text edit area for fully protected pages (i.e., those that only Administrators can edit) be red (see above). Well, it never worked in the current Oasis editor. But, it seems to be working in the new Oasis editor. What worries me is this talk in the new editor blog in which it is said that they are going to be working on the system messages that the system uses. We have a great set of system messages in our wiki’s MediaWiki namespace, some of which already do not appear in the current Oasis editor. The last thing we want is to have even more of them disabled. — SpikeToronto
I'm talking about disabling it on a whole Wiki for Oasis. And I don't use monobook.
--.Nobody Cares .TalkContribs. 03:24, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
If you disable it on the whole wiki via CSS/JS in the MediaWiki namespace, you would be violating Wikia’s Terms of Use. To disable it for yourself, there is a tickbox in Special:Preferences. Under the Editing tab, untick the box labelled “Enable Rich Text Editor.” — SpikeToronto 04:39, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
It ain't violating TOU due to the fact that LyricWiki did it.
--.Nobody Cares .TalkContribs. 07:53, June 23, 2011 (UTC)
Again, how do I disable it when Wikia rolls it out globally?
--.Nobody Cares .TalkContribs. 10:00, June 23, 2011 (UTC)

(Reset indent) I have already disabled RTE for me and I use source mode but the new editor still appears for me on some wikis. So no one cannot disable the editor by checking/unchecking "Enable RTE" on preference.  Finchelfanno1 (talk / contribs)|10:24 am,Jun/23/11 

Disabling the RTE for the whole wiki with JS is a ToU violation. LyricWiki got it that way with Special:Contact. You can disable it for yourself, but the code is complex as the edit window is generated by PHP.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:00,6/23/2011 
Hmm.. If that is so then I just sent it on Special:Contact for permission, just sent it a while ago, just needs a reply later.
--.Nobody Cares .TalkContribs. 02:14, June 24, 2011 (UTC)
You should first establish that there is a consensus on your wiki to disable the RTE. It cannot be just because one user does not like it. For those wikis that had it disabled by Wikia Staff, it was because they were actually experiencing wiki-wide technical problems with the RTE. — SpikeToronto 05:25, June 24, 2011 (UTC)
It's not because I dislike it, it's because it's best for Songpedia, most articles on Songpedia can't be edited in RTE, which makes RTE useless, also, editing in RTE is very hard on an average Songpedia page, and even if you could edit the page with RTE, the whole page will get messed up. Oh and I just got notified that wikis without RTE will have source mode in visual edition, but not the visual RTE.
--.Nobody Cares .TalkContribs. 08:45, June 24, 2011 (UTC)
Sounds like you should have no problem making a case for turning off the RTE wiki-wide on your wiki. We have activated the new editor on our wiki and the source mode is great! You’ll like it. — SpikeToronto 09:25, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

Featured Wikian Edit

You have a nomination to be a Featured Wikian here and I wanted to reach out and see if you'd be willing to answer a few questions. Check out a sample interview here, and email me at sena at if you're interested in participating.
Sena@fandom 17:42, June 22, 2011 (UTC)

SigReal for All Wikis/New Question Edit

Can you just add w: before SUBST: in your preferences so you don't have to create the subpage on every wiki you edit on. Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:50, June 23, 2011 (UTC)

No, you're not allowed to transclude your sig interwiki, because it's a server strain.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:11,6/24/2011 
Is there any other way to do it? Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:09, June 24, 2011 (UTC)
No, you have to copy the code to each wiki you go to.--GodPray  23:12,6/24/2011 
Do you have to make both a /SigReal and a /Sig on each wiki you go to or just /Sig on every wiki but Central. (making a /Sig on every wiki you go to but make both a /SigReal and a /Sig on Central only) Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 20:23, June 26, 2011 (UTC)
You need both on each. There's no way around it, unfortunately.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  20:36,6/26/2011 

Your js Edit

I took a look at your js bu it was kinda confusing. Can you please tell me what you have on there so I can see if I want any features. You don't have to but it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, kangaroopowahTalk 00:39, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

I have a lot of different scripts in there for a lot of different reasons - scripts of note include my experimental bot script and skin, my width increase, extra buttons, and custom rollbacks. I can explain certain functions if you'd like, but the file as a whole is fairly complicated.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:07,6/24/2011 
Could you explain the custom rollback's code and how the rollbacks are custom. Also can I help betatest your bot script. Thanks,--kangaroopowahTalk 02:13, June 24, 2011 (UTC)
The script, for reference:
function CustomRollbacks() {
        var Buttons = [{
                text: 'spam',
                title: 'Revert spam',
                summary: 'Reverted [[w:c:help:Help:Spam|spam]]',
                loadtalk: false
        }, {
                text: 'vandalism',
                title: 'Revert vandalism',
                summary: 'Reverted [[w:c:help:Help:Vandalism|vandalism]]',
                loadtalk: false
        }, {
                text: 'null',
                title: 'Revert with no summary',
                summary: ' &bot=1', //This one has no summary, and flags it as a bot edit
                loadtalk: false
        var list = document.getElementsByTagName('span');
        for(i in list) {
                if(list[i].className == 'mw-rollback-link') {
                        var link = list[i];
                        var rollback = link.innerHTML;
                        for(j in Buttons) {
                                var customlink = document.createElement('span');
                                customlink.innerHTML = rollback;
                                customlink.className = 'customrollback'; //we do this to avoid an infinite loop, because when we insert a <span> into the DOM, the list variable includes it
                                customlink.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].title = Buttons[j].title;
                                customlink.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].href += '&summary=' + Buttons[j].summary;
                                customlink.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].innerHTML = Buttons[j].text;
                                if(Buttons[j].loadtalk == true) {customlink.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].className = 'loadtalk';}
                                if(urlQuery('action') == 'history') {
                                        link.parentNode.insertBefore(customlink, link.nextSibling);
                                        customlink.outerHTML = ' | ' + customlink.outerHTML;
                                else {
                                        customlink.outerHTML = ' ' + customlink.outerHTML;
        for(i in list) { //why another one of these? we're fixing the class that we set to avoid an infinite loop
                if(list[i].className == 'customrollback') {
                        list[i].className = 'mw-rollback-link';
        /* Grunny's function for opening up a user's talkpage when rollbacking ( */
        $( '.mw-rollback-link .loadtalk' ).click( function (e) {
                var $rblink = $( this );
                $.ajax( {
                        url: $rblink.attr( 'href' ),
                        success: function () {
                                var     user = $rblink.attr( 'href' ).replace( /.*[&?]from=([^&]*).*/, '$1' ).replace( /\+/g, '_' ),
                                        newurl = wgServer + wgArticlePath.replace( '$1', 'User_talk:' + user + '?action=edit&section=new' );
                                location.href = newurl;
                        error: function () {
                                $rblink.text( function ( i, val ) {
                                        return val + ' [failed]';
                                } );           
                } );
        } );
The custom rollbacks have a special summary on them, different from the default summary. var Buttons is the list of custom rollbacks, the three I have are for spam, vandalism, and a blank summary. Each object in the array is a button, adding more objects would add more buttons. It works by taking each normal rollback, stealing the token, and pasting it again once for each button, with the summary appended to the end of the URL. The bottom piece is Grunny's function for preloading talk pages after rollbacking.
As for the bot script, you can use it, but be careful - it's still quite buggy. Adding importScriptURI(''); to your JS will enable it at Special:B3. It currently only accepts a skimpy code format which isn't documented, so I'll add instructions to it soon.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:38,6/24/2011 

I inputted the custom rollbacks. So how do you use them. also how did you make a special page. Thanks, --kangaroopowahTalk 04:00, June 24, 2011 (UTC)

The rollbacks should appear next to the default rollback link. Clicking one will perform a normal rollback action, and leave the custom summary behind. If you have AjaxRC, you'll have to add the custom rollbacks to the callback array for them to show up. As for the special page, it doesn't actually exist - I used JS to replace the "No such special page" message with the bot interface.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  23:26,6/24/2011 
Umm you lost me at Ajax. How do you add them? Thanks. Tell me if I'm bugging youkangaroopowahTalk 00:30, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
Just the script should do. They should appear next to the normal rollback links.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:31,6/25/2011 
Didn't see the links. Is it in a page's history or a user's contribs. Thanks,kangaroopowahTalk 01:11, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
What browser are you using? They should appear in RecentChanges, on history pages, on diffs, and in user's contribs.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  01:12,6/25/2011 
SafarikangaroopowahTalk 01:13, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
Turns out not all browsers support the parentElement property. Luckily, parentNode should be equivalent in this case. I've updated the code above, try it again and see if they appear.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  01:31,6/25/2011 
I don't see it. Could you check my code to make sure I copied it properly. Also could you post a screenshot of how the buttons look. Thanks,kangaroopowahTalk 01:46, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
It should work now, have you cleared your cache?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  01:48,6/25/2011 
For Safari you just have to go to another page rightkangaroopowahTalk 01:50, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
Reloading the page works for Safari, yes.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  01:55,6/25/2011 
Nope, I've even done it only for my home wiki where I am an admin but it doesn't work. If you want to see if I've inputted the code properly go to kangaroopowahTalk 02:35, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
You copied it correctly, so I don't know what's wrong. I think this is a browser compatibility issue, but unfortunately I don't have Safari on this computer. I'll check the functions I've used to see if I made any mistakes, but otherwise I don't know what to tell you.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:42,6/25/2011 
ok. What browser do you use?kangaroopowahTalk 02:46, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
I use Chrome. It also works for me in Firefox.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:53,6/25/2011 

(Reset indent)  I added both the Custom Rollback script and the Rollback with Ajax to my JS. The buttons appear just fine. But, when I press any of the three of them, I see the “throbber” display, after which it says failed. The two scripts are located here and are imported to my global.js. I am running IE8. Any ideas? Thanks! — SpikeToronto 12:09, June 25, 2011 (UTC)
P.S. Cool looking buttons, by the way. — SpikeToronto

My bad. Change the Ajax script to this:
/* Rollback with Ajax - stolen from Grunny (see above) */
function SetAjaxRollback() {
	$('.mw-rollback-link').click(function(e) {
		var $rblink = $(this);
		var href = this.getElementsByTagName('a')[0].href;
		this.innerHTML = ' <img src="" style="vertical-align: baseline;" border="0" alt="Rollbacking..." />';
			url: href,
			success: function() {
				$rblink.text(function (i, val) {return val + ' [success]';});
			error: function() {
				$rblink.text(function (i, val) {return val + ' [failed]';});
And they'll work just fine.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  21:42,6/26/2011 
Works perfectly! i just can’t quite figure out the purpose of the null tab, the rollback with no explanation. In such an instance why would one not just use the regular rollback button and at least get the default edit summary? When I saw null, I thought it would mean that after the rollback, the system would not auto-save, permitting the user to enter his/her own edit summary. I guess I could change the tab to something else … like … NPA and then give it a summary … like … Intimidating behaviour/harassment … or some such. Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks again!! — SpikeToronto 04:16, June 27, 2011 (UTC)
The null one also hides it (by default, at least) from RecentChanges. You can delete the space in the summary to give it a default summary, but still hide the edit.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:53,6/27/2011 
Oh, wow! I did’t realize that that’s what it did. That’s neat! Thanks! — SpikeToronto 14:05, June 27, 2011 (UTC)

Monchofy my code Edit

So about a minute after you signed off IRC, this happened. Is there any way I can monchofy my code but so that it works for me and not anyone else like you have?--GodPray  03:23,6/25/2011 

The easiest way to do that is use "Godisme" instead of wgUserName in interface changes, because if someone else were to take your code, everything would link to your page instead of theirs. I use a cookie check on most of my addOnloadHook()s, which means that none of them are ever used unless you have the function for toggling the cookie.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  23:26,6/25/2011 

Background Image Edit


I got a problem. I'm trying to give a wikia-article on my wikia a background image. It does not work. It only shows the color.

The Code:

.WikiaArticle {
   background: url ( !important;
   background-repeat: no-repeat;
   background-position: top;
   background-color: #000;
   color: #fff;

You can find the full code here. You can find the fitting page here. Both Links are located on the Oprah Winfrey wiki.

Thank you for taking the time, and I hope you can help me out with this problem!


You have two problems in your background: url line. First, you can't have a space between the parenthesis and url, and second, you need quotes around the image url ('http://url.blah' or "http://url.blah", as opposed to http://url.blah). You can also combine the other background properties into the first statement, like so:
.WikiaArticle {
   background:#000 url('') no-repeat top !important;
That will do it. For whatever reason, it seems to leave 2 or 3 pixels of padding on either side, which I believe is because the image is just barely too narrow. You can probably fix that with some quick photoshop, however.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  17:29,6/26/2011 
Thank you so much! And thanks for the note, I thought the width of the main-article was 673 xD Thanx! Brick

custom rollbacks Edit

Ok so as you know the rollbacks don't work here but when I went to wikipedia it worked there.(I didn't do anything to my wikipedia account's js except to add twinkle-which might have caused it) Any ideas? Kangaroopowah  Talk   20:37, June 26, 2011 (UTC) Also do you know how to delete the last yellow line in my sig. Thanks, Kangaroopowah  Talk   20:41, June 26, 2011 (UTC)

Use this:
<small><span style="background-color:Saffron; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); border:1px solid #eb0; border-radius:1ex; border-right:0;"><span style="border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex;"> '''[[User:Kangaroopower|<span style="color:Green">Kangaroopowah</span>]]''' </span><span style="background-color:Saffron; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:Green; border:1px solid #eb0; border-radius:1ex;"> [[User talk:Kangaroopower|<span style="color:Green">Talk</span>]] </span></span></small>
 Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  21:49,6/26/2011 

Header categoriesEdit

Excuse me, my wiki, Hiddenlegacipedia has a problem. Two of it's categories are appearing on the top bar and I need to get them off.

CaiusElite 02:52, June 27, 2011 (UTC)CaiusElite

The top bar is stored in MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation. The two lines you want to remove are #category1# and #category2#.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:57,6/27/2011 

Reactivation of account Ngebendi. Edit


Thank you for your answer to my query to Dopp, though I must apologize for making it useless. After posting on Dopp's talk page, I realized that I acted out of punctured instead of a real desire to rejoin the wiki community. You'll agree with me, I hope, that this is a poor motivation for doing so. While appreciating your taking the time to answer, I can't take up on your suggestion. Thank you again, and best. Ngebendi

Your hacks Edit

What do your hacks do? Please answer on my talkpage. Thanks! —This unsigned comment is by TheBen10Mazter (wallcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

My hacks add some extra functionality to chat, including slash commands (like /afk and /kickban). Ultimately, they will be able to create multiuser private chats, and other interesting features. Currently, however, they don't work, because I have to rework them for the new version of chat.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  01:16,7/1/2011 

List of wikisEdit

Is it possible to sort those wikis in order of activities, and choose wikis which have a word in their name as :

1. math

2. penguin

Zompenguin 06:56, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

No, the list can't be sorted. You can ctrl+f for certain terms to find them in the list, or search those terms here on Central to find wikis on those topics.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:01,7/1/2011 

Moving Chat Box Down on the Hogwarts RPG Edit

Hi, I enabled the chat on the Hogwarts RPG, and since we have an external chat also, we are going to use the Wikia Chat for Out of Character and the External Chat for In Character. The problem is, their links aren't close together. Can you create a code that I can put in Common.js to move the Wikia Chat box down to above the Community Message on the Wiki Activity? Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:13, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

This will do it:
function MoveChatRail() {
	if($('.CommunityCornerModule').length > 0) {
		var module = $('.ChatModule').remove();

 Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:26,7/1/2011 
Thanks! Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 15:32, July 1, 2011 (UTC)
Do you think you could create a code that would make something like a create box right under it and when you click it, it would link to and it would say "Join XAT Chat"? (Something that would fit in Common.js? Thanks, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 15:40, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

Chat .js Edit

Hi Monchoman its me again! I just wondered if you know about a chat javascript that can help Ping the user similarly to on IRC? Thanks --N7 Talk 09:25, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Yep, that's part of my chat hacks. Just put the script here in your wikia.js or global.js, and click the "join chat" button in the rail. In the header on the left, you should see something that says "ping phrases". You can add anything to that menu, and it'll ping you if someone says it. Currently, the taskbar flash is borked, but the noise should work. You also get a bunch of slash commands which you can get a list of with /help.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:16,7/2/2011 
Awesome, got any other working chat hacks you can recommend? --N7 Talk 15:58, July 2, 2011 (UTC)
Nope, that's it. As far as I know no one else has tried changing stuff in chat, and that's the only script I have.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  16:00,7/2/2011 
ah, ok thanks bro! You sir are a legend! :D --N7 Talk 16:04, July 2, 2011 (UTC)

Wouldn't it be awesomeEdit

.....if you create a blog on your chat hacks, users would love to have 'em,since it's now on the labs..just telling by the way:)Roranoa zoro [Talk] 14:56,7/2/2011

I'd have to finish them first, but I'll definitely keep it in mind.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  15:14,7/2/2011 

Unit ConverterEdit

Hello again Monchoman45! Thanks for your help with the unit converter earlier today! However, I'd like to ask you another question. Is there a way to round the resulting number to, say, one digit? I've been pouring through the templates on Wikipedia, trying to figure out how to do this, but I haven't yet. May you please help me?

You can see the template I'm editing here. MontagnaMagica|Talk 22:06, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

Use {{#expr: converter round 1}}, where "converter" is what I gave you earlier.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  23:22,7/3/2011 

I still can't figure it out. Do I add that code to the template page, or to the article? MontagnaMagica|Talk 23:56, July 3, 2011 (UTC)

To the template page.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:18,7/4/2011 
Sorry, I still can't get it. Can you just edit the page yourself please? Template:Meters MontagnaMagica|Talk 00:36, July 4, 2011 (UTC)
Nevermind, problem solved. Thank you! MontagnaMagica|Talk 00:53, July 4, 2011 (UTC)


Thank you. The Kool Egg... That Rox... That Rox Too Well 13:14, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

Sig Help Edit

ok what am i doin wrong it worked at first with a minor problem but now it dose not work at all. please check here under the header Woolva. thats my sig now for some reson but when this did all work before the time strap you see on my user page there was also next to to custom sig when i tried 4 titles which i found weird. User:Woolva/Sig and User:Woolva/SigReal can you please take a look for me thanks . also your notice it by my titles now >  Woolva  Talk  Contribs  Empires & Allies  22:06,7/5/2011  22:06, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

If you want help, you have to post your code here as that wiki is using the new profile set up, not allowing anyone but you to edit or see the code.--GodPray  22:13,7/5/2011 
index.php?title=User:Woolva/Sig&action=raw&ctype=text/css (SigReal) - the edit action may be broken, but MediaWiki is totally fine with turning any page into CSS, for whatever reason.
On to the problem at hand; I don't see what's wrong. The sig on your wiki appears fine, but here it doesn't. What's wrong with the one on your wiki?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  22:25,7/5/2011 

oo ok sorry. i tried adding it to my user page here as well it seems to work now that i removed the content of explaining how to set the signature up :s weird. well now it shows with the wikia standard timestrap as well ie > (  Woolva  Talk  Contribs  Empires & Allies  22:28,7/5/2011  22:28, July 5, 2011 (UTC) )

SigReal code >

<small><span style="background-color:#000 ; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); border:1px solid #0f0; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; border-top-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; border-right:0;"><span style="border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex;"> '''[[User:Woolva|<span style="color:#0f0">Woolva</span>]]''' </span><span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#FFF; border:1px solid #0f0; border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex;"> [[User talk:Woolva|<span style="color:#ccc">Talk</span>]] </span><span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff"> [[Special:Contributions/Woolva|<span style="color:#ccc">Contribs</span>]] </span><span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff; border:1px solid #0f0;"> [[w:c:empiresandallies:Empires & Allies Wiki|<span style="color:#ccc">Empires & Allies</span>]] </span></span><span style="border:1px solid #0f0; border-left:0; border-top-right-radius:1ex; border-bottom-right-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topright:1ex; background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#0f0"> {{{1|}}} </span></small>

- ^ Copyed From the wikia i work on not here ( why the color is diff ) - - Sig Code >


- - Pref Code >


- Thanks.

Update as i was in a edit clash. ok what about this separate issue with the standard wikia timestrap aswell as the timestrap in the sigReal ? Thanks. —This unsigned comment is by Woolva (wallcontribs) . Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Use three tildes instead of four, and that will go away.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  22:32,7/5/2011 

Ahhh Thanks  Woolva  Talk  Contribs  Empires & Allies  22:39,7/5/2011 

More sig helpEdit

Hello again. I tried to make my signature like yours, but every time I leave a message on a line that is too long, the signature breaks in half. Look here for an example. Please reply on my talk as well as I am on various wikis. —Technology Wizard ·Contribs· ~Talk~ ·E-Mail·  22:56, 7/5/2011 

Use &nbsp; where you'd want a space or wrap the entire signature in <span style="white-space: nowrap"></span>. Rappy 23:11, July 5, 2011 (UTC)
I want the whole thing to stay together... —Technology Wizard ·Contribs· ~Talk~ ·E-Mail·  00:20, 7/6/2011 
Per Rappy, instead of Technology Wizard, use Technology&nbsp;Wizard.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  01:33,7/6/2011 
I did but for some reason, it isn't working. If you look at that page I linked, you'll see that it is still breaking up. Any other ideas? —Technology Wizard ·Contribs· ~Talk~ ·E-Mail·  02:55, 7/6/2011 
You need to use &nbsp; for the space in the timestamp as well, and you can't have a hyphen in E-Mail. You can use &nbsp; there too, or just squish it together with no space.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  03:01,7/6/2011 
Why can't you just add <br /> right before ~~~?  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  13:06,7/12/2011 

Clock on the Hogwarts RPG Edit

Hi Monchoman, I noticed that Runescape Wiki had a clock above the Random Page and Wiki Activity buttons and wanted one on the Hogwarts RPG Wiki, so I went to their Common.js and copied:

function setCookie(name, value, expires) {
	var d = new Date();
	d.setDate(d.getDate() + expires);
	document.cookie = name + '=' + escape(value) + ';path=/';

to the Common.js on the Hogwarts RPG Wiki. I then saved the page and bypassed the cache. Why isn't the clock showing? Thanks in advance for your help, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 22:59, July 7, 2011 (UTC)

That is not the code for a clock. That is a cookie function. You want the code at w:c:runescape:MediaWiki:Common.js/displayTimer.js.--GodPray  23:07,7/7/2011 
I redid it using the code at w:c:runescape:MediaWiki:Common.js/displayTimer.js but it still isn't working. Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 23:46, July 7, 2011 (UTC)
Okay, I asked another user if he saw it and he said he did so I asked him what browser he was using and he said he was using Explorer. I am using Firefox so something is wrong. Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 00:19, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

(Reset indent)  Further to this, I would like to add the following to our clock code on our wiki:

if (skin == 'oasis') {
    var timerParent = document.getElementById( 'WikiHeader' ).getElementsByTagName( 'div' )[0];
  if (skin == 'monobook') {
    var timerParent = document.getElementById( 'p-personal' ).getElementsByTagName( 'ul' )[0];

The clock code is located at w:c:admintools:MediaWiki:Monobook.js/displayClock.js. Currently, it only works in Monobook. But, with my limited JS knowledge, it seems to me that the if/then skin statements could be adapted to our current code making it work in both skins. I find our current code shorter and simpler than RuneScape’s and so would like to stick with it. However, I like very much their placement of the time over the random page and wiki activity buttons. Any suggestions? Thanks! — SpikeToronto 09:54, July 8, 2011 (UTC)

function liveClock() {
	var link = wgServer + wgScriptPath + '/index.php?title=' + encodeURIComponent(wgPageName) + '&action=purge';
	if (skin == 'monobook') {
		$('#p-personal .pBody ul').append('<li id="utcdate"><a href="'+link+'"></a></li>');
	} else if (skin == 'oasis') {
		$('#WikiaPage #WikiHeader div.buttons').prepend('<div id="utcdate"><a href="'+link+'"></a></div>');
	$('#utcdate').css({fontSize: 'larger', fontWeight: 'bolder', textTransform: 'none'});


function showTime() {
	var now = new Date();
	var hh = now.getUTCHours();
	var mm = now.getUTCMinutes();
	var ss = now.getUTCSeconds();
	var dd = now.getUTCDate();
	var months = 'Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec'.split(' ');
	    month  = months[now.getUTCMonth()];
	var year   = now.getUTCFullYear();
	var time = ( hh < 10 ? '0' + hh : hh ) + ':' + ( mm < 10 ? '0' + mm : mm ) + ':' + ( ss < 10 ? '0' + ss : ss ) + ', ' + ( dd < 10 ? '0' + dd : dd ) + ' ' + month + ' ' + year + ' (UTC)';
	$('#utcdate a').text(time);
	window.setTimeout(showTime, 1000);
Rappy 09:11, July 12, 2011 (UTC)
It works! It looks beautiful!! Thanks Rappy!! SmileySpikeToronto 20:34, July 12, 2011 (UTC)
Add textTransform: 'none' to the .css selector (for monobook) The new line should look like...
$('#utcdate').css({fontSize: 'larger', fontWeight: 'bolder', textTransform: 'none'});
This will re-capitalize the first letter of the month and the UTC in monobook. I've updated the code above. Rappy 05:50, July 13, 2011 (UTC)
That did the trick! It always bugged me the month was in lowercase. Now it’s fixed. Thanks Rappy! — SpikeToronto 06:19, July 13, 2011 (UTC)

Chat hacks Edit

How can i use your chat hacks on the Ben 10 wiki? Can you give me instructions like, give me a link to the code and giving me a link to place the code on the Ben 10 wiki? Thanks! TheBen10Mazter 19:37, July 10, 2011 (UTC)

Put this here, clear your cache, and then click the "join chat" button in the sidebar. It may or may not work in FF5, which as far as I know is a browser issue.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  02:25,7/11/2011 
I don't think it worked, on the Ben 10 wiki, does there have to people on chat? TheBen10Mazter 13:34, July 11, 2011 (UTC)
No, you'll know it's working if you see "ping phrases" in the top left hand corner next to the header.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:35,7/11/2011 
Then it did not work. TheBen10Mazter 13:37, July 11, 2011 (UTC)
Make sure you've cleared your cache. What browser are you using?
I cleared my cache and i am using IE, version 8. TheBen10Mazter 14:51, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Problem with Template:Done on the Hogwarts RPG Edit

Hi Monchoman, I was asked why Template:Done on the Hogwarts RPG made anything you wrote after the template into a code box. (See this.) Could you please help? Thank you in advance, Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 12:34, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

You have a line break before the <noinclude>, which technically is part of the template. So this:
{{done}} text after template
evaluates to:
[[File:Image]] '''Done'''
 text after template
Any line beginning with a space appears in a code box, thus any text after a the template looks like that. You can fix this by moving the <noinclude> on to the same line as '''Done'''.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:30,7/11/2011 
Thank you so much! Head.Boy.Hog (Talk To Me) 13:42, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Signature Code Edit

Hi Monchoman, I decided to use the sig you use and I though it would come in handy if I knew the code for the actual sig, not the instructions to make the sig, but the actual sig. Thanks,
 Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  14:38,7/11/2011 

This is the code formatted:
	<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); border:1px solid #eb0; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; border-top-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; border-right:0;">
		<span style="border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex;">
			&nbsp;'''[[User:Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#eb0">Head.Boy.Hog</span>]]'''&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff; border:1px solid #eb0; border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex;">
			&nbsp;[[User talk:Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#ccc">Talk</span>]]&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff">
			&nbsp;[[Special:Contributions/Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#ccc">Contribs</span>]]&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff; border:1px solid #eb0;">
			&nbsp;[[w:c:hogwartsrpg:Hogwarts Roleplay Wiki|<span style="color:#ccc">Hogwarts RPG</span>]]&nbsp;
	<span style="border:1px solid #eb0; border-left:0; border-top-right-radius:1ex; border-bottom-right-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topright:1ex; background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#eb0">
 Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  15:26,7/11/2011 
How do you add the date?  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  15:29,7/11/2011 
With the #time parser, which you can read about here.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  15:34,7/11/2011 
So all I do is add {{SUBST:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}} to the end of the code?  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  15:50,7/11/2011 
I don't follow. Why would you add that to the end if the timestamp is already in the sig?  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  16:18,7/11/2011 
We use template sigs on the RPG and most of us have multiple sigs so I'd like to create a new sig using that.  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  16:39,7/11/2011 
Ah, I see. Yea, {{subst:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}} will timestamp it just like it is on this sig. You can mix and match any other letters as well to change the format of the date.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  17:00,7/11/2011 
Thank you so much! I hope you win the Featured Wikian thing.  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  17:05,7/11/2011 
So will the following work?
	<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); border:1px solid #eb0; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; border-top-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; border-right:0;">
		<span style="border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex;">
			&nbsp;'''[[User:Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#eb0">Head.Boy.Hog</span>]]'''&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff; border:1px solid #eb0; border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex;">
			&nbsp;[[User talk:Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#ccc">Talk</span>]]&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff">
			&nbsp;[[Special:Contributions/Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#ccc">Contribs</span>]]&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff; border:1px solid #eb0;">
			&nbsp;{{subst:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}}&nbsp;
	<span style="border:1px solid #eb0; border-left:0; border-top-right-radius:1ex; border-bottom-right-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topright:1ex; background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#eb0">
 Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  17:12,7/11/2011 

(unindent) No, the subst: will cause problems. That's why I used a parameter for my sig; it's a limitation of MediaWiki.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  18:50,7/11/2011 

So the following will work?
	<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); border:1px solid #eb0; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; border-top-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; border-right:0;">
		<span style="border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex;">
			&nbsp;'''[[User:Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#eb0">Head.Boy.Hog</span>]]'''&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff; border:1px solid #eb0; border-top-left-radius:1ex; border-bottom-left-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomleft:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topleft:1ex;">
			&nbsp;[[User talk:Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#ccc">Talk</span>]]&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff">
			&nbsp;[[Special:Contributions/Head.Boy.Hog|<span style="color:#ccc">Contribs</span>]]&nbsp;
		<span style="background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#fff; border:1px solid #eb0;">
			&nbsp;{{#time: H:i,n/j/Y}}&nbsp;
	<span style="border:1px solid #eb0; border-left:0; border-top-right-radius:1ex; border-bottom-right-radius:1ex; -moz-border-radius-bottomright:1ex; -moz-border-radius-topright:1ex; background-color:#000; background-image:-moz-linear-gradient(top, #444 35%, #000 65%); background-image:-webkit-gradient(linear, 0% 0%, 0% 100%, color-stop(35%, #444), color-stop(65%, #000)); color:#eb0">
 Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  19:51,7/11/2011 
It didn't work. What will?  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  21:56,7/11/2011 
The #time has to be in your preferences. Otherwise, the time will either change every time someone edits the page, or be exactly the same on every one of your sigs.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  00:14,7/12/2011 
{{SUBST:User:Head.Boy.Hog/Sig|{{SUBST:#time: H:i,n/j/Y}}}} is the code for my sig in my preferences.  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  00:19,7/12/2011 
Yep, you need it like that for it to display correctly.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  12:56,7/12/2011 
But I wouldn't sign with ~~~, I'd sign with {{Head.Boy.Hog Signature11}}. Would it still work?  Head.Boy.Hog  Talk  Contribs  Hogwarts RPG  13:03,7/12/2011 
Unfortunately not, as the timestamp is a parameter. If you don't sign with the tildes, the timestamp won't show up. Everything else will be fine, though.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  15:44,7/12/2011 

Chat Hacks Java ScriptEdit

Hello there Manchoman45! Could you help me with adding your ChatHacks.js so that I can use those features. I would highly appreciate your help. If you decide not to, just leave me a message and I'll respect your decision.

With regards,

Captain Crimson

Put this here, clear your cache, and then click the "join chat" button in the sidebar. It may or may not work in FF5, which as far as I know is a browser issue.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  13:05,7/13/2011 

Chatmoderator Edit

Are you a chatmoderator? If you are, can you make me become one? The master of reptiles.Reply to me if you dare. 22:08, July 14, 2011 (UTC)

I am a chatmoderator, but I can't make you one. The people who have the power to do that are Charitwo and the staff. I'm not certain as to our current chat mod promoting policy, but I'd assume it's on an as-needed basis.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  22:18,7/14/2011 

Thanks Edit

Just wanted to say thanks for your signature. I really appreciate it. {{SUBST:User:Shrev64/Sig|18:42,7/15/2011}}

But I think I need to sign with four tildes instead of three {{SUBST:User:Shrev64/Sig|18:44,7/15/2011}}
Ok, I have a problem. I created my signature here. It only works on that specific wiki. I can't get it to work on all wikis. --Shrev64
You have to create the files on each wiki you plan to use it on. Per RandomTime, you can check if the file exists in your preferences and sign normally if it doesn't. And you'd still sign with three ~'s not 4. Rappy 18:55, July 15, 2011 (UTC)
I'm not much of a quitter, but I'm in no desperate need for a different signature. I'll stick with my old one. Thanks anyway. Shrev64(TalkContribs) 19:52, July 15, 2011 (UTC)

Chat hacksEdit

Hello. I am attempting to utilize your ChatHacks.js on my wiki, Communipedia, at So far, I have failed at implicating the coding correctly, it seems, as I cannot see any results. I have the chat module incorporated into my wiki, and everything. If you could tell me what I have been doing incorrectly, please let me know. --
  Christopher Costello  Talk  Contribs  Community  Wednesday, April 8 2020 (PST)  18:34, July 16, 2011 (UTC)

Put this in your js. You don't need the /ChatHacks.js file, as the code I linked imports my file here automatically.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  19:27,7/16/2011 

Question Edit

Does a kickban last forever by itsself, without a chatmod unbanning you? (i really want to chat) :( TheBen10Mazter 14:36, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

And could you answer this on my talk page? Thanks! TheBen10Mazter 14:37, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Kickbanning someone gives them the "bannedfromchat" user group, which does not remove itself. So yes, technically, all kickbans are permanent unless removed.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  14:39,7/17/2011 

Charitwo isnt replying back, i just want to chat again! Im so sad. :( TheBen10Mazter 14:41, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Howdy ParnerEdit

Howdy partner ma' names Jessie the cowgirl please send me a welcome message back before Bonnie comes home.

Jessie the Cowgirl 16:05, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Sorry about your talkpage Edit

Sorry that i replace your name with mine i your talkpage, i was just trying to copy paste it (it did not work) and by accident hit the publish button. Sorry. Could you teach how i could make a cool signature like yours? TheBen10Mazter 20:56, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

No worries. I have instructions at User:Monchoman45/SigReal.  Monchoman45  Talk  Contribs  Skystone  20:58,7/17/2011 
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