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  • A process for review of assisted-death cases must be considered to gather and track important data, trends, and information. This process will create a means of account ability to ensure that providers confirming the eligibility criteria of patients, and will help to sustain correct use of assisted-death in the province. Following the success ful identification and minimization in other jurisdictions of the risks inherent in permitting physician-assisted death (pg. 65) [1], it would be appropriate to consider multi-disciplinary review committees to include at least physicians, lawyers, and bioethicists, where these review committees would ideally limit any misuse or abuse of the practice. A further discussion of this abuse, commonly cited as the 'slippery slope' argument, has been omitted from this work since the Supreme Court trial judge in Carter v Canada expressly rejected that possibility. The trial judge concluded that, given the evidence from permissive juris dictions, Canada could uphold "a permissive regime with properly designed and administered safeguards lthatj was capable of protecting vulnerable people from abuse and error." (pg. 65)[1

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    • Ethical considerations in the regulation of euthanasia and physician-assisted death in Canada Joshua T. Landry a Thomas Foreman a b Michael Kekewich b

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