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    I have seen that you were responding to the page of Wookieepedia Administrator Xd1358. For days I am already trying to prove my innocence but I have a feeling people are not interested in it. Please consider that I do not wish to get involved into a personal case that may have happened between you and the team since I am only here since a month now and I honestly just created this entire fandom account because I wished to contribute to wookieepedia.

    However, you have mentioned that there were several people that were disbanded and probably mistaken for you. Is it possible to contact them? I have already followed all the guidelines, been in contact with all administrators and have spoken with the Wikia but I of course want to solve this all as resonable as possible. I can understand that we are all humans and mistakes can happen but I think that people should at least try to fix their mistakes. 

    Would it perhaps make sense to write a public community text? I have no idea how to handle this entire situation (and am waiting for follow-up responses from Wikia as I am currently just following their advices with my steps). This is less about winning for me and more to at least get a shot of continuing something I found a real liking in. I actually enjoyed contributing to the Wookieepedia quite a lot, especially after I have received so much feedback, advice on formatting etc. I have tried to point out evidence that you were once giving out advices to other people but they claim that I would be only pretending to be unknowledged in the ways of wookieepedia although I am not even aware how one is adding Images into the wookieepedia and even reached out for help. 

    I have no clue how this happened but I have a feeling that this Administrator doesn't have an interest in solving this case because it might dawn down that it was a mistake? Like I said, I am not mad if a mistake was made but I dislike being unjustly treated. Now I am not wanting to be pushy and like I said - I don't want to dragged into something from the past where I was even a child still (xD). But that you are around could perhaps help to clear things up? That would really be a great help! 

    Thank you very much in advance!

    Best Wishes!

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