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  • Love Robin, I have got information for you to create the article of Shark (The Shallows). Here it is I wrote down for you:

    Hey Love Robin, I got information for you to create the article of Shark (The Shallows). Here it is:


    Villain Infobox

    |fullname = Unknown

    |alias = Great White Shark


    |origin = The Shallows

    |occupation = Predator

    |skills = Swimming



    Deadly bite

    Powerful jaws


    Sharp teeth

    |hobby = Targeting and killing anyone who entered the ocean.

    |goals = Kill anyone who wandered into its feeding grounds.

    Kill Nancy Adams.

    |crimes = Mass murder



    |type of villain = Aggressive Predator

    The Shark is the main antagonist of the 2016 survival thriller film, The Shallows. It is an aggressive, savage great white shark who is known for targeting anyone who wandered into its territory, particularly a medical student named Nancy Adams, who is on vacation in Mexico.


    During Nancy's surfing vacation in Mexico, she spotted a giant dead humpback whale 20 yards away, while she is waiting to catch the next wave. The whale is shown to have a couple chunks of flesh torn off of it, indicating that a shark had been feeding on its corpse for a while. As Nancy finally catches the last wave back to the beach, the shark intercepted her from beneath and knocks her off her board, where it then sank its teeth into Nancy's leg and pulled her under. Nancy managed to climb onto the whale carcass, but the shark was able to ram it from underneath, forcing her to swim to an isolated rock for safety. Though low for the moment, the shark bides its time until the tide is high enough for it to catch its next potential prey.

    The next morning, a local drunken man becomes the shark's next victim when he tried to steal Nancy's surfboard, only to be ripped in half. Later, two locals that Nancy had surfed with the day before came back to ride some waves, only to be suddenly killed by the shark, despite her attempt to warn them. Looking through the video footage on one of the locals' GoPro camera, Nancy noticed the shark has a hook in its jaws, possibly from its previous encounter with some people.

    As the high tide approaches, the shark circles back and forth between the rock Nancy is on and the dead whale, waiting for the former to make a move. The shark went after Nancy again, but is forced to back off when they both got stung by a group of jellyfish, only for her to swim for a nearby buoy. The shark makes another attack on Nancy, but she uses a flare gun to set it on fire due to the oil from the whale blubber. In a final attempt on Nancy's life, the shark viciously rips the bouy apart, dislodging the hook in the process, and ripping out the chains securing it. Nancy grabs onto one of the chains and is pulled under towards the sea floor, prompting the shark to chase her at high speed. At the last moment, Nancy managed to let go and pulls out of the dive before she can hit the sea floor, but the shark continues to dive and ends up impaled on some rebars on the bouy's concrete anchor, killing it.


    This Shark is shown to be abnormally large and very aggressive. At first, it constantly attack Nancy, because she inadvertently stumbled on its feeding ground, which explains the whale carcass. Later, it began targeting anyone who entered the water: from a drunken man that was stealing Nancy's personal belongings, to two local she surfed with the day earlier. When Nancy is examining the video on the GoPro camera belonging to one of the locals, she discovered that the shark has a hook lodged close to its jaws. From this evidence, she deduced that the shark's aggression was the result of its previous run-in with people, presumably some fishermen. Its priority to catch and eat Nancy would have also contribute to its downfall, as its focus on Nancy during their final confrontation that resulted in their chase towards the sea floor ended with its death.


    It is a large great white shark covered with numerous scars, cuts and scratch marks. Its most distinguishing feature is a fishing hook lodged in its jaws, suggesting that it had a possible encounter with fishermen in the past.


    • Although the film's director suspects the shark in the film is a female, there is no evidence for this claim since the film never refers to the animal's sex, so the sexual nature of the beast remains a mystery.
    • Despite being the main antagonist, the shark has only 4 minutes of screen time.

    Would you like to work on it if you don't mind please?

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  • Robin, an error prevents me and Jade from editing visually on two transcripts.

    Error loading data from server: HTTP 502.

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  • Hello, Love Robin. How’s your new year of 2021 going? A brand-new year is the perfect way to start fresh. Which reminds me. May I discuss with you please about a small issue of mine that’s been bothering me for months? Well, in October 2020, I got an infinite ban from Jester of Chaos  from Villains Wiki for “intimidating behavior and causing constant disruption” along B1bl1kal on Evil Wiki and Heroism Wiki for the same reason. I’ve taken the past few months to look over my actions leading to the ban and I wanna show those admins that I’m truly sorry about my previous mistakes that I genuinely never meant to cause any disruptions, intimidation nor harassment on those wikis. And with all respect, I still think this ban is a simple mistake. Well, I guess I may’ve gotten so excited, that I became too carried away and forceful, and I’m genuinely sorry for that. Look, I know I had multiple chances, but who hasn’t once in a while? After all, I firmly believe that everyone deserves another chance—and in some cases even infinitely banned users. Why? Well, it all depends on their determination to show how they can atone for their mistakes and flaws. And already I’ve thinking over over my previous actions and learning from them and I understand my misdeeds. And so far, I haven’t caused any trouble or suffering on the wikis since then. In any case, I was wondering if we could please talk about possibly appealing or shortening my ban to something other than infinite? You see, one of the things in my New Years’ revolution is to atone for my mistakes and prove how I can redeem myself in the eyes of admins like B1 and Jester. It’s rather complicated, so please, let me start from the beginning and this’ll all make perfect sense. 

    To tell you the truth, personally, I'm able to move on and accept a lot of things. But infinite blockage from my favorite three wikis? Well, if it was a temporary block, yes. But infinite? I’m sorry, but I just don't find myself capable of accepting of not being able to edit on Heroism, Evil or Villains wiki for all eternity. It just leaves an empty spot in my heart. No matter how hard I try to move on with other wikis, the ones I’m so expressly attached to keep coming to my mind sooner or later. Like they say, what’s forgotten is not always gone. Especially since, to me, these three wikis are no ordinary wikis. They’re three of my very favorite wikis and are very special wikis that mean so much to me. For instance, I deeply adore editing articles such as adding new quotes, images, videos, etc. every chance I get. I also adore placing my votes on V Wiki’s Pure Evil proposals. Doing all that stuff on these trio of wikis gives me a feeling of freedom to express myself in a very special unique way. So, basically, no other wikis could possibly compare to those three. So not being able to edit on them for the rest of my life severely breaks my heart—almost like shattered glass in fact. And the idea of being forced to move on from something so close to my heart is something I find practically impossible. Look, I know I had multiple chances, but who hasn’t once in a while? After all, I believe everyone deserves an extra chance—especially those who are so determined to show how they can atone for their mistakes, errors and flaws. 

    Now, of course, I’m fully aware these admins are probably frustrated with me as well as other banned users, but with all due respect, let me remind you of an important rule according to the Community Wiki Guidelines. They state admins must “consider situations carefully before acting on them. If a user makes an honest mistake, give them the opportunity to learn and improve.” In other words, admins must read their message walls very carefully before taking action (so no automatic closing threads or dubbing the users as “sock-puppets or harassers”). And if a banned user shows their genuinely remorse for their actions and is willing to do whatever it takes to atone for their past behavior, the admin must at least give them one extra chance of redemption. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how many chances a user has already received. After all, nobody’s perfect and life’s all about learning from mistakes and making up for them. So, if they’re so deeply determined to make up for their errors and prove themselves still responsible and worthy of editing, then that surely makes a huge difference. 

    For example, I came across a few past threads and discovered from a few past threads, that not all bans are necessarily “infinite”. For example, you helped a few other banned users such as FangusuDionhosseini801, and DavidBrennan99  with their uplifting ban requests to get through to B1Bl1kal. And thanks to your help, B1 accepted all three-uplift requests with no issue. Other examples of successful ban revocation happened with IanDevilbiss1 and W2townredo. In those cases, they calmly stated the reasons for their block and that they learned their lesson and promised not to make the mistake again and the admins agreed. Thus, these are solid enough evidence that there comes an occasion even banned fandom users deserve their block withdrawn—especially those vowing to make their wrong actions right. So, I believe there’s still hope for me.

    Unfortunately, some of these admins can be rather stubborn and unreasonable. When I gave B1b1lkal a nice civil apology and request, he instead, B1 responded by accusing me of being a sock puppet and an internet troll, then closed the thread without giving a proper answer. I was deeply offended and increasingly enraged. Honestly, this is NOT sock puppetry or trolling. It’s a simple civilized request to atone for my actions. I felt as though he didn’t even bother to read any of what I typed in my reasonable thread—even though I had explicitly put a “please read very carefully and give it some careful thinking” notice on the final sentence.  And when I tried to convince him that I wasn’t trolling and told him not to jump to conclusions, he blocked me from Community Wiki for 2 weeks for “intimidating behavior and harassment”. In all genuine honesty, I wasn’t trying to harass, and I really didn’t mean to sound intimidating. All I was trying to do was stick up for my beliefs with a simple, reasonable, and polite ban lift. Honestly, that’s just rude and hurtful and completely unfair. It’s like he doesn’t care how descriptive and sincere my threads are, not even allowing me to explain myself. Believe me, I know you’d feel the same way I felt if you had your thread so impolitely snubbed and ignored like that. That’s definitely not following the admin guidelines of “considering situations before taking action.” In fact, that’s quite the opposite. 

    With Jester, he stated I used too many chances and claim that of“using autism as a simple “get out of jail card” and that I deliberately boss people around and constantly play victim. Please believe me when I say that my autism is NOT an excuse nor a “get out of jail” card. It's a truly genuinely justified disorder I suffer from and frequently struggle to improve on. There’s a big difference. After all, lots of users on Fandom happen to have Autism, so even they make the same mistakes once in a while. And dealing with autistic Fandom users is not the same as dealing with those who don’t have it. To elucidate, when handling those with autism, it’s extremely important that people—in this case Wiki admins—have to understand that they’re coping with someone who acts and thinks differently from them. If the autistic person does something on a wiki which the other views as either wrong or unusual, they must realize that it's because he/she's different and that's the way he/she is and deal with the problem peacefully his/her way. Fighting and arguing is never the answer no matter whomever started it. And blocking such an individual is most definitely not going to help either in the end. For one thing, my autism is one of the main reasons I keep making repeated mistakes. Yet I’m trying my hardest to do whatever it takes to improve on them. But I see I’m gonna have to try harder than ever. Bottom line, to deal with an autistic, one must think like an autistic—get inside his/her mind and see from their perspective of how they think and feel. Do that, and the solution to such a ridiculously tiresome problem will be answered and resolved in the most calm, peaceful, civil and non-violent way in no time, leaving both sides of the argument quite well-satisfied.

    Ultimately, the reason I desire for both my Heroism and Evil and Villains wiki bans to be withdrawn so very desperately is not so much for ban evasion, but my vow to prove to the admins that I can still be a decent editor. And when I make a vow, I won’t rest till that promise is fulfilled. Now that’s true dedication if you ask me. You see, these other users may not have any hope for me, but I sure as heck have plenty of hope in myself to improve my behavior on the wikis.  Well, I guarantee you that I can avoid creating those disruptions myself.  And I would be eternally grateful if you could my ban on H&E and V wiki revoked not only to edit again, but so I can restore your faith and trust in me and show you how much I’ve changed. After all, admins and users must remain assuming good faith.  Or in other words, by all means, if admins maintain their faith in contributors, then contributors will remain faithful to the Admins. Or in the words of Uncle Ben Parker, “with great power comes great responsibility.” And for any Fandom Admin, that responsibility is listening good and well to what the user’s side of the story and is trying to tell them and respond civilly and reasonably. That way both admins and users both reach a fair agreement where both sides get what they desire.

    With that said, could you please help me try getting Jester of Chaos & B1bl1kal to understand that I’m not a sock puppet nor a troll? All I’m trying to do is show how sorry I am for my previous misdeeds and ever willing to recompense for them. But it ain’t enough to just say sorry. I have to show how I’ve learned my lesson since actions speak louder than words. Well, since you’re also an admin, could you please appeal my bans or at least reduce it to 1-2 months? And by the time it expires, I’ll be able to prove B1bl1kal and Jester and every other admin that I can still be a decent editor on Heroism, Villains and Evil wikis without any harm or risk. After all, everyone deserves another chance—especially those so intensely determined to show how they can learn from those mistakes and make amends for them. So which date this upcoming year sounds most reasonable? Say, approx. Jan 28th, Feb 9th, Mar 14th, April 3rd? That’d be a perfect way to start from scratch for the new year of 2021. Whatever date you pick, I’d be eternally grateful to start the to be able to edit on my favorite three inseparable wikis sometime in the near future.

    So, please, read my message very carefully BEFORE responding to me when you can. All I’m asking for you is a nice civil polite and reasonable response. So that means please no jumping to the wrong conclusions, no closing threads without any replies, no making accusations of sock puppetry or harassment and no closing the thread without a proper, applicable answer and civil discussion. You think you could do that please? I'm sure in the end, you will do the right thing and make the right choice. I’d give the moon and the star to edit on Heroism, Villains and Evil wikis again. These wikis mean practically the whole world to me. And I promise you this time, I will be more careful with my edits and my tone. You have my word. I’m sure you’ll make the right reasonable choice. I can fully assure you that I do not intend to break any rules and I really regret breaking any by mistake. Thank you so much for your understanding, my good friend. I genuinely appreciate it.

    Oh, and remember—when you analyze the situation cautiously, wisely and thoroughly before taking action, any disagreement can easily be resolved peacefully without any arguing, fighting, misunderstandings, false accusations or even infinite bans. Just think about everything I said please. Thanks, my friend. Have a nice day.  I wish you a Happy 2021!

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  • I’m sorry I caused all of this Robin and I guess you didn’t know that I quit Fandom for good I hope you can forgive me

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  • Love Robin forgive me for my behavior.

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  • There is an admin on a wiki called The wild west wiki named Dues_z and they are banning almost everyone on the wild west wiki with a permanant ban and anyone that tries to speak up and/or reveal this to other admins is permanatly banned as you can see by the screenshots below 
    Screenshot 2020-12-14A at 6.18.59 PM

    Exhibit A

    Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 6.20.08 PM

    Exhibit B

    Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 6.20.48 PM

    Exhibit C

    (please know I am not an alt account and the name was just taken)
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    • In addition none of these bans are temporary and are permanant as you can see, please help stop this abusive admin. 
      Screenshot 2020-12-14 at 6.22.29 PM

      Incriminating evidence 1

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  • Hi there,

    This user is still refusing to unblock my profile:

    I specifically asked for an ban appeal and yet still no response yet.

    Please help me when you're finishing talking with other users that still having concerns on. Thanks.

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    • This reply has been removed
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  • Hello love robin it's been a long time so are you able to tell Stuart and Hiatt to unblock me on Google photos cause it's now Christmas season if you do tell them I'd whould be very happy please and thank you

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  • Love Robin, I'm still really mad that a few users made me lose my account and it made my anger get worse. 

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    Someone is insulting Pooh's Adventures as well as my series.

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