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  • I know you told me to ignore them, but now I'm like genuinely afraid, I could get globally blocked, if Arik sends in that report to you

    What good will fighting back do? I am so scared right now help me! (this is not a joke)

    Arik hates me and legit thinks I'm evil and I quote 

    "It's Evil Muppetlover16, he trying to get revenge on me on Idea Wiki. Doesn't he know It's Not Polite to call me a little one. I Am Older than Muppetlover16."

    I Am A Hero, Muppetliver16 is a villain. go get help, and then Muppetlovet16 Globally Blocked Again for Good."

    Let me tell you what's wrong with that sentence

    1. Didn't Arik say he was 18? So he's either lying about his age or twisting it around so it appears he's in the right, like he does all the time!

    2. He spelled my name wrong twice out of the four times it appears in that sentence.

    Are you not seeing this behavior of his? this is not normal!

    See this is why I think he's a bot, 'cause there's no emotion in his writing, no warmth, no humanity it's all cold, calculating and sterile. Have you ever run into anyone like that? That's straight up out of the Uncanny Valley.

    Please look into this, please.

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    • YOU. Need to make sure your every action is not only of the up and up, but adopt a zen attitude. What others say and do does not matter if you give them no power. Read don't feed the trolls *again*.

      Mind you, I'm NOT saying they ARE trolls. Just that the advice works just as well when dealing with users you don't get along with.

      They are glowing words on the other side of a glass screen. Don't give them more power over you than that.

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    • But he is legit serious about this.

      Did I also mention James is like in his 30's (I'm sorry for pointing out the guy's age, but nobody can be that old and throw so many temper tantrums)

      Ignoring them only works for so long before it gets to you and drives you insane!

      And Arik you already know his problem, guy's a giant egomaniac!

      You mean kill them with kindness? Or out-troll them if they're trolling me?

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    • Muppetlover16 wrote: Ignoring them only works for so long before it gets to you and drives you insane!

      [chuckle] Then *I* would have gone insane a long time ago.

      You're an admin on a couple wikis. You should be setting examples for those in those communities. They should see a calm and assured user who doesn't let little things harsh their calm. It's all little things.

      Remember the lesson Marty McFly learned in Back to the Future 3? About not letting being called "chicken" affect him? That's a good lesson for a more than being called names, too.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Sorry, just saw on another thread that you admin'd the Villains Wiki?

    I just went to have a look, out of curiosity, and I just realised there's a red fixed box that seems to be called "Proposals of the Day". It's actually blocking some parts of the page, and I can't seem to find a way to click out of it (unless it's hidden under the Fandom toolbar). It hides some information, like anything on the right-side of the screen, such as the "share" button on articles, "Explore" on Discuss, and stuff like "Last Page" on List Users. 

    I mean, maybe it's just me and my computer, but I thought I'd give you a head's up ^_^()

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    • Sure, that's no problem. 

      I just left a blog post; hope it's okay, as I never quite know the etiquette with blogs, especially on local communities to which I'm an outsider ^_^() Hope it can help, though! 

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    • Thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I am having a problem on Lion Guard wiki and Villains wiki. There is a problem with some the comments on Lion Guard wiki from other user and the adims there is having a problem with me rather than the comments.

    Also on villain wiki I am having trouble with user's giving me a hard time about Ermac in Mortal Kombat 11 they are being jerks and because they aren't being nice they blocked me on villain. I gave them the middle finger because of the way they treated and they blocked me for it. I know that wasn't nice of me to do but they shouldn't have jerks to me can you do something to get them to have better behavior about the edits instead of giving me a hard time.

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    • I'm going to ask you to take the next 24 hours then answer me this: if you came across this interaction at home, school, or job with other people… what would be *your* thoughts about it?

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    • It would be the same response that I had with ShockwaveDude but at home my parents get into a fight with me after that. Also by the way you prove and shown that once I it was stupid of me to ask for this wasn't helpful. You don't know how tempting it is to give the middle finger right now.

      Once again my is wasted asking for and like everyone you are no help and not in my corner.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey there Love Robin as it came to my attention u have blocked a Ip from Using ccc Infintie as it irules  Not a good way to infintie block a user even if it is there 1st Block May i request that u dont Ip block infintie 2nd u dont block Users from ccc for things that happen on other wikis Because what happends on other wikis stay on that wiki and does not carry onto other wiki ether Thanks for your time

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  • Stop blocking people for infinite, infinite isn't even a number.

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    Love Robin
    Love Robin closed this thread because:
    The OP is blocked so moot point.
    18:37, August 16, 2019
  • Hey robin! I bet you’ll block this account too and the Ip but that’s too bad because I have more VPN IPs! Hahahahahaha

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  • A user is trying to get me banned from every wiki because "they don't like my rudeness" I don't consider myself rude I'd say I'm blunt/frank

    This user in question is someone by the name of James1961, who as you can see from this post right here:

    Is extremely oversensitive and thinks everything regardless of context or the intensity of said word is a "bad word" there is no way this person could be any older than like 6-8 (he won't tell anyone how old he is)

    Yes, I admit I called him "retarded" and for that I apologize, but he just won't let it go!

    I've just been globally blocked and I don't want to relive that experience! Again he's saying "every wiki" which in my mind means every wiki within FANDOM and that equates to global block, which as I said I do not want.

    Ignoring him, won't do anything as he'll just keep dragging my name through the mud.

    Did I also mention, he's afraid of using the word they/them? Like when he doesn't know the gender of a person, he'll usually go for she/her  when referring to males (and possibly the opposite when referring to girls) gender-neutral pronouns exist, you can use them!

    Sorry, to bother you that's all.

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    • I've taken note of him. Being "rude", in and of itself, is not a proper reason for blocking, and FANDOM doesn't block for trivial things. And this is a reason why Staff tends to leave local wiki issues to local admins.

      I understand what you're going through. In my time with Wikia I've been aggressively cross-wiki harassed, once lured to a wiki by a message on my wall there only to be permablocked once I responded (never fell for that ever again!), and of course, accused of being a Bad Admin more than once.

      You learn how best to deal with (mostly ignore) it all. This is why the experienced admins don't get involved with "he said, she said" discussions to "tell my side!"

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    • But knowing him and others like him he'll say something like "I have autism don't pick on me" (that's usually what it amounts to) Why is it always these type of people that come after me?

      Also that Ezekiel kid's back, and still spewing out the same "Donaldo is a bad person, he's bullying me because I'm autistic and my mom said...blah blah blah" (he still lives with his mom,but I do too who I am I to talk?) See it's things like that I hate, when they bring up being autistic and use it as a crutch, an excuse.

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    • Sweetie… you don't think you can seriously *win* on the internet, do you??

      You don't defend yourself by "telling your side". You defend yourself by being a good, positive, stand-up, reliable User. Everywhere, not just on FANDOM. Then OTHERS will step to your defense for you.

      That link I dropped above? I didn't bother to respond to it even though I was watching it unfold in real time. Mainly because I don't feel a need to defend my actions which I know are solid, partly because I knew that adding my voice to the chat would only cause more argument, and finally, because I know people know my reputation and will stand up for me personally after FANDOM rules are invoked.

      And THAT GUY, I have to deal with off-FANDOM too…

      Bottomline, you do the best you you can do. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I thought about what I have done, and I can't help but agree that it was wrong. It was wrong to try and convince somebody else to break rules. I only did it because the user and I were friends, and I thought the user was banned for an incorrect reason, but that is no reason for me to do something like this. Again, I am really sorry, and I will apologize to the user on another wiki after I write this.

    Hope you can understand.

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    Preventing unwanted replies
    16:33, August 16, 2019
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    • ThatCatJizo wrote:
      Oh hello! May I ask what is going on?

      A user advsied another to create a sock-puppet. An admin said not to do that. 

      It was all easily resolved. 

      But now someone's replied as a nercopost, and I think it's causing confusion. 

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    • Yeah... can one of the discussion moderators close this thread?

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  • No offense robin you are still coool

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  • For stopping the I'm a beef stew gang

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