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  • My occupation is Senior Technical Support Manager @ Fandom
  • Bio Netflix addict, gamer, chocolate ice cream lover. People call me 'Captain' now. I should have expected this.
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Hi, I'm a Senior Technical Community Support Specialist at Fandom.

You can leave me a message below, or get help here:
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  • Hello, Kirkburn.

    Unfortunately, the two threads (Thread:1986160 and Thread:1986230) contain an argument, which is an outrageous way to message someone.

    Since the first thread has been removed by the person who made it, can you please remove the second thread?


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • On my wiki, TheScumHouse Wiki, some users have been adding vandal pages and deleting legitimate ones, since they all have bureaucrat privileges (it's a long story). I need you to demote every single user with user rights on that wiki except for me, BookFandumb, Peachy4872, and Nathatn Pirate. I also need you to do a mass deletion of all of the vandal pages, created by various users, including DuchessTheSponge. Hurry!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, are you aware that Disneysaurus is just one of many sock accounts used by a member of the admin team of that wiki? They are pretty much creating fake drama out of bordem. They request IP checks all the time when they think a troll is in fact one of thir regular trolls but have you noticed how NONE of them admins are asking you to do an IP check on Dinosaurus, the only person asking for Disneysaurus to be unblocked? No they wont do that because you will infact find out about all the sockpuppeting. 

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    • Constantly asking him to be unblocked, I mean.

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    • But alas, you are not going to listen to me and do an IP check because im just a scumbag non admin right? only admins are good enough to request things that would make the community better, despite them being the best equiped to ruin it all.

      Fandom will die out soon due to its staffs inept approach to community management and I look forward to that day ur all cleaning out ur desks and hugging the other losers you have working over there. 

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    • Just because you're not an admi of the wiki in questions doesn't mean you won't be listened to. But if you wish to have your case heard, you'd have better luck sending it to or so that it gets handled and reviewed accordingly.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello, Mr. Kirkburn. My apologies for contacting you on your Message Wall, but I'm afraid I'm at my wits' end with trying to contact FANDOM' technical support staff.

    I've sent a total of three emails, with additional notices in a span of several days, but have received no response from anyone on FANDOM who can help me with my issue. Any cases I tried to keep open are marked as "solved" when no reply was ever given. I've given up on contacting FANDOM's support at the Zendesk, and decided to see you out instead regarding my technical issue.

    I'm not receiving notification emails for pages I'm following on my watchlist. I've tried everything I could think of: setting up a filter (failed), checking my Spam folder (doesn't show up, so failed), making sure I didn't block the FANDOM email address (it's not blocked, I checked), and reconfirming my email address to my FANDOM account.

    I tried changing my email to Gmail, hoping that would work if the issue was with Yahoo, but that didn't work, either. I switched back to Yahoo, and I've tried contacting Yahoo's customer support staff, but they couldn't give a solution. Is there any solution you can provide, it'd be greatly appreciated.

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  • If you see 'me', 'Kom', or the various other members of UZB and DBF making racial slurs and stuff when a simple search on them shows they don't, it's Guest. For instance, I don't make racial slurs. So if Guest impersonates me and makes 'me' say or do something bad, it's actually Guest trying to get revenge for us rightfully punishing him.

    Just thought I'd let you know.

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  • Marginal No.4 logo

    Marginal No.4 first character visual

    Can you rename these images to...

    • "Marginal #4 logo.png"
    • "Marginal #4 first character visual.png"
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    • Hey there, Kirkburn isn't currently available right now, you would be better off contacting one of the other staff on their walls or DMing one of them on Discord for a faster response. 😉

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi. Can you reopen the Disney Unified Universes Wiki? It's not a duplicate because it's from an in-universe perspective while the Disney Wiki is from an out-of-universe perspective.

    This message has also been sent to Kuzura and Sannse.

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  • Made by Ploz

    Fandom says we can demote a bureaucrat if the community votes on it since the Founder can't remove those perms for whatever reason.

    Guest666 has given multiple reasons for blocking him and removing his rights:

    • He has sockpuppeted even past an initial global ban from George Kirkburn where he did the exact same thing to earn it (admitting that he used a different IP to avoid being linked).
    • Has shown a constant aggressive attitude toward different users across different communities for the sake of harassment.
    • He unblocked himself despite the wishes of the community to clearly not have him here and continued to mock other users for it.
    • Multiple people from the staff have already agreed to remove his rights.

    Most of this can be found and detailed here.

    Community poll on the matter:

    Should Guest666 have his Bureaucratic rights removed by Fandom to carry out his decided block on the wiki?

    The poll was created at 21:31 on September 1, 2020, and so far 17 people voted.
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  • Hey. This may sound weird but can you ban me?

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    Mendes2 closed this thread because:
    Repeated swearing, hostile behavior
    17:27, September 2, 2020
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    • Idk what I walked into, but I'm gonna turn back

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    • Mike-Bro-Legend wrote: Cause of you nibba

      Dont say gamer word please

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