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  • I know this is late, but thank you for reverting Kiloe4's vandalism on the Hermitcraft Wiki. Also thanks to BlockManiac48 for alerting me to the vandalism.

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  • Hi, could you please remove this thread and the image in it? The image is of me and I did not give permission for it to be used.

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  • WOULD YOU PLEASE MAKE VEENSTER7 UNBLOCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thank you.

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    • I hate to suggest this, but I'm starting to think the best (if not only) way to stop this user from doing this anymore would be to close/delete the horseland101.fandom website.

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    • You didn't report anything to Report:Vandalism. I see no reports by you today.

      And no, that would be the stupidest idea ever to close a wiki because of one person.

      I have blocked that IP and blocked the whole range he has been editing with.

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    • It wasn't today I reported on Vandalism, it was a few days ago (or at least I tried as it's hard to know what to type up in some bits). But apparently it's no longer shown there.

      That suggestion was merely because the user somehow got back and got me worrying as he/she continued deliberately editing wrong info.

      I certainly hope it doesn't start happening again.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Where are the admins for this site? An annoying user keeps editing characters on this site with false information, particularly 'Sarah Whitney': (I changed this back, but it could be changed again) A couple of other things I think should see: (written on my talk page by this user)

    I'm sorry if this is inappropriate to leave here, but this user is really starting to upset me. and I really think something ought to be done - like be blocked from that site for good or at least be given some warning. PLEASE WOULD SOMEONE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!?

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  • Hi there. I'm an admin on the Googology Wiki, one of the wikis you recently cleared of vandalism. I'm not too sure how else to contact you, but I have a question.

    The Googology Wiki has been recently attacked by several vandals that act like the account whose vandalism you just cleared. Their names are all "Max damage ~ Wiki Edition" followed by a 4-digit number, and their vandalism consists mostly of either creating new pages or modifying existing ones (sometimes with a page move to an inappropriate title) with images of Pepe the Frog. sometimes they also attack random user ages of existing long time users (including me).

    Is there any way that Fandom staff can prevent these attacks, especially since they all appear to be the same type of vandalism and whichever idiot is doing this isn't bothering with trying to use unique sock puppet names?

    Thanks in advance for anything that can be done...

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    • Hello!

      I have blocked his username pattern and all of his accounts, but that's easy to bypass. He uses different IP ranges so I can't block anything there too. I can certainly attempt to make an AbuseFilter, but I think it will be easy to by-pass as he's just adding images.

      If you do need help cleaning it out, you can check out WHAM, a tool to deal with vandalism. You can also contact VSTF by joining the Discord server at (faster) or report vandalism at w:c:vstf:Report:Vandalism.

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    • Okay, sorry to bug you again, but the Googology Wiki is still being harassed by a troll. This one isn't the simple vandalism attacks of the "Max Damage" accounts (which - thank goodness - have stopped), but rather of another troll who hasbeen harassing that wiki for going on two years now. (It's possible - even likely, IMHO - that said troll is also behind the "Max Damage" vandalism, but that really doesn't matter - a troll is a troll is a troll.)

      This troll, for whatever reason, has been going after a particular user on the Googology Wiki (who has gone through several different accounts). He's harassed this user constantly, and even when said user tried to quit the wiki several times, the troll still mocked him by falsely claiming to be that user's newest account.

      Just yesterday, the guy essentially tried to threaten that he had some kind of timed script that would go off on the 11th and make the wiki unusable - unless we DM'd a specific Discord account (that belonged to the guy he'd been harassing) and gave them an Amazon gift card. This isn't the first time he's threatened that the wiki will be destroyed - and in the past it's never amounted to anything, the guy just wants to create a mass panic and see how much chaos he can create.

      I'd like to ask if there's anything that can be done, but this guy just WON'T STOP. He just keep creating one puppet after another, and while it's generally obvious if a given new account is one of his puppets, they don't follow any specific username pattern (other than being fairly long and every word commonly being capitalized, but it's not like we can block that particular username pattern). I think we tried an IP range block once, but I'm fairly sure the guy has a VPN or something so that an IP range block won't work.

      Is there anything at all we can do, or do we just have to let the troll keep doing his thing?You'd think a troll would give up after this long (and nearly a thousand sock puppets), but you'd be wrong...

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    • Oh, I forgot:

      This troll apparently tried to hack into the account of the guy he's been harassing. Apparently, the guy he was harassing got a "reset password" email from Fandom despite not requesting it.

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      • It is very hard to make a wiki "unusable". The only way to do that would be crashing Fandom as a whole or just vandalise articles - Which we can prevent editing on that wiki if that happens. If you do see it starting, go on the Discord and use the !vstf command to ping us.
      • Amazon gift card - That's fake. He has no scripts, just his little brain and trying to get money
      • It is impossible to hack accounts on Fandom except if they:
        • Guess the password
        • Get access to the email, then reset password
        • Getting reset emails doesn't mean anything. If you know the username, you can send a password reset to anyone.

      I don't think this kind of blackmailing is against any laws. We don't know where hs is from either, so we don't know what what laws are in his country too.

      There's virtually no way to prevent people on the Internet. If you use different emails, different VPNs/IPs, then there's no way to block you on any site. I'm afraid the best advice I have to give you is to block & ignore, and report to VSTFs if you need some full protection. When you use a VPN, every thing that identifies you as a user is changed, so we cannot track or block anything at all.

      We can change the right to upload/move/edit pages to only auto-confirmed accounts if there's re-occurring vandalism.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • B345T1N355 targeting me and unrightful blocking for no reason given


    the admin B345T1N355 is Blocking me for helping make new pages for the 

    The Roblox Airline Industry Wiki and has blocked me for editing and doing thing normal the second i made a page he blocks me!

    hears some evandanice:

    Your user name or IP address has been blocked.

    The block was made by B345T1N355.

    • Reason given: no reason given
    • Start of block: 04:07, December 28, 2019
    • Expiry of block: 04:07, December 28, 3018
    • Intended blockee:
    • Block ID: #144
    • Current IP address:

    Please chat back

    Edited by Planeguy 3 minutes ago

    Quote  More *

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    • There's nothing I can do.

      Please contact the admin to get unblocked.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • He's been vandalising, spamming, swearing, and posting sexual content on our wiki and had created, like, A HUNDRED ACCOUNTS already.

    His newest account.

    I know you already range blocked him (I saw that from the block list), but now he's using some kind of software to change his IP every time he gets range blocked.

    Please. Do anything you can. I can't take this anymore.

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  • Something is wrong and I don't know what to do. I've been denied access to Discord, saying the owner of this website ( has banned your IP.

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    I never said I was superior.

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