Joe Copp

  • I live in Pennsylvania
  • I was born on June 28
  • My occupation is roller hockey goalie
  • I am in love with mac n cheese
  • Bio Gun nut and rabid Metroid loremaster
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  • hey do you play on ps3?

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  • I got accused of copying another wiki, except she's been copying a deleted wiki for 2 years. The wikia she's been working on has existed since April 2008, she started editing it May 2010.. HelloMimi is the wikia's founder, who started it April 2008.

    "This new Wiki provides a 1:1 copy of the deleted official Aeriagames-HKO-Wiki, but is also constantly updated with informations about the newest additions to the game HKO. "

    That's false since the wikia is the original official HKO wiki created in 2008. The 'deleted Aeria Games wiki is the official one. As for the adoption request, that was after I decided to not close it down, but she used old stuff against me. Thus was denied. I've been trying to get her to stop working on it and now I'll have to undo everything as her edits are unnecessary.. She should've made her own wiki, instead of trying to update an older one. No one is gonna update it now as they won't help her out. But they'll help me out if I had the rights as I'm the one who is preventing others to look at the wikia.

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    • Yeah, you told me that on chat a while ago. Try to remember the whole story so whoever you're talking to can come to an unbiased conclusion.

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    • I'm ending this discussion before it gets out of hand and someone else sees it before it can be explained.

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