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  • Bio Media Student, skilled in with Arts, 3d modeling, production and game development. Also a comics, video games and movies geek. I also love pets and people of all kinds. I dream of an acting career or anything related to entertainment.
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  • Greetings

    I have contacted the FANDOM staff regarding the issue that most of the articles in the Marvel Cinematic Database, the wiki where you are admin and bureaucrat, are a copy-paste of the articles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki.

    FANDOM's terms and conditions require that each and every article that has been copied, and it has been done without permission, provides proper attribution to the original authors and links back to the original article where the content has been taken from.

    You can check the official licensing explanation here:

    In case you're unable or unwilling to provide said attribution on every article, FANDOM staff will be contacted again and they will deal with the misuse of content.

    Have a good day

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  • Hi Mrox2. The issue is caused by the forum thread title "Modding White Day & Development Discussion" in the Forum Activity module being so long and displayed on one line. To fix this, add the following CSS to MediaWiki:Wikia.css.

    .ForumActivityModule em a {
        white-space: normal;

    This will allow long thread titles to "wrap" onto a second line, which won't break the appearance of the right column.

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    • Okay, almost there, now for a second if I referesh the page it would show up just fine and then it will go back to the unwrapped apperance... ugh.

      Is there any way we could make a custom forum widget?

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    • A custom forum widget is not possible, but I determined what the new problem is, which has nothing to do with the forum module. The new problem is caused by the Wiki Activity module. Edit Template:Portal/Community and on the activityfeed tag, change the width from 100% to 282px, the maximum width that can be used while staying inside the surrounding box. So that would look like this:

      <activityfeed size=4 hideimages=true style="border:0.1em solid #303030; background-color:#070707; width:282px;" />

      I previewed that and noticed that the message text for earning an achievement badge displayed outside the right edge of the module. So to prevent that happening, add the follow CSS to MediaWiki:Wikia.css.

      .achievement-in-activity-feed .badge-text p {
           width: 200px;
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