aka Dazz

  • I live in India
  • I was born on November 14
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Bio Hey people! Myself Dazz, a 16 years old guy. I am interested in cartoons, games, comics and songs. I love teddies and soft toys. I love Disney movies.

    My quotes -
    Arrow's aim gets better as the distance decreases,
    Rocks don't break but the sponge squeezes.
    And when someone nearby breaks your heart then,
    you wanna suffer from memory loss like diseases.
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Dazz posted:
Welcome to my wall! Feel free to ask any query or give any suggestion. I use Fandom almost everyday, so you would get my reply soon. If you wanna share a personal message, please use Discord. My Discord tag is DazzTheChallenger#8732. Make sure that you have patience and follow the wiki's rules. Happy editing!

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  • Hey Jerry, I know you closed my request to become a discussion moderator, but I checked the rules and I am perfectly allowed to request moderator rights. I just want to help out this wiki. I know the mods are doing their best, but they still miss a lot of stuff. As someone who frequently views the discussions, I think I would be a good choice for moderator.

    I’m still not entirely sure of the process, but I think you or another administrator has to make me moderator.

    If you do not want to make me moderator, that’s fine, but all I want is to help make his wiki better.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I know the damage has been done by me on this wiki and I accepted the consequences and the fact that I added misleading (and possibly controversial) info and other actions. I also know that you still hold a grudge aganist me. I want to make this clear of what happened that caused you to get upset.

    1 month ago, I started editing on this wiki because I liked the manga and the anime ever since I was a little kid. I first editing the Shizu article because there are new designs of her from past and recent episodes of the 2005 anime.

    I wanted to add new articles on characters because they don't have their own articles yet.

    So what happened that cause you to block me for 20 years, you mentioned to me that I added a lot of info that are extremely misleading. After you told me about this, I realized that I wasn't paying more attention to the manga, the anime and didn't the rules carefully.

    I was also being very rude to you and possibly everyone else. I edited a lot because y'know other wikis don't bother anyone to do that, this is the reason why I edit a lot here. It was a messup for doing this as I breached the rules and I really don't any negativity towards the wiki, Shin-Ei and the Doraemon fandom. It was 100 percent my fault for doing these which are a big no-no for any wiki sites.

    Even if you don't forgive me the second time nor give me a second chance, are there any suggestions or advices for me to because I tend to forget things nor didn't pay attention to things a lot easily due to the fact that I have ADHD and I don't want this to happened in the future for the third time when I'm come back for Doraemon's 70th anniversary. Also, is it okay for me to remove the misleading and possibly controversial info because I take responsibility for adding them after you told me about this. I know that sounds really stupid but it is the best for me to regain confidence in myself.

    Because of my recent actions for adding misleading and controversial info and for failing to follow the rules, I apologize for what I did and I promise that do I best to be a great contributor to the wiki by either reading the manga or watching the anime carefully and to follow by the rules. I am very sorry for accusing you of harrasing me. Any if you have any questions, advices or suggestions for me, please leave me a message. Thanks.

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    IamtheJerry01 closed this thread because:
    No need to discuss more.
    14:20, January 30, 2019
    • What do you mean by adding new articles on characters? Do you mean you wished to add new articles of character? If yes, then lemme tell you that you have not created even an article of a character.

      I blocked you because you added false information of the wiki. You added a lot of categories on the pages which do not have any meaning in any point of view. Example: You added the category "Nobita Nobi" on this page which do not have any meaning. We know that there is only one character named Nobita Nobi and then what is the need to make a category page for it?

      You did have not been rude. You have just spammed and vandalized on the wiki. Editing a lot means to add some information on the pages, but after seeing your edits I can just say that you vandalized there. You made the articles like a trash.

      How can I forgive you?! That seems strange! I will never forgive you because of the things you did. I warned you once for spamming before, I thought you will understand. But my bad, I should have blocked you that day, so that I cannot see your vandalism yesterday. Do you even know what you did? You made more than 200 edits in which all are vandalism and spam. I need to contact a staff or VTSF now, to undo those edits. It does not matter for me that which disease you are suffering, it matters that why you spammed and vandalized on the wiki.

      I cannot give you another chance now, I do not wish to see you and your edits more on the wiki. I have do question, advice or suggestion for you. I only have an order: LEAVE MY USERPAGES RIGHT NOW and improve your english. You're Welcome! TheJerry10! (talk) 05:40, January 30, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Staff member or not tell me.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hiya! The global discussions moderator request page is for asking global discussions moderators to come help out in discussions, if the admins either aren't active or need some assistance. To request discussion mod rights locally, you should ask the admins of that wiki.

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central! Thanks for your edit to the Hi page.

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message; you may also want to visit the forums or join us on Chat. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around FANDOM.

    Happy editing!

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