Hyper Zergling

aka Lazergling

  • I live in New Jersey, USA
  • I was born on October 1
  • I am just trying to save lives.
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  • Hey, lozergling, if u really wanted to destroy everything that I had posted in ur worthless fanon (look like a Z-rate class of fanfics IMHO) wiki, u better do it right, and literally remove anything I had ever did there.

    Tell that kid and his lover jackjackson17 I sent them my warm greetings; best to stay off weak sites such as that one ur running.

    Sayonara! :)

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    • Mgdodl wrote:
      This makes it even more sad, that you're different in real life, but not on the wikis.

      If there was any mutual respect and not "swing at each other" mentality, I'd been showing my true personality. That's being said, I'm not into Wikis anymore, one may say since 2017.

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    • Where is it that way, I show my true personality and I don't have any problems ? Mostly I'm friendly and polite and I get through pretty much with this behavior, and sometimes you've to get over with such persons which don't show respect and there are only a few, if you show a proper behavior and not a lot.

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