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  • In Thread:1823409#28 you used Vignette with the "smart" mode. I was wondering how you know about that mode. I don't see it mentioned in the documentation I have been reading here.

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    • That's odd, smart doesn't even show up when searching through the git repo, in addition to not being documented. I found it because I wanted a quick image and grabbed one from the Popular Pages rail. Really weird that it somehow exists with github saying there are no instances of "smart" in the vignette repository.

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  • Sorry for the delay. I actually didn't know the CSS setup was that modular until you posted about this project, so I'm poking around in the DOM as I write this to try to see what's feasible. Here are my rambly thoughts.

    • It looks like there's an excessive left margin on the main-level entries that the card format makes unnecessary, since dates are now more visually distinct from the edits made on those dates. Might save space to remove that.
    • I obviously can't tell from the image alone, but assuming you haven't changed this: I think the collapsible arrowhead icons should have more padding so they're more convenient to press.
    • Maybe the N/m/b abbreviations should be shown as icons instead? I understand the advantages of using plaintext for that, but I still don't think it's the optimal design choice. Admittedly though, the Fandom icon set doesn't seem to have any matching designs, so you'd have to turn to outside sources or have one of us design some to match. And I'm not sure what a "minor edit" icon would even look like.
    • It would be nice if watched pages had a slightly highlighted card background color to make them stand out in another way. (I'd still prefer if all edited-page names were bolded, and this could make that feasible to change without losing information on whether the page is followed, but it's your call.)
    • I've seen a Wiki Activity CSS ruleset that also makes entries appear as cards, and it adds a thick left border that matches the color of the attached Wiki Activity icon. Maybe that design pattern could also be good for emphasizing the N/m/b abbreviations (or icons). Not the best for colorblindness accessibility, though. They'd ideally also be patterned or something.
    • The ". ." separators should be made transparent: The cards make the hierarchy clear enough that they're redundant, but I like the extra whitespace they provide between elements on the same line.
    • Due to the multi-line format, I think several of the brackets could be removed. Some of these, like the "Edits by:" and "Tag:" lines, could get a lighter font instead.
    • The "(diff | hist)" links and similar would be especially good as icons. Sadly, I don't think the Fandom icon set has any matches for those either…
    • The editors' names are on the first line for single edits, but get a new line for groups of edits, which is inconsistent. I think they should both be on a new line.
    • I think timestamps for grouped edits should be aligned with the timestamps for the whole group.
    • It could be nice if grouped edits were divided by horizontal borders and/or were slightly highlighted on hover, to help separate them. This might require more whitespace between the cards to keep the hierarchy clear. Though maybe that whitespace should be bumped up a bit anyway?
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    • I've figured out a way to do icons that I'm reasonably happy with, which icons for what were you thinking? And do we want to replace the edit marker dots with icons?

      For diff I'm thinking mediawiki's ArticleDisambiguation icon and for history I'm thinking mediawiki's history icon. We can give the tags mediawiki's tag icon or FDS's tag icon.

      If we're going to give the edit markers icons, they definitely all need icons, not just an icon for bot edits or an icon for new pages.

      • newpage: Mediawiki's addArticle icon, mediawiki's article icon, or FDS's page icon.
      • minoredit: Unsure
      • botedit: Mediawiki's robot icon

      Any thoughts?

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    • Whoops, yeah those seem good.

      Not sure what to do for minor edits either. Maybe a page with proofreading marks? Not sure how universal those are, and they probably don't have a preexisting icon.

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central! Thanks for your edit to the User:Fijalmire/global.js page.

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message; you may also want to visit the forums or join us on Chat. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around FANDOM.

    Happy editing!

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