aka Gamemakergm

  • I live in Right behind you!
  • My occupation is Software Developer
  • I am Male
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  • As a result of the hacking, I have changed my password. Ban Conventryjojo. Officialy hacked one user, and a suspect in the next...

    She just doesn't know what went wrong! Nor do I.

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  • Help! I was NOT on the internet on April 22nd. My account has been HACKED, just like how Smoothie77 was back in January (the third) Coventryjojo may be behind this. He was behind the Smoothie77 hacking.Coventryjojo

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    • I see, have you contacted Wikia about this?

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    • No, how do I?

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    • I suppose you can use Special:Contact and tell them about this. I am going to put some trust in you and unblock you from MoshiMonsters Wiki following what you said about changing your password. Any suspicious activity and I will reblock it to prevent any damage.

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    • A FANDOM user
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