Fuzzo the fuzzy bee

aka A random happy fuzzy bee

  • I live in A hive in the mountain. Near black bear. My beekeeper is so nice. He has 47,627,124 battle points somehow, while panda has 47,516,432. Like, how!? Must be his gifted lions and gifted spicies.
  • My occupation is Collecting pollen, killing mobs (king beetle, tunnel bear, cave monster, stump snail, coconut crab, ect.), hanging out with the other bees
  • I am Gifted as of very recently
  • Bio I am gifted, the image is outdated. My name is fuzzo. Please don’t leave your profiles, profile pics, and BIOs blank, please. It gets a bit annoying. Anyways, have a happy life and worship mr. frog! Also here’s a hint: a bird, an F, a robot, and a chain went on a walk, but only the ones that exist.
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