aka hipster trash ★ 💠

  • I live in an English country
  • My occupation is Wiki Editor, Discord user
  • I am whatever you want me to be.
  • Bio tired
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My Message Wall Rules

  1. No unnecessary messages. I want my message wall to be clean and I am not going to waste my time on it. Remember: Think what you're going to type in my message wall before you send it. Also, don't annoy me if I don't answer or want to answer.
  2. Don't jump into my message wall if I have a one-to-one message with some user(s). If you are, make it relevant to the topic. If not, it will derail the topic and messes everything up. (ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA HERE.)
  3. Most importantly: Don't ask about my personal information. This includes email and password, why do you really want to know? Just call me by my username. Remember, if I didn't ask you this in your wall, why ask mine? Refer to this.

*I see everything in my wall.* ^_^Edit

Thank you for reading my message wall rules. :)Edit

FreeSpirit98 (talk)

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