Welcome to my Message Wall, leave a message if you have a problem or you just wanna say hi.

This is my message wall. If you have any inquiries, click on the tab to read its contents. I should respond to messages within 24 hours. If I do not respond to you, please try posting on someone elses message wall.

These aren't official rules, but if you make one of these threads, it will be removed without warning.

  • Do not make spam threads, I will not reply and will have them removed.
  • If you got blocked by me on this wiki or any wiki, you can discuss it here, although I rather would have you ask me on the wiki you're banned on.
  • Do not beg me for promotions on other wikias.
  • If I redirect you to a person that can help, please go to that person and stop asking me.
  • Threads that are not in English will be removed.

This is list of Wikis I work on or is an admin of, and if you would like to discuss a block please put "block" somewhere in the subject name:

Besides the wikis I admin on, you can also find me here:

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