aka Duchess

  • I live in Not America
  • My occupation is Voice Actress, Artist, Video Editor, Wiki-cleaner
  • I am Female
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  • help clean my wiki up? if not u can block me.

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  • Hello.

    My name is John, I am MetroVG devteam member.

    Due of the message wall editing restriction you did wid me at The Sailor Moon Wiki, I'll say for the honor amd blood of my gypsy mother and my company: the Codename: Sailor V game is exist, the soundtrack and NeoEclipse's post in VCFed are the evidences. Also, Cybertech Custom is our studio.

    You may ignore me and give a permament block, I don't lie to ye. My company have confirmation documents.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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    • DuchessDream wrote:
      Look, I know who you are and I know about your little "parody" group so this isn't working on me.

      I know my Sailor Moon games and yours is a literal rip off of Sailor V Homebrew Wii game made by KungPow for the Destiny Revival series. There is nothing you can say to change my mind or even mildly convince me that what you are saying is true. Throw all the logistics you want at me, you're a troll and a scam artist through and through. Grow up.

      Please, calm down and drink a glass of wine.You'll feel better.

      And just ask NeoEclipse. He did an disk image with program. Once you will unpack the image, you'll see file with PRG extension. It's a program code. You'll now believe me?!!

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    • WheelMan Tanner, it's clear that the Sailor Moon wiki's admins have made a decision on this, please move on. And please keep conversations on Fandom civil. Thank you

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    • A FANDOM user
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