aka Ari

  • I live in 🏡A house🏡
  • My occupation is Drawing (in real life) and Animal Jam
  • I am A girl weirdo :P
  • Bio I am outgoing and usually happy. I love to eat snacks a lot (XD)! I am usually joking around. The only time I am not being happy and the only time I am serious is when I am in a bad mood or it is not a good time for fun. I am creator and head admin (only admin for that matter) at a few wikis. None of the really have users yet I don't think but its worth a shot! I love dogs! They are my favorite animals. (I also like unicorns as a close second. Don't judge me.) I am very excited most of the time, just because I guess. I am also extremely weird! XD! But I like being weird so I am never gonna stop ;p. Anyways, that is some stuff bout me! Have an amazing rest of your day!
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