aka Digimonking

  • I live in Other world
  • I was born on September 20
  • My occupation is Bowling
  • I am male
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  • We are sorry for your loss. :(

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  • Did you see my comment on your blog?

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  • Hey man, just a quick heads up. I was was wonder if you could edit you old massage here:, and just get ride of my last name, It's because I don't want my last name viewed to the public, it's just for safety reasons, just fix it from "Anthony Nichols" to "Anthony7470". If you can't fix it, than that's ok.

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  • The problem of autism kid

    This kid has autism because he got bully all his life in central city and he his working on a school project at school but the particle accelerator explosion caused to hit him.  He wake up in few months and go every normal but the bully push him to the ground.  The autism kid got mad that cause the whole school because the flashing lights, the bels  kept ringing, and the computers kept turning on and off every time.  The bully run away fear for his life.

    Two year later:

    The autism kid name tommy so not control his power at and he live with his grandma and grandpa because his own mom and father are afraid of his power and they kick him out.  He got mad that cause the light in house caught on fire and explosions to kill his own mom and dad.

    Tommy saw his bully name his chase that he made robots and he use his robots fire at tommy but hit him to cause tommy to be very mad that cause the robots turn side that fire at the chase that resulted the city might get destroyed.  Barry see the problem at star lab and put his suit on very to fast to save the day.  The flash see the robots still blasting but he see the kid control the robots and tried to clam him down but he think the flash his is bully to make the robots fire at him.  So the flash tried again by taking of his mask and his I been bully at your age.  Tommy clam down and the robots turn off.

    The flash offered a job for tommy and chase.  They will agree to work with the along side with the flash at the star lab.  Chase is helping tommy to control his power but he had on last machine.  The watch that told his power will to high and make sure it on the lower level.  They become best friends for a while and he respect his friend had autism.

    The end!

    I know to respect peoples different power.  This is a lesson for all the bully don't mess with autism kids and learn to respect them.  I get bully long time ago with my own problem and we became best friends as well.  I might told a other story about 18 chromosomes and Down syndrome peoples.  To learn to respect those peoples as well.  By the way this story is only one shot.

    other one I write.

    After the crisis is over

    On earth prime there was a camp call kikiwaka and most of the campers had different personalities changed.  Finn used to be the messy one but he completely in sport, dances, and cooking.  Matteo used to be the smart one but he now a video gamer.  Destiny used to completely pageant but she is a math genius.  Lou, Ava, Gwen, Noah the only one to remember thank to John Jones.

    Lou say welcome to camp kikiwaka and I hope you enjoyed your stay in summer camp.  Lou say hi Finn and you earn good gold medals.  Finn say I completely a lot and I baked you a double chocolate cake.  Lou taste the cake and yummy that good piece a cake.   Lou ask Finn do you want to cook all the meal in the mess hall? Finn say sure because it going keep me busy in the whole summer.  Lou is still thinking in the past and her prime life.  I remember Finn like to getting dirty and being messy and my prime life i was a nanny with the Ross kids but Luke die being hit by the bus.  Lou say I like this Finn much better but soon the camp will be over in few months and I ask John Jones to give my campers memories back.

    Noah is the movie actors for most of his life because he and Gwen are related because the earth is rewritten.  The reason they they are related is Gwen's parent tried to have other family to adopt Gwen as a baby and Noah's parent adopted Gwen.  Noah say I can't believe we are brother and sister now but we never be in past because you live in the wood.  Gwen say that the true because our prime life was different in the past like to travel different city.  Gwen say your parent take me to meet my father in central city and my father name was captain cold.  Noah say to Gwen that was our prime life? Gwen say yes! Gwen say sadly that he die for saving the legend.

    Arthur note: in my next i going to talk about Matteo, destiny, and Ava.  To told you what their prime life are.  In my third chapter going be a villain camp.  This is crisis season 1 of bunk'd!

    all the arrowverse shows show inspire me writing this two different stories but I wish I can share on the arrowverse wiki but can't.  If I hasn't been blocked and I was able to share my stories on the arrowverse wiki anyway.  Maybe someday I might write my own tv show and cartoons one day.  I know my writing is bad but I not perfect writing stories.  That way I am writing stories is fun for me to help me the way I write thing.

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    This is my own wiki and I invited you to come because the the regular arrowverse doesn’t had a dc in it.

    I wanted just like the regular arrowverse with out the design!

    Could you help me make my own Arrowverse Wiki?

    Please and thank you!

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    • I will invited IHHeroes and TimeShade to my new Arrowverse Wiki if you wanted to come.

      You know all arrowverse shows is dc!

      I going invited Chase McFly and OfficialBrandonF to my new Arrowverse Wiki if you wanted to if you wanted.

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    • thats not how announcements work... the regular arrowverse does have dc tho... sorry to poo on your parade but im suprised how everything you said there was wrong.

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    • The regular arrowverse doesn’t had dc it name. So I make my own because I feeling left out on the regular arrowverse but making my own arrowverse won’t makes me feel left out.

      Makings my own Arrowverse Wiki I can post my theories on that blogpost.

      I check and it turned out the regular arrowverse doesn’t had dc in it name because there is no proof of it.

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  • That movie was so funny in the movie theater because it mad the whole theater laughing.

    The dvd is com out on st Patrick day!

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  • Jared have new love interest but I wondering he still love with michaela but I don’t know?

    I don’t how will those passengers pass the death date.

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  • Hello. I have noticed you continue to post blogs about the arrowverse wiki despite TimeShade, its bureaucrat, responding to you on the decisions made and advice given. The blogs have been deleted.

    As advised by TimeShade, it would be best to accept that at this time, posting issues about Arrowverse is "spammish" and no longer necessary.

    A suggestion I have is to seek out a different TV show (such as Rugrats) to make theories on, or to talk about for the months before the block expires or you appeal a reduction.

    All the best!

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    • I can't make about digimon either and it no fair.

      i tried best I could come with a blogpost and it turned wrong.

      i always mess up on my blogpost because I never do anything right!

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    • Hello,

      You've been restricted from the website beyond your message wall for 2 hours. Take this time to read what I have said.

      The blog posts Community Central encourages are ones about Fandom (the company), wikis, and its users, not theories. Blogs about TV shows only are not encouraged, but talking about a TV show's wiki is ok.

      When you made a blog post about Manifest, it was deleted. You only talked about the show and not the wiki. You have done this over and over again in a short time, so a block has been applied to discourage putting your thoughts in the wrong place.

      In short, post blogs about a show on that show's wiki. Post blogs about Fandom, its wikis, and its users on this website (Community Central). Not doing so is discouraged.

      This is my last message. By understanding my advice, you can continue creating good blog posts that don't turn out wrong. You'll be doing a lot of things right, so don't be discouraged. It's a mistake you can learn from!

      Kind regards!

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  • The tv show manifest is a cool mystery tv show.

    I understand most of that show.

    1. The plane was missing five and half year.

    2. It cured cancer in the future.

    3. The calling doesn’t makes sense.

    4. The death date for the passengers on the plane die in June 2 2024.

    That tv show makes me hooked on that as my favorite tv show.

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  • Hello. You mentioned you had to keep your theories on Community Central for the time being, but blogs posts aren't meant for theories on other shows.

    Fortunately, I have moved these theories to your userspace (batwoman and flash), where you can keep them while keeping the blogs relatvely clean. Do put your theories on your userspace or message wall for the time being, not blogs.


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