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  • oh please! i've decided, he decided, we decided, these lies can pass over anyone, just don't try them on me. your entire wiki is a game of power and intrigue. Demoting the Founder? oh my! we have been naughty. The "Founder" position is a place of Honour, demoting the Founder means that none of you know the meaning of respect. Selty, sure has no luck in choosing Administartors and Bureaucrats. and oh...what's this? "After discussing your ban with Tierrie, I've decided to give you the right to appeal, but you will need to e-mail either Loleil, King Cousland or Tierrie.". Seems that, Tierrie, is working his political mind. I have already contacted the Staff, there no changing that, and appealing to anyone won't solve it. Because clearly, Tierrie, has control over this wiki- please, don't try to fool me-, i've already contacted the Staff two days ago, and the rest falls in their hands(as clearly, playing Independence hall with you fine peolpe won't solve it). Also, this entire ban is the result of corruption and Tierrie's general fear for his power. Sock puppetry wouldn't have been executed if such injust actions weren't taken, the entire blame falls on the corrupt actions of the Admin board(And by that you know of whom i speak). And please, don't go all "Consensus of the Community" on me, we both know that when this so called "form of general agreement" dosen't meet the intentions of-again- you know whom i speak of, is neglected and the entire course of action has nothing to do with it(just inspect the process of banning me, no complains? rings a bell?) And one final thing: those so called "malicious intents" are this: the only reason, Tunselous stopped spamming on your wiki, is because of our agreement. the agreement inlists: that he will not vandalize any wikis that iam part of and other wikis that iam not blocked on. by blocking me you make:1-the second term broken 2-since this is a permanent block iam no longer part of the wiki. so just wanted to give him a heads-up that the Dragon Age wiki, no longer falls under our agreement. now go manage your wiki, and let me manage mine.

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    • I was going to answer to each of your issues with me or the wiki, but then I'll let the Wikia staff handle it since you have contacted them. I don't see why I should discuss with you when I know you will simply not read what I wrote, or selectively read as you have done so in the past. If you need to refresh your memory of the things that have been said in the chat, I will be happy to provide the chat logs.

      I'll say this, however: the fact that you are contacting another user to tell him that your "agreement" with him no longer applies on the wiki says a lot about your character. I don't think you have the best interests for Wikia by doing that kind of thing.

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    • D-day, if the situation wasn't different, i would part with a pound of my flesh rather than do the things in the agreement. I am loosing alot to secure very few. and when a wiki dose not appreciate my efforts, why must I include them in an agreement that only secures their rest and not mine, too? i once cared for the wiki, you know, i went to Tunselous, and put myself and my wikis in the face of danger, and came with him to an agreement that secured your wiki, and you say that i did nothing to help? what? is this the new fashion of a kind "thank you"?, i want the best for, Wikia, but when, Tierrie, starts putting in injust and full of non-sense bans... well my dear, D-day, that is beyond me and him, this is a violation, and must be dealt with.

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