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  • Hey there, Cosmang! I know usually replies stays within the wiki it happened in; but my first attempt on calmingly point out some nuances was used as further example of how, in another's belief, I'm ill-suited. I have not claimed to be perfect, but if defending myself is just going to make me look guiltier in that one particular person's eyes; while I don't particularly care for it, I also don't particularly care to spend time on being ridiculed. So please bear with me with replying to you here. If it makes you uncomfortable or evokes other unpleasant feelings, I apologize in advance, and you are absolutely free to delete this.

    I wasn't sure if there was actually a question in your reply, which is another reason I'm not directly responding in the same post. Were you asking why I for some reasons honed in on the fact the statement wasn't on my "bio"? And why whether or not the place the statement appeared in is called the "bio" is worth arguing over?

    At first I thought there was a question, but the second part to me looks like you're telling me that, in the end, it doesn't matter. So I wasn't sure if you are interested to hear why I chose to respond, or was just simply noting that my response is irrelevant to you, and not needing another comment in response to your observation.

    Let me know? lol Because if it's the latter, I'd hate to bother you if you aren't interested in hearing. xD

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    • If it makes you feel any better (it probably won't D; but I figured I should still mention this;) that statement is actually a 3-year buildup of pent-up frustration explosion lol. It's more about the not-so-infrequent experiences of seeing people casually leaving comments about how small a wiki is and hoping it will be expanded etc., without actually trying to help out. Admins are important, sure, but without helpful editors, their spirits could eventually be easily crushed. No, not everyone is like that, but after seeing yet another innocent comment on a small wiki recently, again with the person not doing anything short of saying those stuff, I was annoyed (again.)

      I'm really sorry that the statement is hurtful to you; there's a reason why I didn't namedrop anyone, because it really wasn't specifically about anyone, I just personally don't like the action (an action which in itself is super vague, and the word count limit just couldn't let me put out the whole thing.)

      On a different note; I'm not sure how Seth calculated the votes prior to closing yours; but your blog analysis on HPW is super insightful (so insightful that I'm still digesting it lol,) initially I wasn't going to participate (I actually don't really care about Admin elections; I trust the current ones to make a decision that's best for the wiki,) but I have seen you making effort to help out, so I wouldn't have minded voting for (had I known the vote has started; still confused about that.)

      Like I said, not sure where "5 users for and 4 against" came from, because rereading the thread, I'm actually getting "3 for and 1 against;" I think 2 of the commenters were illegible to vote either way, so I'm assuming my comment was probably counted as against, even though I have not explicitly said so. The comment was really about how I personally don't think the so-called reasons (brought up not by you) were concrete, I think you deserve a better defense but that was not it. (and maybe that's just me.)

      I think if there's an Admin on HPW being just as active in the main wiki and the discussions, you will likely be that person, the first to achieve that. If I stick around long enough (I don't make promises I can't keep;) it'd be a pleasure of seeing that happen.

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    • I don't feel angry or sad anymore about your statement, it was well defended and I feel like you have all the right to rant about users (just as I complain very often about small children on the discussions who do nothing but ask the same questions over and over), and I definitely understand why you made that statement. As for the Blog, thanks! I hope more people will read it, I feel like Fandom pointed some very interesting stuff out, that we definitely could keep in mind. (I also really liked your template for the condensed spoilers. It's unfortunate it won't be used, imo it actually worked quite well) For the vote, I'm fairly sure he counted himself and Ironyak1 against, but I don't feel angry or sad about that. I also don't regret closing the application myself... It didn't seem to be going anywhere, and I think I realized that to gain the trust of editors, becoming an admin wouldn't be enough, but rather I'd have to edit more. xD Oh and yeah, I think it's inevitable I'll be that admin, I'm just too attached to the discussions and the wiki to leave it :P

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  • Hi, welcome to Community Central! Thanks for your edit to the Adoption:The Eagles Wiki page.

    If you need help, feel free to leave me a message; you may also want to visit the forums or join us on Chat. You can also check the staff blog to keep up-to-date with the latest news and events around FANDOM.

    Happy editing!

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