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Who are you?
I'm a FANDOM user who is willing to help when no one else will when they are free from academia for a short bit before being thrown back in. Completing unfinished tasks is an enjoyable hobby of mine, and talking with other wiki users about what's going on is always an enjoyable thing.

What do you do on FANDOM?
There are various things I can do that I want to do. If it's assistance, the task is under the condition that it cannot be completed without my help or if it goes against the list below. For basic things, I'm a decent person to talk to and am willing to help out when I can. Hopefully, we can develop a chemistry that benefits the both of us!

I would like to see this list you mentioned.


  • Write English beyond a native level, with the correct grammar, spelling, structure, and tone you would expect on an encyclopedic project.
  • Serve as a mediator and pseudo-detective to resolve wiki disputes.
  • Serve as a person to talk to regarding social or other internal problems (on the condition that you promise to improve and accept help, that I am not a professional, and to accept redirections to more appropriate or professional help).
  • Work for long periods to standardize wikis according to a style guide or other instructions (outside March-June and August-November or days I want to have me-time on)
  • Be trustworthy enough to be a temporary moderator, so long as my presence is required to do something the requester is incapable of currently, to prevent bad users from achieving power first. or other reasons.
  • Serve as a guardian against article vandalism among other areas where right-less users have access, so long as my presence is required so you can have time to adopt a wiki, are on vacation and no one else is appropriate enough for admin, or if you already know Help:VSTF and Help:CVN among other reasons.


  • Help if there are other resources or people available specifically to help you and you have the knowledge to request from them properly. An example is translating pages, which can be directed to the Language Brigade.
  • Guarantee my efforts will be satisfactory. A lack of proper instructions will prompt me to use the instructions in my head, and communication + chemistry is not guaranteed to suit both of us. Like every item listed here, I will do what's reasonably best.
  • Guarantee I will even complete a task. I normally have a good reason for stopping, but since it is voluntary, I can choose to stop halfway for any or no reason.
  • Not take any tasks if there are too many on queue or ongoing. Since this is my first time doing something like this, the limit is 1.
  • Not take on any tasks that I don't want to or cannot take. I do not know as much on the technical side of FANDOM, such as JavaScript, CSS, MediaWiki, etc. See the Dev Wiki or a technical FANDOM Staff member themself.
  • Be a personal assistant. I'm available to everyone.
  • Stick to only the task if I identify other issues I want to fix or report. This includes spelling mistakes to finding out you violated the terms of use somehow.
  • Most importantly, I cannot guarantee I won't go against you. This is more specific to the mediator role mentioned above, where you might expect me to support you all the way in a dispute.

Possible in the future

  • Be decent at drawing with my new equipment, consisting of a Surface Book 2 and a Surface Pen. I could then help with images or videos as my equipment cannot possibly lag to death.
  • Be decent at creating original technical code. no guarantees, though, as I don't have current plans for such.
  • Be available for a consistent amount of time once my life is settled properly after surviving the transition to adulthood and work.

How did you get to FANDOM?
My first wiki is on Battle Cats. I joined on April 5, 2013, but as my userpage explains, I could have existed since November 24, 2012. I have visited wikis before for information on how to beat certain enemies. Battle Cats was no exception, as I could not for the life of me figure out how to beat Teacher Bun Bun! Unfortunately, the wiki didn't exist yet. I could have created it, but I was scared of the responsibility.

My first proper wiki I have done a lot of contributions on is the Undertale Wiki. I got the passion for continuing because I was capable of solving its early-day mysteries, such as what face Asgore Dreemurr is making in his battle. Since then, I would interact with the wiki to share my knowledge after 100% the game (like checking every corner to see secrets). This began my rise to become the person I am today.

How is FANDOM for you now?
I continue to respect this place as a nurturing ground for people looking to be more academically capable in life. By learning how to write proper articles on topics you love, read newspapers to confirm theories for your trivia points, and the chance to serve as a leader of the people with the same passions as you, I believe Wikia has done an amazing thing to unite so many people to combine their knowledge and present it to the rest of the world.

That said, I do have my complaints. One complaint would be no JavaScript designer tool for site functions compared to the existing Theme Designer tool for how the wiki looks. It takes me a good amount of searching just to find out how to add a WikiActivity refresher so I don't have to press F5 all the time. If this were to be added, then it would make creating JavaScript easier for those who aren't tech-heavy.

My second complaint is how the advertisements function or users who are logged out. This homepage incident is unfortunate enough, but the wiki background can sometimes be overwritten by an advertisement, making the wiki theme pointless to have. Fixing this would be splendid to see to make sure that inconveniences don't obstruct the pursuit for knowledge.

What are your hobbies and interests other than FANDOM stuff?
One hobby is observing the YouTube community, specifically the drama. It might help with editing the YouTube Wiki and combating 'rage' vandalism.

My second hobby is to find out the best way to save money. I am incredibly cheap and will only purchase beyond necessities if it will be an excellent long-term investment or if the product deserves my support. The best products to support me in doing this is Reddit and YouTube.

My third hobby is gaming. My equipment has become out of date, so much so that I cannot game properly outside of mobile games anymore. However, I intend to change this with the purchase of a Surface Book 2 which already has an Nvidia GTX 1060. Once this is achieved, I can play the things I wish I could have such as Hollow Knight. Better yet, since I have a CheatHappens subscription, I can do cheats that reveal "what-if" scenarios. What happens if you kill a seemingly unkillable boss or enemy? I can answer stuff like that.

My fourth hobby is watching plenty of anime. Anime combines two of my favorite things: scientific exploitation and saving money. Crunchyroll has an extensive library that has the latest episodes free after one week, so it checks Money out of the equation unlike TV stations like Cartoon Network. I also don't like real-life shows and prefer stuff like Pixar. Most importantly, the shows always have a consistent schedule unlike, say, Steven Universe.

What do you want to become when you grow up?
I'm not sure. I have dreams to accomplish, but I don't like the methods in getting there. I am currently studying Psychology and Criminology, however, so that might help with work prospects. It helps with FANDOM a lot, though, because it's important to maintain a healthy and supportive community, especially if the support is actually done right. Same goes with identifying better and more likely reasons why people do bad things, such as vandalism (possible case of Edgework, for example).

I also have a passion for critiquing TV and movie media, meaning I could become a pop-culture critic. It's hard to explain, but it's fun for me to identify and imagine ways to improve a character or execute a scene better. This interests sparked from the famous Abridged series on YouTube, a popular example being Dragon Ball Z: Abridged.

Another interest similar to the above is listening to voice acting, meaning I could become something like a sound critic. With voice acting in particular, I have noticed a few trends in which I am surprised even persist. One is how every character seems to speak perfectly without error. That is unrealistic. I compare my conversations with people with those on TV shows, and it's nothing like that. Among other factors, I would like to see how TV can better portray occurrences in a realistic, enthusiastic, and engaging way. That's just my opinion, though.

Any final comments?
Thanks for reading. I appreciate you knowing me better in a general sense. For further messages, leave a message here.

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  • Special:Contributions/JusticeXYZ

    This person's first contribution was on MIJUJT WIKIKI's Wall, and I have bad feeling about it.

    Message Wall:MIJUJT WIKIKI?useskin=oasis

    I am in need of reassurance.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • hi i made a blog i edited it and i need it to be deleted

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • [|(Well,crap. I had left FANDOM a little long time ago,and I have 100% no intention of coming back. I don't deserve to be treated like garbage by people like you. Not only do I hate you,...I can't trust you anymore. As of this(!) moment,...and from this(!) point in life in general onward and beyond,'re,..."dead", me. Hmph!,...Jerk.)|]

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    • This reply has been removed
    • All the best, though I'll caution you to be nicer, especially to others, throughout your journey on the internet.

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    • (well crap, i have to say something, and i have an intention to end this arguement, Cheese doesnt deserve to have a blog made about him being a "jerk".  not only is this "roast" stupid, But flat out (sorry exscuse my language) RETARDED. as of this moment, do not call people out before the only thing dead is your ip adress

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I feel safe on CC now. Yay for admin.

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  • Thanks for the tips for the references.

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  • Congratulations on admin rights. Good to see they have learned their lesson for global blocking you for a joke for a year with that incident in 2016/2017.

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    • When we unite together, anything is possible! But no, it's always good to pull people up for mistakes. The result is better people here and now.

      Thank you very much. I'll see what I'll be doing tomorrow :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You're doing an excellent job keeping your cool. However, it is time to involve an admin.

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    Cheeseskates closed this thread because:
    do what you feel is right.
    03:46, July 14, 2019
  • Hey! You! Yeah,you! Please let me take a long moment of your time.

    Are you an Elitist or something?

    How much do you like and favor censorship?

    Do you not like to uphold,support and defend The First Amendment in The U.S. Constitution?

    And one more thing!,...Are you a sellout and a member of,... "The Sheeple Herd"?

    And you dare to call yourself a discussions and chat moderator?

    I call you,...

    One,a censorship-loving Elitist,...

    Two,a sellout,...

    And Three,an unknowingly corrupted and dehumanized mortal worm.

    People just like you,...make,,...sick.

    And you may or may not have to,but here is my advice to you,even if you never did ask for it.

    Please stop abusing your power,strip yourself of your positions of power,...

    DELETE!,... All of your online accounts,...

    Get off The Internet and stay off AND away from it,

    get outside,and go get BOTH a life AND a purpose

    in life in general itself that has some meaning.

    And if you don't like that,...well,...

    You can go send yourself to where The Devil calls home,...

    IF you know I mean!,...


    You disgust me,...


    And on a side note,...please don't make any edits to,...THIS!

    THIS!,...Is MY opinion,not yours!,...And my opinion alone.

    THANK YOU,RUCK YOU,BYE!,...BOOM! (There!,...How about that,huh?,...HOW ABOUT THAT??)

    ["Do I have your attention now?,.....HUH?" -Dave Bautista(Batista)]

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    Cheeseskates closed this thread because:
    09:45, July 6, 2019
    • Reference

      Hello. Yes, you are free to express your opinion, and this wiki and I ensure that opinion is considered for and is not censored. It would be appreciated, however, if users follow the FANDOM Community Guidelines. There are rules in the real world (the constitution you mentioned) that are to be followed, and there are rules on this website that make everyone happy if followed. I request you do the same by not swearing and focus on messaging others more politely, as it can help boost happier and more enthusiastic relationships among other users here.

      If you have more questions and concerns, you may contact Fandom Staff members for their opinion and expect a response in 2-3 days at the time of this writing.

      All the best.

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    • Cheeseskates wrote:

      Hello. Yes, you are free to express your opinion, and this wiki and I ensure that opinion is considered for and is not censored. It would be appreciated, however, if users follow the FANDOM Community Guidelines. There are rules in the real world (the constitution you mentioned) that are to be followed, and there are rules on this website that make everyone happy if followed. I request you do the same by not swearing and focus on messaging others more politely, as it can help boost happier and more enthusiastic relationships among other users here.

      If you have more questions and concerns, you may contact Fandom Staff members for their opinion and expect a response in 2-3 days at the time of this writing.

      All the best.

      Please stay away from me,...forever.

      And if you don't like swearing,then maybe you should not even have an account on FANDOM at all. Just saying,of course!

      And by the way,I am a supporter and defender of,...


      I know what MY rights as a citizen of The United States of America AND a human being are,...and I will NOT let either YOU OR ANYONE ELSE to attempt to DEHUMANIZE someone like,... #ME!,...I will NOT allow it!

      "Of course,you know,THIS(!) means WAR!"

      Please think long and hard about who had said those words,...

      Get off FANDOM and The Internet,...

      And go get a life.

      And from my point of view,which I don't want to have been edited by you,...

      You are nothing less and nothing more than,...

      One,...a living,breathing Elitist "sheeple" puppet,...

      Two,...A censorship-loving freak,...

      And Three,...As worse as Donald Trump,Mike Pence,Ajit Pai,Hillary Clinton and Alex Jones combined as one are!,...

      And I hate you for it. ​

      🙏 Namaste,...scumbag. 🤜👎😠😡💢🌋☣☢💀

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  • Hello, thank you for your input on that thread. It was nice of you though for future reference such assistance in such matters is not necessary. No matter how heated something gets it always cools down and on neutral areas such as Community Central it is important people say their piece, and especially where freedom of speech issues are concerned there is never any need to close threads. Yes, I am thankful you may have thought it was sparing my wall but again, this whole wiki is good for resolving such topics and if it could help alleviate that issue then it’s no problem being on my wall, always nice to be helpful.

    Had the topic not been making progress of which it thankfully has now, I could see a resolution coming and I have my own working practices of conflict mediation which function well, I had constructive observations to add. The length of a thread has no bearing on its outcome; it would have still been successful. Similarly closing the thread and suggesting that new ones be opened… rather than having multiple different threads spread about at least the issue was all kept together in one area which I am sure people would appreciate more, better issues like this are minimised rather than closed to flare up in other, multiple spaces after all. So thank you for your input this time but in the future no need, I also know what works and have it covered.

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    • That's good to know and will consider for you in the future. Read on if you want my thought process.

      The problem that I spotted that convinced me was the multiple back-and-forths stating the same point and "immaturity/stubbornness", with one coming down to pointing out a spelling mistake as if it's important to state. I then decided the thread be closed because, once a new one is formed, people would have had their break to think less emotionally and might have come up with some plan. Overall, the users said their piece, but too many times. Though the thread may have been successful without intervention, it is of value for the success to come with as little repetition as possible.

      That was my thought process, at least. Good to know things are working out.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • If you're expecting me to beg to be unblocked, you've got another thing coming.

    However, I would at least like to provide context for my last comment.

    So, if we look back, Whatsyourexcuse(I think) said that if I didn't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all. That's fair, but I've always had a desire to get one over on people who don't understand the context of the situation, so I chose to do an old trick I did once before(It's still in Ferret's wall actually). It's no work of genius, but I learned of a means of hiding messages to the point where no one sees them.

    "So, what should I make hidden? " I thought to myself. Eventually I reached the conclusion of using scripted lines from the game Five Nights with 39. It seemed suitably rude, and voices some private thoughts. However, the hidden message command meant no one would ever see it, making it appear as if I said nothing. Witty, no? Okay, not really, but it doesn't really matter as your BOT out a stop to it.

    In regards to your message, I'm afraid that's an empty threat, as I can come back when I like, whether I'm using an account or not. Basically, your attempt at being tough and just fell flat, as the statement doesn't affect me.

    Actually, since we're talking about something related to him, I might as well mention why I've haunted Ferret for... 2 or 3 years? Yeah I think that's it. Anyways, I'd just like to say I'm aware he's- is disabled the correct word?- and that his grip of reality is not as fine as most. This I understand; he's had to put up with some tough stuff. However, I cannot find an explanation for the arrogance and mocking side of him that peeks out every now and then. Lasting past trauma can't explain that, yet he acts as if it does. 

    I've personally felt the worst of it, so as such I want an explanation.

    And he hasn't given me one.

    But he will, if I am still here.

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    Cheeseskates closed this thread because:
    11:40, June 17, 2019
    • Personally I thought a year long ban would've worked better but you're the boss.

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    • Hello. I've contacted Fandom Staff about the event, and they will provide the most appropriate advice and course of action in due time. As foreword, I am unwilling to hear the history between you and the user in question, so please don't comment about your 2-3 years 'haunting' them.

      As for my current judgment, it would not matter if the message was hidden or was a quote (which wasn't quoted in your case) from media. It still exists and can eventually be seen and taken seriously. Foresight into the potential consequences is important, as your intentions can very easily go wrong. You may appreciate "The Zen Admin", which its tips can be followed by everyone.

      I have contacted Fandom Staff for a second opinion. From my judgment, your behaviour and attempted comments violate various dotpoints in the Terms of Service and are not what the community welcomes. Once you stop 'haunting' the user (harassment) and change how you talk to others, the community and I may welcome you with open arms.

      Best regards.

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    • Very well then. I understand.

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