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What is this? This is my “work schedule.” It’s self-imposed and not by Fandom Staff. Between these times, I will be ‘online’ on Community Central.

Why is this here? There are two reasons: 1. It encourages me to work hard in these times and still have my ‘me time’ be abundant. 2. I do have a life, so I should not be expected to work all the time. Pay me first!

What should I expect when you’re ‘online’? You can expect me to check the 100 entries in Special:RecentChanges that I witness once online and new entries henceforth until I run out. I’ll then check the welcome replies, images, videos, speedy deletions, adoptions, forum and blog posts. I don’t do interwiki requests yet. Ask Sophiedp.

What happens if you didn’t do anything during online time, according to Special:RecentChanges? Nothing happens. Two scenarios are possible: 1. Nothing required my intervention, such as reporting spam, mediating disputes, and monitoring suspicious activity among others. 2. I believe with reason that any intervention from me will be harmful or better done by someone else (See the FAQ “list you mentioned” section for things I can and cannot do, but I’ll say specifics if asked).

What do you do when you’re ‘offline’? I won’t be obligated to respond to anything on Community Central. This behaviour practices the “right to disconnect”, and as a volunteer member, I will exploit it :P . Being offline does not mean I will be ‘inactive’, and I can do extra things like reports and messages. I’m just not obligated to.

When your ‘offline’, are you unavailable? The schedule above will note this. For example, I cannot be notified on Saturday, but I can be notified any other day. What does being ‘notifiable’ mean? I define the word here as willing to check my notifications. Remember, if I am offline, I am not obligated to respond to notifications I check.

Do other Community Central staff members have similar schedules? I don’t know. I chose to make and share this schedule because I wanted to. The cccrew is not obligated to create their own schedules.

If all the moderators are unavailable in some circumstance, will your schedule be void for the sake of Community Central? No. cccrew unavailability is not our responsibility. You can contact a Fandom Staff member regarding availability, and depending on the circumstance, obligatory action will be made.

What time is it where I live, and can I do stuff now?


I'm currently in my 3rd-year university semester, and uni staff have been silly with helping me enrol in one unit, so I am behind and need to do uncomfortable catchup (extraneous circumstances).

I'll be back when I am comfortable with the workload, which might be around mid-April to early-May. We'll see :)

This user is a native speaker of English.

Frequently Asked & Predicted Questions

Who are you?
I'm a FANDOM user who is willing to help when no one else will when they are free from academia for a short bit before being thrown back in. Completing unfinished tasks is an enjoyable hobby of mine, and talking with other wiki users about what's going on is always an enjoyable thing.

What do you do on FANDOM?
There are various things I can do that I want to do. If it's assistance, the task is under the condition that it cannot be completed without my help or if it goes against the list below. For basic things, I'm a decent person to talk to and am willing to help out when I can. Hopefully, we can develop a chemistry that benefits the both of us!

I would like to see this list you mentioned.


  • Write English beyond a native level, with the correct grammar, spelling, structure, and tone you would expect on an encyclopedic project.
  • Serve as a mediator and pseudo-detective to resolve wiki disputes.
  • Serve as a person to talk to regarding social or other internal problems (on the condition that you promise to improve and accept help, that I am not a professional, and to accept redirections to more appropriate or professional help).
  • Work for long periods to standardize wikis according to a style guide or other instructions (outside March-June and August-November or days I want to have me-time on)
  • Be trustworthy enough to be a temporary moderator, so long as my presence is required to do something the requester is incapable of currently, to prevent bad users from achieving power first. or other reasons.
  • Serve as a guardian against article vandalism among other areas where right-less users have access, so long as my presence is required so you can have time to adopt a wiki, are on vacation and no one else is appropriate enough for admin, or if you already know Help:VSTF and Help:CVN among other reasons.


  • Help if there are other resources or people available specifically to help you and you have the knowledge to request from them properly. An example is translating pages, which can be directed to the Language Brigade.
  • Guarantee my efforts will be satisfactory. A lack of proper instructions will prompt me to use the instructions in my head, and communication + chemistry is not guaranteed to suit both of us. Like every item listed here, I will do what's reasonably best.
  • Guarantee I will even complete a task. I normally have a good reason for stopping, but since it is voluntary, I can choose to stop halfway for any or no reason.
  • Not take any tasks if there are too many on queue or ongoing. Since this is my first time doing something like this, the limit is 1.
  • Not take on any tasks that I don't want to or cannot take. I do not know as much on the technical side of FANDOM, such as JavaScript, CSS, MediaWiki, etc. See the Dev Wiki or a technical FANDOM Staff member themself.
  • Be a personal assistant. I'm available to everyone.
  • Stick to only the task if I identify other issues I want to fix or report. This includes spelling mistakes to finding out you violated the terms of use somehow.
  • Most importantly, I cannot guarantee I won't go against you. This is more specific to the mediator role mentioned above, where you might expect me to support you all the way in a dispute.

Possible in the future

  • Be decent at drawing with my new equipment, consisting of a Surface Book 2 and a Surface Pen. I could then help with images or videos as my equipment cannot possibly lag to death.
  • Be decent at creating original technical code. no guarantees, though, as I don't have current plans for such.
  • Be available for a consistent amount of time once my life is settled properly after surviving the transition to adulthood and work.

How did you get to FANDOM?
My first wiki is on Battle Cats. I joined on April 5, 2013, but as my userpage explains, I could have existed since November 24, 2012. I have visited wikis before for information on how to beat certain enemies. Battle Cats was no exception, as I could not for the life of me figure out how to beat Teacher Bun Bun! Unfortunately, the wiki didn't exist yet. I could have created it, but I was scared of the responsibility.

The first proper wiki I have done a lot of contributions on is the Undertale Wiki. I got the passion for continuing because I was capable of solving its early-day mysteries, such as what face Asgore Dreemurr is making in his battle. Since then, I would interact with the wiki to share my knowledge after 100% the game (like checking every corner to see secrets). This began my rise to become the person I am today.

How is FANDOM for you now?
I continue to respect this place as a nurturing ground for people looking to be more academically capable in life. By learning how to write proper articles on topics you love, read newspapers to confirm theories for your trivia points, and the chance to serve as a leader of the people with the same passions as you, I believe Wikia has done an amazing thing to unite so many people to combine their knowledge and present it to the rest of the world.

That said, I do have my complaints. One complaint would be no JavaScript designer tool for site functions compared to the existing Theme Designer tool for how the wiki looks. It takes me a good amount of searching just to find out how to add a WikiActivity refresher so I don't have to press F5 all the time. If this were to be added, then it would make creating JavaScript easier for those who aren't tech-heavy.

My second complaint is how the advertisements function or users who are logged out. This homepage incident is unfortunate enough, but the wiki background can sometimes be overwritten by an advertisement, making the wiki theme pointless to have. Fixing this would be splendid to see to make sure that inconveniences don't obstruct the pursuit for knowledge.

What are your hobbies and interests other than FANDOM stuff?
One hobby is observing the YouTube community, specifically the drama. It might help with editing the YouTube Wiki and combating 'rage' vandalism.

My second hobby is to find out the best way to save money. I am incredibly cheap and will only purchase beyond necessities if it will be an excellent long-term investment or if the product deserves my support. The best products to support me in doing this is Reddit and YouTube.

My third hobby is gaming. My equipment has become out of date, so much so that I cannot game properly outside of mobile games anymore. However, I intend to change this with the purchase of a Surface Book 2 which already has an Nvidia GTX 1060. Once this is achieved, I can play the things I wish I could have such as Hollow Knight. Better yet, since I have a CheatHappens subscription, I can do cheats that reveal "what-if" scenarios. What happens if you kill a seemingly unkillable boss or enemy? I can answer stuff like that.

My fourth hobby is watching plenty of anime. Anime combines two of my favourite things: scientific exploitation and saving money. Crunchyroll has an extensive library that has the latest episodes free after one week, so it checks Money out of the equation unlike TV stations like Cartoon Network. I also don't like real-life shows and prefer stuff like Pixar. Most importantly, the shows always have a consistent schedule unlike, say, Steven Universe.

What do you want to become when you grow up?
I'm not sure. I have dreams to accomplish, but I don't like the methods of getting there. I am currently studying Psychology and Criminology, however, so that might help with work prospects. It helps with FANDOM a lot, though, because it's important to maintain a healthy and supportive community, especially if the support is actually done right. Same goes with identifying better and more likely reasons why people do bad things, such as vandalism (possible case of Edgework, for example).

I also have a passion for critiquing TV and movie media, meaning I could become a pop-culture critic. It's hard to explain, but it's fun for me to identify and imagine ways to improve a character or execute a scene better. This interests sparked from the famous Abridged series on YouTube, a popular example being Dragon Ball Z: Abridged.

Another interest similar to the above is listening to voice acting, meaning I could become something like a sound critic. With voice acting in particular, I have noticed a few trends in which I am surprised even persist. One is how every character seems to speak perfectly without error. That is unrealistic. I compare my conversations with people with those on TV shows, and it's nothing like that. Among other factors, I would like to see how TV can better portray occurrences in a realistic, enthusiastic, and engaging way. That's just my opinion, though.

Any final comments?
Thanks for reading. I appreciate you knowing me better in a general sense. For further messages, leave a message here or perhaps contact me on Discord with this ID: #7501

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  • Is likely to be Ahoy16/StarCookie99 as a sockpuppet account. Just letting you know.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, I'm trying to disable my account

    But it won't work

    I tried to change my username to InactiveUser 99 like a minute before I disabled it but now it's acting like I'm two different users. Like it'll redirect me to my own profile when I'm ON my own user profile, saying "Redirect: InactiveUser 99" and then it redirects me to the same user page I was on before.

    The username change doesn't show though

    And I'm still able to use my account even though I'm trying to disable it.

    Can you help me?

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    • Hello.

      I see the problem. The URL of your userpage is the name change you wanted, but the rename tool likely caused some errors.

      You might want to contact Fandom Staff about this, since I cannot change the interface to fix this issue. It would be highly recommended to attach screenshots.

      Would I be misunderstanding the problem? If not, then all the best!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey. I noticed that you have changed your profile picture. That's great, cuz this new one you put is better than your old one!

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  • The Spanish version of the Heroes Wiki is still under development. Can you help find any Spanish developers that might help in that wiki?

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  • Why do you removed my blogpost?

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    Cheeseskates closed this thread because:
    02:09, February 13, 2020
  • You said this in Dans thread. (e.g. actually harassing them as interpreted by Fandom Staff). When an admin bans you, it says you are allowed to contact the admin who banned you to talk about the ban, correct? But as you are banned, you CANT talk to the admin because you cant write on his wall and email adresses are not public. If you choose to do it on another wiki, they then accuse you of cross wiki harasment and you get banned from THAT wiki too. The staff here really need to change stuff, its almost as if it is desinged to be unfair. 

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    • View all 9 replies
    • and I would not expect you to tell me the results of the test btw, but if they are socks, and I can prove that they use the socks for mischeif ( like backing THEMSELFES up in arguments ) will you finally put an end to their reign?

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    • I'll also note that our CheckUser is to deal with illegitimate sockpuppets on Community Central or if the suspect is the sock of a globally blocked user. The result is that I cannot use CheckUser to identify a user's different accounts if that user hasn't been disruptive enough to earn a block on Community Central or a global block (primarily a Fandom Staff issue).

      SaucyDan wrote: and I would not expect you to tell me the results of the test btw, but if they are socks, and I can prove that they use the socks for mischeif ( like backing THEMSELFES up in arguments ) will you finally put an end to their reign?

      I cannot 'put an end to their reign' for any reason unless they are violating the policies on Community Central, and even then, I can only enforce action on Community Central, not other wikis. As the situation you describe is a local issue (thread), I cannot dictate what occurs on another wiki.

      I will also advise that CheckUser doesn't prove sockpuppetry but acts as extra objective evidence to support the argument. That is an important thing to consider, as a user's identity is dynamic and constantly changing. You'll need to supplement CheckUser with other evidence.

      The moral of the story: only the local community can solve local problems, which is why it is heavily emphasised that you and others come to an understanding and a satisfactory compromise. Rather than try to fight one another, you work together to help one another.

      Feel free to post more questions if you wish, but it will be difficult for me to advise you of your options for the situation you're interested in.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I created a template for my user page and for some reason everything collapses when the tab is closed. Can you help fix this for me?

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  • I thought I'd message you, as you seem to be the most recently active admin. 

    There is a user posting highly homophobic comments. 

    He's calling "homosexual" people evil, cretins, disgsuting, and sinful. 

    It's also after he's been seemingly warned by staff about it.

    The user's "Toby the Pug" and the comments are here:

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  • This user keeps abusing category pages by creating ones for things not relevant to the site. I've marked them for deletion and Love Robin has been deleting them, but this user keeps either recreating them or undoing my edits that mark them for deletion.


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    • A FANDOM user
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    • Hello. You contacted me on a day that I'm not readily available. Looks like they've been globally blocked, so all is fine.

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    • A FANDOM user
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