Why the hell are you banning all of our accounts? I am not the only one who is using the computer. Yesterday you just banned my sister from the Total Drama wiki, and she didn't do anything. She got all pissed and didn't know why she got banned. I also never vandalised the wiki, EVER! I was just doing some work on the archives and suddenly you banned me again. I don't know why you keep banning all of us, but I think you should stop Giggett 21:25, March 31, 2011 (UTC)

Note to ALL ADMINS in the TDI wiki Edit

The TDROTI archives consists of five archives, although all 5 have 3 different names which are Reloaded, Revenge of the Isalnd, and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. The problem is that the archives must have only ONE name and the other two must be redirected to that one name, which is : Revenge of the Island.

First let's start with the table of contents, right now there are two:

The good one links to the current archives with the current name. The bad one needs to be deleted.

Why? Well the bad one links to the old archives which contain A LOT of unrelated TDWT content. The new archives only contain TDROTI content, which is why there are only 4 instead of 5. The old archives are protected so that is why they are still there, and since the content is now outdated, they need to be deleted and redirected to the new archives.

Here is the list of the bad archives below:

Here is the list of the good archives below. The archives above need to redirected to the ones below:

By the way the older Reloaded archives currently redirect to the bad archives, which they need to redirected to the good archives. So can you change the link of the redirect to the archives below?

So get it? It's simple as this. The five in the top, and the five in the bottom need to be redirected to the five in the middle, cuz only the five in the middle are the good archives. The five in the top still have content, but that content is ALSO in the five in the middle. So you can say we got duplicated archives with different names. Cody2011 22:58, April 5, 2011 (UTC)