Anylist Amethyst

aka TechVerse

  • I live in Magical Wonderland
  • I was born on October 26
  • My occupation is Student Editor
  • I am Male
  • Bio I work on 13 wikis (all Nickelodeon) and has gained and admin role or beyond on 5.
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Hello <insert name here> to my Message Wall! Before asking a question on my wall consinder the following:

  • I am only a User meaning I can not answer anything Staff-related such as vandalism, bugs, trolls,etc
  • Do not answer threads that aren’t related to you.
  • Please do not use any profanity on my wall as it’s not allowed on FANDOM.
  • Do not send anything that violates the FANDOM Terms of Service


“Help! There’s vandalism on my wiki!”

  • If you notice spam or vandalism on a wiki the best option is to contact the VSTF.

“Please unblock me on this wiki!”

  • If you were blocked on a wiki it must have been for a legitimate reason and could be appealable. Begging does not help

“Can you help me with my wiki?”

  • I am always interested in giving back to the community, but don’t expect me to be on there all the time.

“Where Do I Report Bugs/Glitches?”

  • Best option is to contact FANDOM support to report any bugs/glitches.

It’s lit,

Anylist Amethyst (Wall)

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  • Bigteddy was removed from the Dangershakers twitter and say this comment , Bigteddy and Checker Fred split up. Checker Fred was main admin and then just suddenly droped downhill to content moderator. That is odd altogether as they were a great team on the Henry Danger wiki, however that is not the case until I looked into things. Bigteddy does hardly anything at all and has Fred do everything creative. What was the most creative thing he has done here? Nothing besides creat the wiki.

    This message proves it even more [1] as bigTeddy said he didn’t want to do it when asked as Fred has no internet and won’t help him out. Just shows how bad of an admin he is.

    I think Fred just had enough and didn’t want to do all the editing and decided to let him run the wiki on his own and make all the creative decisions on his own while Fred just sits back this time around. Just shows how lazy Bigteddy is and Fred just didn’t want to deal with him anymore.

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  • Hi Amethyst!
    I just wanted to stop by and let you know that the new Netflix show The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia is out, and so is its wiki (link here). Since its genre is something up your alley, I was wondering if you would be keen in editing on the wiki and invite you to collaborate on it. Whether you want to edit there is all up to you, but I thought it would be something that interests you and potentially enjoy working on.

    Have a wonderful day!

    The Silver wings of Night (talk) @fandom 20:59, February 17, 2020 (UTC)

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  • I know you are aware of the user who is attacking Naldoxd. I was going through his wall, and noticed this [1], and I know he has had issues in the past. So it got me thinking, what are the chances Naldoxd is the one attacking, but doing it on himself. You know more than I do as I just keep reporting the attacking accounts. Plus he has not been around for a few days, so it does seem odd to me. What are your thoughts?

    Also to let you know it looks like All that is going to be calling the next season, Season 11 as the production codes show it over on show fax, witch is a casting site.

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  • Good morning

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