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  • Hello, I was kinda wondering if you could help me with a table because I was thinking in making a template based these based on this and this templates, and I was also wondering how can I make based on these templates to simplify the table in this page, more is on this thread.

    Thank you for your time

    "The Phenomenal" Team69Roll(talk) 21:38, September 30, 2019 (UTC)

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    • Lol. I saw that thread and was going to comment but it seemed, at the time, like you were already getting enough help. What are you trying to do that hasn't already been addressed in that thread? Or is it just the rowspan thing now.

      In case you care to know, you can make the table rows render on the template page by using inclusion tags. here is an example.

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    • No, well the issue is still to be addressed, but ok I'll take look at the page but like I told you I was trying to make this table but you know using the that code with rowspan thing but still I don't know how to make the rowspan part like some parts of the table.

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  • Can you please adopt the Crank Yankers Wiki or contribute? It needs help.

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    • I see. Well, then I guess (s)he can't? I never considered what happens regarding adoptions when a user is blocked here on CC. I would not have thought it was a forgone conclusion that they shouldn't be allowed to adopt a wiki. But if they can't edit here, then they can't apply. Or maybe there is an exception put in place for the adoption pages?

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  • Have we met?

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  • More supertastic bot time! Like I say probably easier as a guide in an easy to find place, right here:

    MassRename is for all your give images that have random number titles legible names needs!

    'u:dev:MassRename/code.js', can be fitted in with the others like so among with FindAndReplace, MassEdit and so forth. The WikiaBar below is the JWB so it is all neat together in one place.

    Anywho to use MassRename first you need to give your bot admin or content moderator rights as only they can rename images. Then add the random code name images that are better with titles and copy and paste them into MassRename that appears under “My Tools” on the lower toolbar on a wiki.

    Open your computer console and add this (change .png to .jpg depending on the image) which also adds File: infront of them so it works (if your images already have File: before them, remove ‘File:’ + around the middle before the new name, Episode 1 - for example. 

    var txt = document.getElementById('text-rename');
    var val = txt.value.split('\n');
    var num = 1;
    $.each(val, function (k, v) {
        val[k] = 'File:' + v + ' File:Episode_1_-_' + num + '.jpg';
        num += 1;
    txt.value = val.join('\n');

    Tick leave a redirect behind otherwise if you don’t replace them in source mode the code name images will be deleted and if you want the images back you will have to check the history and add them all manually : ) For example 1f07554f.jpg will appear as a name title with an empty image on the page it is on, so you have to check in the history to that it is now called Episode 2 - 1.jpg for example and re-add it for the image to appear, and then do that for each one!

    But that’s a thrilling drastic scenario, leave a redirect behind and then initiate for the images to be renamed! Whilst they will appear with their lovely new names when an image is clicked, a rename is a redirect – the original random code name will still be on the page in source mode so we’ll change that too.

    var num = 1;
    var abc = [];
    while (num < 148) {
        abc.push('File:Episode 1 - ' + num + '.jpg ');
        num += 1;

    Running this in console (the 148 is a number one more than the images you would like, have 50 images? Input 51)

    Then the list is ready to copy and paste over the random code names like this. There FindAndReplace was used at the same time whilst in edit, find File: replace with (nothing, like just leave it blank after pressing enter in the second box) and that removes that as well.

    So now there are legible names, people can tell which episode those images are from, and everything is concise as well, hooray!

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  • Do You Know How To Take Down/Remove A Wika 

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  • Here’s an especially nice cookie cutter for your baking set/bot. You know how staff are able to help with correcting spelling on entire wikis, now we can too with both our JS bots using JWB!

    On the wiki where you would like to use JWB, add this as a title for a new page Project:AutoWikiBrowser/Typos and add this small document. Then remove some unneeded templates, these ones from the page.

    On your bots common.js page add this:

    $('#WikiaBar .toolbar .tools').append(
            $('<a>', {
                href: mw.util.getUrl('Project:AutoWikiBrowser/Script'),
                text: 'JWB'

    And that allows JWB to appear at the bottom of your screen and choosing it leads to where it can be used, it looks like:


    With the groundwork set, time to use it:

    • Add the list of pages in the box on the left, Episode 23 For Whom the Bell Tolls as an example
    • Tick Save automatically every (you can choose the amount of seconds, 2-3 is good)
    • Tick Enable RegEx Typo Fixing (it is ticked in the image, “Done” just wanted to be in the way)

    Then it will go through the pages and correct spelling like magic : )

    You can use MassNullEdit Add pages from namespace (Main) to list every page on a wiki then that is good to copy and paste into JWB and begin, woo!

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  • I'd like to thank you for the help you provided today. This helped clean up and helped give a more professional look to my wiki. I have less time to research these days so figuring it out on my own could have been a while, so you saved me time too.

    Thank you again and best regards :)

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  • Here's a strong suggestion: Don't talk to BigBoogie4566. He is clearly a troll abusing multiple accounts, and so are all who talk about VSTF abusing their power. (I learned that the hard way before) Just ignore, and report.

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    Jr Mime
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    23:06, June 3, 2019
  • I have a lot fun with you!

    I hope be can chat sometime!

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  • Okay so turns out it’s actually nice and straightforward to make a bot. I even ran into some troubleshooting that involved accessing the browser’s console so how’s that for an untangled knot. Cannot speak for a downloadable computer bot though check it out there is something even better (so far as I'm concerned) in a JS based bot!

    This blog post  explains how to make one and something practical in how to use three of the JS scripts to help in two areas namely mass categorising images and adding licensing templates to all.

    The bot is actually another account that can be activated across wikis so rather than make a bunch of different bots for wikis you are able to keep it to just one and with that, think of another name! Ph1i5-B0t was perfect for me; it was an extension of my name that could be a total name or a standalone one and had the right amount of letters/numbers in the correct places, but whichever works for you.

    Recommended bot names:

    • Botzoola  - let’s everyone know it’s a bot with it in the name and you cannot go wrong with Botzoola.
    • 348738 - A bunch of random numbers because computer code, when else would you use a load of numbers, you can even sneak in whatever numbers first come to mind there and no one will probably be able to tell.
    • Drewds Rulez  - A fairly obvious one for you

    The JavaScripts are like a candy store you may choose the ones you like! The three in the blog are some specific examples to see how to do those areas, all unusually handy there and applicable elsewhere, too. Then scripts can be added wherever really, with those main ones there is also a better inkling on how to use the unfamiliar ones if they are required. The images in the blog should help with getting the specifics, like knowing enter is needed for FindAndReplace, at which point like everything it’s a nice leisurely process once we know how it is done. At this point if practice to see first hand is helpful then you could request from staff the bot flag on the Banana Fish wiki (and ask for any other wiki you would like to use the bot on) and test it on the image gallery for Episode 11 if you would like to.

    The process is:

    • Use FindAndReplace – to add image titles into MassEdit to add the licensing template.
    • Use FindAndReplace – to add image titles into MassCategorization to place them in categories.

    FindAndReplace is like a tree with the other two being branches out of it to add the information we need for images and Episode 11/Image Gallery can be used for both.

    Alternatively if you have wikis that need a bots mass edit help Ph1i5-B0t can simply help there! There are a load of other areas like MassRename, MassProtect so please do make any and all suggestions. The more areas for a bot to learn to help with the better!

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