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  • Hello. I am the administrator of w:c:wolfenstein. I wanted to ask about the Chinese language. I have had Chinese-speaking users with poor understanding of English edit my wiki, w:c:wolfenstein. They mean well but they have poor grammar. I understand that many foreign users like to edit English wikis because they are larger. But if their grammar hurts the articles I have to remove it.

    To help I founded w:c:zh.wolfenstein and w:c:zh-classical.wolfenstein. I directed known Chinese users to those wikis, but they never edited them, instead they stopped editing entirely. I would rather help create a good Chinese Wolfenstein community, as has been done for the Polish wiki. I can't help much because I know no Chinese, the most I can do is copy articles from the Chinese Wikipedia.

    A few questions.

    • What kind of Chinese should be on each wiki? I know there is Mandarin, Cantonese, and so on, which can be rendered in Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. I don't know what would be appropriate for which of the two wikis. If you use the Monobook skin version of the site, there are buttons to change the variant of the language. Do you know anything about that?
    • What can I do to make the wiki work? I will not ask you to contribute to the wiki, because you probably don't even know Wolfenstein, and I would be singling you out for the languages you speak. But if you can help me in any way about Chinese wikis it would be great.
    • What are some large Chinese wikis? Are there any that I could look at, maybe, to compare mine to?

    Let me know. Thanks, Elecbullet.

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