452's Message Wall Rule 1Edit

Do not continue discussions here which were started elsewhere.

If you wish to ask a question about something I have posted elsewhere, please ask there instead of starting a thread here. If you have a question, someone else might also, so the question being asked and answered in the original place benefits everyone.

I welcome questions about anything I have ever posted, regardless of how long ago it was posted, but only in the correct place.

This is the internet, time does not matter.

452's Message Wall Rule 2Edit

Do not contact me here about issues from other wikis.

If you're blocked with talk page editing revoked, then trying to continue the closed discussion elsewhere will only result in your block being extended.

452's Message Wall Rule 3Edit

Stay out of conversations which do not concern you.

If someone asks me a question, then it is for me to answer. If someone wanted an answer from you, they would ask on your Message Wall. If someone wanted an answer from anyone, they would ask on the Forum instead of a Message Wall.

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