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Communities with a high number of active contributors.

The active editors counts for some of the sites on this page were last updated on 10/18/2021.

NOTE: The active editors counts on this page are not actively updated by any reliable programmatic method, so it has dubious accuracy.

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Avatar Wiki: The Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra resource. (351 active editors)

Call of Duty Wiki: No-one edits alone. (191 active editors)

Marvel Database: Snikt! Thousands of articles on Marvel Comics and characters. (449 active editors)

Superpower wiki logo.png
Superpower Wiki: The encyclopedia for superpowers. (567 active editors)

Trevor Henderson Wiki.png
Trevor Henderson Wiki: The most popular Trevor Henderson cryptids. (63 active editors)

VS Battles wiki.png
VS Battles Wiki: The world's most popular character statistics wiki. (628 active editors)

Wookieepedia: A complete guide to the Star Wars universe. (722 active editors)

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Collecting all of the Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards. (174 active editors)
This is a list of communities with more than 50 active contributors. It is derived from the number of editors who have edited in the last 30 days from when the list was updated.
For more information, see Special:Statistics.

Hubstar-yellow.png = 50+ contributors     Hubstar-orange.png = 100+ contributors     Hubstar-red.png = 200+ contributors